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Wi-Fi Definition Essay – Free Essay Example

Wi-Fi has stood out as the single most popular wireless network protect, while it has a great development day by day. Thus, we see the Wi-Fi available in the street and many places in most modern countries. Furthermore, Wi-Fi has a great future based on how does it change every period and become more faster and stronger.

Wi-Fi, a wave – based network technology that enables data transmission at high speed over short distances. With Wi-Fi, local area networks (LANs) can be operated without cables and cables, making it a popular choice for home and business networks.

In 1997, when a commission named 802.11 was set up, Wi-Fi was fabricated and first lunched for people. In 2003, the earlier Wi-Fi versions combined faster speeds and distance coverage to make the 802.11 g standard. In 2009, however, the final 802.11n version was seen, which was even faster and more reliable than its predecessor. According to Jessica, in 2003, the earlier versions of Wi-Fi combined faster speeds with a standard 802.11 g distance coverage. With more power than ever before and coverage, routers also improved. The fastest wired connections started to catch up with Wi-Fi (Jessica, 2014).

Wi-Fi has many uses and is one of the most important inventions in the world, nowadays everything works due to Wi-Fi. For example, in banks or universities or companies must be worked by Wi-Fi. Furthermore, a Wi-Fi router can connect more than one device or computer to other at once, also it has a good benefit by saving your many while buying cables and wires to connect the devices to each other and access the Internet easily. As Allen explains, since 802.11n (2009), no new Wi-Fi level has changed locally to a maximum range of 230 feet, and the performance benefits of 802.11ac are unremarkable at 100 feet or more. A Wi – Fi router can continue to operate for several years, enabling higher – gain antennas to be used and effective spiritual supervision. (Allen, 2017).

On the contrary, Wi-Fi has dozens of drawbacks, and it may be dangerous for our community because of it connect the whole world in one net, also it could cause the FOMO which is one the most famous diseases nowadays. However, the common 802.11 network with a level tool has a regular target area of 9 meters, also it may allow the hackers to spy on your own information even they can steal your fortune. It has another drawback which is not as fast as the cables network and less security. In addition, the signal relays on how far the Wi-Fi from you and the interference walls and other things. Finally, FOMO’s definition is fear of missing out anything on the Internet, addiction to the Internet sociability and extraversion all have a considerably positive impact on adaptive responses. This implies that people who are most physically dependent on digital media are most likely to have ill – adapted answers when they go wrong.

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The Wi-Fi industry has grown exponentially since it was born in 1985. Nowadays, the use of Wi-Fi is omnipresent, and there are stunning predictions about the number of connected devices that will be in use soon. According to ABI Research, 41 billion active wireless connected devices will be available by 2020. Thus, Wi-Fi’s role is increasingly being expanded, moving away from being a simple connectivity method to playing a strategic role as communication support between a wide range of devices. It is clear to me that Wi-Fi must be an integrated and customer-centered technology in this context. However, the Wi-Fi revolution is already well underway, and in the coming years, there are seven key points that will define its future. Jayson illustrates that how we could elect a new leader or opening a new restaurant does not happen suddenly. It happens over time, sometimes in fits and slumps, but usually, there are adjustments or modifications that are so slight in our opinion. Internet connections are increasing gradually, Wi-Fi accessibility is increasing, new products are affecting designs, and customer trends are forming features, so we’ve moved from a low, dial-up, boxy Internet version to one that can be activated at incredible speeds from everywhere in the last 15 years (Jayson, 2016).

Wireless’s future is now even more mind-boggling. We are fast becoming a world where you can’t disconnect, a world where the Internet connects virtually everything around us, just as electricity did in the 20th century. In this future, from light posts or satellites in space, the Internet can beam down to your palm. Even without a Wi-Fi signal, thanks to low-energy radio signals, any electronic device in your arsenal can communicate with others. This technology already exists, and it becomes faster and more powerful than most people realize. As for what might be the next big breakthrough, speed is the one thing most people would rightly guess. Indeed, the Internet connection of your smartphone is about to get crazy fast. For the world, we still don’t know exactly what that means. Faster wireless connections could power everything— just like in ‘Star Wars’— from self-driving cars to smart cities to holographic communication systems. Adam demonstrates that What is ultimately most transformative about the future of wireless— what will actually change the world— is not ultra-fast speeds or applications that are inspired by science. It’s much more important: to connect everyone on Earth to the Internet. If you understand the impact of the Internet on industrialized nations, just imagine what connectivity could achieve for developing parts of the world (Adam, 2017).

To sum up, this essay showed what Wi-Fi is and its development, explained some of the advantages and disadvantages of using Wi-Fi and the differences between Wi-Fi nowadays and in the future.

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