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Introduction In the years past, youth violence has increased dramatically and has become a major epidemic in American society. Especially among young people in today’s atmosphere, violence is a daily occurrence. It’s almost impossible to avoid seeing or partaking in what most consider as violent acts. Bullying is the leading cause of youth violence as well as developmental risk factors throughout stages of adolescents’ lives. Growing up I had a friend that I spent a lot of time with, whether…

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I believe this undergraduate degree will be challenging but also very interesting and rewarding. It will be a new way of learning for me about subjects that I am very passionate about. It will also be rewarding as I am certain this new way of learning will help me in my future career in helping the youth. My interest in youth crime started when watching an episode of Police Interceptors and wondering why a person so young is involved. This…

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Theories of social deviance and concepts about the causes of crime are some of the most important pieces of literature in today’s society. Without these explanations for crime commission, there would be no way to try and prevent it. The theories of General Strain and Social Disorganization both seek to understand the reasoning behind deviance and delinquency. These concepts have certain similarities and differences in which they relate to each other. Agnew and Shaw/McKay agree on some aspects of explaining…

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“Most people join a gang because they feel disconnected, alone, alienated. They just want to belong, to feel valued, to have a purpose. Looking back, is there any surprise why I joined MS-13? My ma worked around the clock, I was alone a lot and everybody around me was from a gang”, – Gerardo Lopez, ex MS-13 member [1: TEDx Talks, 2018]. Gerardo’s case is certainly not an isolated one. It is estimated that since the turn of the 21st…

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This paper will focus on Social Bond Theory as a specific type of Control Theory. The lead theorist for this theory is Travis Hirschi. The objective will be to identify Social Bond Theory and how it relates to criminal deviance as explained in his work. Furthermore, the empirical status in support of this theory will be discussed as well. Hirschi was a scholar of social control theory like many of his peers. It was very important for Hirschi to have…

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Summary In 2016, the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) released “AOTA’s Societal Statement on Youth Violence” to address the prevalence of youth violence in society today. David-Ferdon and Simon (2014) state that violence is the second leading cause of death among youth. AOTA defines violence to include bullying, verbal threats, physical assault, domestic abuse, use of weapons to harm another person, and gunfire. The Societal Statement highlights a key point, that violence negatively impacts individual perpetrators, victims of violence, and…

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Using one criminological theory, explain why people engage in acts of violence and provide specific research examples. Introduction The criminological sociological theory of socialisation is used to underpin why people engage in acts of violence; identifying the definition of violence and placing the specific context of interpersonal violence will be the focus of this essay. Three individual journal article reports across three different social settings; youth violence, prisons and university programmes to challenge social norms will be focused on to…

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To date, researchers are increasingly interested in deciding whether sport-based approaches can be successful in the prevention of criminality among youth (Spruit, Van der Put, Van Vugt, & Stams, 2018). Statistics Canada defines youth violence as any deliberate physical, sexual or psychological assault on another person (or persons) by one or more young people between the ages of 12 to 19 years (Statistics Canada, 2016). Youth violence is an ongoing social and health problem across communities everywhere. While the overall…

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Annotated Bibliography This is my own work, based on my own ideas and I state that it is not the work of any other person. I declare that I have fully referenced the works of others in my paper. In my Annotated Bibliography I am focusing on crime among young people in United States, I will focus on economic conditions linked to crime. I will also look at how juvenile detention centers and the negatives and positives of them being…

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Lim Jeong-yeo (2017) reported there was serious school violence in Busan, the Republic of Korea, in 2017 called Busan Teen Girl Attack. Four assailants, who aged 14 to 15 years old girls, hit a 14 years girl with steel pipe, chair, and glass bottles for one and a half hours. The victim was bloody over her body and had two deep cuts on her head. They testified to the police for what they have done as the perpetrators already knew…

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The perception of youths as troublesome has led to the belief that young people are criminals rather than being victims. The graffiti portrays the situation of the aftermath of the 2011 London riots in local areas where people have had enough. Youth and children services were affected. Access to those free spaces where children developed a sense of belonging and well-being in their local neighbourhoods has been taken away. The message on the wall portrays the feeling of the need…

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Research Question: What is the relationship between substance use disorder and childhood experience with violence among youth? Does it vary by race? The purpose of this study is to explore the relationship between substance use disorder and childhood experience with violence among youth. Additionally, we would like to analyze if this association varies by race. The theory that we will be using for our study is the stress and coping theory. Stress and coping is the most popular cognitive-behavioral theories…

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Over the past few decades, a series of school shootings as well as street shootings by the youth has been on the rise in the United States leading to an extensive exploration of the reasons why the youth indulge in such violent behavior. In the youth violence article, quantitative data mining procedures are used. Here, the article’s authors make use of several data gathering instruments such as historical studies that provide data on features of school rampage features. Another instrument…

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For decades, school shootings have surfaced and spread worldwide. Research continues after each case with hopes for a determination of the reasoning why someone would be so callous. Many attorneys, state prosecutors, forensic psychologist professionals, and judges sit in courtrooms to review some of the most heinous acts in America. But what would qualify a juvenile to become bound over by the State’s laws? In the paper provided, there is a story of a young man by the name of…

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The most significant challenge impacting the juvenile justice system in the United States is substance abuse, specifically the use of hard drugs like cocaine, meth, and similar substances. In this essay I will focus mostly on the Luisa Cutting case from earlier this year. I will then compare it to Brenda Spencer’s case as in both cases the crimes were committed due to alcohol consumption and drug usage. Following that, I will use the Differential Association Theory, General Strain Theory,…

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Gangs are growing at an alarming number in the America you can even go to small towns in United States of America and find some form of gang activity. “Over the past decade, annual estimates of the number of gang members have averaged around 770,000 nationally. The most recent estimate of approximately 850,000 gang members represents an 8.6 percent increase over the previous year” (‘Measuring the Extent of Gang Problems’, 2019). So why do youth join gangs? To have a…

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According to the United States Constitution, the sixth amendment provides citizens with the right to a “speedy and public trial” accompanied by “legal counsel”. When being tried by a jury, there are many legal factors being accounted for. But, in “Race, Socioeconomic Status and Sentencing in the Juvenile Justice System”, Terrence B. Thornberry, Ph.D. in criminal justice, claims there are two extralegal factors contributing to sentencing within the juvenile system: race and socioeconomic status. Furthermore, in “Unfair by Design: The…

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Risk variables for criminality are not inactive as their prescient value changes depending on when happens in a youth’s development and environment, in their social setting and beneath what circumstances. Risk factors may be found within the person, the environment, or the individual’s capacity to reply to the requests or necessities of their environment. A few variables come into play during childhood or prior, while others don’t show up until puberty. Some variables include the family, the neighborhood, the school…

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