Guid Essay

Guid Essay

Why Do I Deserve a Scholarship

I believe I consider myself a suitable candidate for Opportunity Funds Program because I am a determined and industrious student who will devote herself to efficiently taking advantage of the prospect that the scholarship will offer me.

Having the belief that my passion for learning is fascinatingly allied with my desire to help others, not only do I excel as a student in my studies, but I also seek unique ways to see and connect with the material through real-world scenarios while constantly trying to improve the surrounding around me and make a difference somehow.

For instance: In my role as the Deputy Head Academics of my school from 2017 to 2018, I was tasked with scheduling and bringing together academic events for student partakers. I implemented my exposure and enthusiasm as a leader and a spokesperson to view what methods worked best for participation, created a presentation showing some plausible techniques to draw students, and gave a discourse about it in the assembly hall. Likewise, I encouraged the school head and prefect members to share their visions and talked of the delivered approaches that could be implemented in their duties too. The following month, students’ participation in the annual debate contest dramatically increased.

I have been volunteering for environmental cleanliness in my community for about three years now. When I first took part in it as a volunteer, the staff committee was trying to abate plastic usage in everyday lives. I turned to two other nearby community organizations and attended a workshop class. I did my research unswervingly and discussed the findings with the volunteer coordinator who approved my request to host a two-day awareness campaign in the local common building event for people of and nearby our area. I worked with the staff and my fellow volunteers to plan activities and food to serve at the event. I also designed paper bags and promoted information about its users through social media channels. The students enrolled in the educational institutes at that time came to an approach of severely minimizing plastic pens and instead buying refills or using a fountain pen that runs on organic ink.

Prior to this, I was a volunteer for international SOS day where I lent a hand in organizing community service activities for school including blood donation drives and health checkups.

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In addition, I organized study groups for grade 10 pupils of my community. I strengthened my knowledge of the subject while helping fellow classmates understand the material.

I have repeatedly been asked to train new team members of various grades on the basics and help them get up to speed. Once in a junior-level safety education class, the students were broken off into teams of eight and had to complete a large project throughout the entire year. The team I led ended up getting the highest grade in the class because I set a schedule early in the project and delegated tasks to people based on their strengths.

After noticing poor performance on the blood donation program as a volunteer conducted by Red Cross Society Narayanpur where I usually spent most of my summer holidays, I initiated a youth group to aware locals of the village. We spent long hot days of June running from door to door with pamphlets and notices crumbled in our hands. Though the number of donors didn’t upturn straightaway that season, the chairman is of the opinion that they have started becoming more supportive and cooperative with initiatives of the society.

Volunteering activities like these have spared me the privilege to work with people of diverse age groups, socioeconomic upbringings, or expertise levels, to pitch in to serve as an integrated unit in order to attain a communal goal, and encouraged me to comprehend the bright spots and unseen opportunities in a grim state of affairs. I now know what it takes to lead with empathy and endurance and to inspire others to go the extra mile. I have also learned that through giving, you wind up receiving more in the end. Community service overall has helped me develop as a person which is why I always try to step up as a leader or lend a helping hand whenever possible.

I represent a potentially good return on your investment. I am very passionate about engineering and how it can be successfully implemented and managed with a strong understanding of both technical and real-world practices. Although I am very committed to undertaking training to fulfill my goals, the expensive cost of tuition and certification programs had hold me back from taking them.

Receiving this scholarship will create a foundation for getting me closer to my goals of one day having a fruitful career as an Engineer. Ten years from now I see myself engaged at a large local firm, assessing, designing, crafting, and applying alongside giving back to my community.

I am self-motivated, hard working with realistic goals and aspirations, and I wish to make a contribution to the betterment of society as a whole. Fundamentally, it is not so much about me as it is about others, what I can contribute to improving the world, and how can I, in my own way, make things better for others.

I aim to make a difference in my community, and this scholarship will absolutely be the difference maker when it comes to affording the education I need to do that.

In addition to being a scholar, I can definitely be considered a leader. Recently, I was invited to participate in the. I place emphasis on standing out from the crowd and demonstrating my unique qualities. For example, I cofounded an Indian dance club at my high school. In addition to school-related activities, I also bring my passions to the outside community. One example of this is my role as a youth leader at the temple that I regularly attend.

By furthering my education in biology, I can work towards my career goals in the engineering field.

I believe my education and experience fit nicely with the scholarship requirements, and I am certain that this scholarship will make a significant contribution to my continuing education.

While education can open many doors, success relies on inquisitiveness and perseverance. I have the desire and the determination but lack the financial backing needed to achieve my goal of becoming an Engineer. This scholarship would award me an opportunity to pursue the career of my dreams; a career rooted in service but threatened by a loss of altruism. My desire is to give a little bit extra and do a little bit more.

Receiving financial aid would allow me to make a difference in the ever-changing and challenging world of engineering. My family has always supported my efforts, but unfortunately, they cannot afford my college fees. That is why I am taking the initiative of applying for this scholarship.

While I am constantly trying to find more work and searching for scholarships that will help me pay for my education, I remain grateful to find opportunities like the one your foundation is providing to students. It makes me feel that I am not alone on the journey of accomplishing my educational goals.

By awarding me this scholarship, more people could benefit than me. I assure you that your investment will not go to waste.

Your organization has been providing young aspiring students with funds to further their skills and aid them in their education. With your help, I will hone my natural instincts and learning, writing, and leadership skills.

I am aware that there are plenty of applicants, who are eligible for this scholarship, but my unique experiences are good pointers for my future triumphs, and receiving this award will unlock the entrance to many more opportunities. I deserve this scholarship not just because I won’t be able to go to my dream school without it or due to my moderately high GPA. Instead, I believe that I am a perfect fit, a uniquely deserving candidate because all of my aptitudes and endeavors have come together to get me where I am at this moment.

I sincerely feel thankful for the committee’s time in accessing my application and giving me the chance to convey my story. I look forward to hearing from you.

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