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Guid Essay

Understand Spiritual Warfare And Why It Happens Philosophy Essay

What is spiritual warfare? Spiritual warfare is not an actual war – it is the fact and the phenomenon that spiritual law allows for lower plane entities – entities that vibrate at a low and slow frequency, to enter the physical plane.

The physical plane is the one place where beings of any vibrational frequency can enter. By physical plane – I am referring to the earth – this incarnation- this lifetime we are all living right now – this giant classroom called life.

When you die, your soul will gravitate towards the spiritual level that matches its vibrational frequency. Demonic spirits vibrate very slowly and at a low frequency, whereas angels vibrate extremely fast and at a very high frequency. There are spiritual levels from the lowest to the highest frequency and every frequency in between.

Lower spirits cannot visit higher planes because they do not vibrate fast enough to be able to get there. However higher spirits can, and often do visit the lower planes, as it is a natural inclination for positive spirits to want to teach and guide lower spirits up and out of the lower realms.

The physical plane is the exception to this rule. Even though the physical plane vibrates higher than some of the lowest spiritual planes, lower spirits are still allowed access to travel there.

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That’s all spiritual warfare is – it is the fact that lower plane entities have access to the physical plane.

Why are lower vibrating entities allowed access to the physical plane? To challenge us, to help us grow stronger spiritually, and to help balance karma. Lower beings have a purpose, as do higher beings, as does every being.

What then is a spiritual attack?

A spiritual attack is when a lower spirit harasses and/or influences the thoughts, emotions, and actions of an incarnate person. A lower spirit can be a demon who has never been incarnated, a demon who has been incarnated (it can happen!) or a person who was negative in their life and is now deceased and in spirit form.

Their goal is not to hurt you physically – their goal is to hurt you emotionally.

Why do lower spirits attack people?

The reasons vary, but you need to know that it really doesn’t matter why. You wouldn’t ask a criminal who you caught breaking into your house why he is breaking into your house would you? You wouldn’t spend the time to ask why – you’d rush to the telephone and call the police for help to kick him out of your turf. You need to have the same mentality when dealing with lower beings. There is no why – it’s what they do – they live to see the incarnated fail, hurt other people or themselves, fall off their spiritual path and not complete their spiritual missions – it’s who they are and what they exist for is to create death and destruction wherever they go. In the case of negative people who have died, many are still trying to carry out their evil intentions even form spirit form. It doesn’t matter why a person is being spiritually attacked – don’t spend time and dwell your thought energy and emotional energy stewing over why – instead, spend all of your energy to kick them out of your metaphysical turf.

How do you know if you or someone else is under spiritual attack?

Prolonged emotions that are a sign of spiritual attack:

If you are under spiritual attack you will feel or if someone you know is under spiritual attack you will witness them feeling prolonged and repeated:

1) Uncontrollable rage and anger, and with this comes the risk of hurting other people

2) Uncontrollable feelings of despair and depression, and with this comes the risk you would harm yourself as in a suicide

3) Petrifying fear (as in someone being harassed night after night in their dreams by demonic and negative spirits, or a sudden petrifying fear). (pay particular attention to fear symptoms in babies and children, as sadly, children are often prey for negative spirits, since babies and children are the closest to the spirit world and the goal of negative spirits and demons is to discourage and plant a figurative seed of failure in the child very early on in life before they even have a chance to start working on their spiritual missions)

Repeated and prolonged thoughts that are a sign of spiritual attack:

If you are under spiritual attack you will have thoughts of, or if someone you know is under spiritual attack you will witness them having prolonged and repeated thoughts of:

1) Control, obsession, and violence, which comes with the risk of them stalking, harassing, harming, or abusing someone else

2) Suicide, unworthiness, self-doubt, blame, which comes with the risk of suicide or self-injuring

These negative thoughts and feelings may not be entirely your own – they are the thoughts and feelings of the negative spirit or spirits who are attacking you as well. Sure, you may really feel these feelings and think these thoughts all on your own. But the negative spirit will come physically close to you, thinking and feeling the same things, which serves to amplify your own feelings or rage, or obsessive thoughts.

The person under attack may or may not be acting out on these thoughts and emotions, but rest assured the action is close at hand. The goal of the demon or negative spirit is to get the person to feel and think its awful feelings and thoughts, with the intent to get the person to act on those terrible feelings and thoughts.

All manifestations in the physical plane begin with the thought, which turns into the emotions, which turns into the action, which manifests the outcome.

Spiritual attacks can come on suddenly, or they can be perpetuated over days, weeks, months, or even years.

You may or may not be aware of or sense a negative or demonic spirit – the only clues you may have as to what is going on are the emotions and feelings that are extreme and prolonged. If you have a predisposition to psychic ability, you may either see or sense or dream about the negative or demonic spirit(s) that have targeted you.

Here are some examples of STARCLEAR spiritual attack cases where in addition to the extreme negative thoughts and emotions and the behavior that goes with it, the client also was able to sense the demonic or negative spirit. (Some of these are a dream example, which is why paying attention to your dreams is also important for your metaphysical safety):

A child being tormented by demonic nightmares every night

An adult being tormented for months during sleep where upon drifting off to sleep the demon would pop its ugly face into the dream and scare the attackee awake, effectively torturing them for months with sleep deprivation and fear.

An adult dreaming of having sex with demons, dreams of demons dancing around the attackee as if in celebration, or repeated lower plane dreams (they will be dreary brown and gray dreams where slimy black lower plane beings slink about in the shadows

An adult feeling physically touched (good spirits would never try to physically touch you)

Feelings of being watched at night, in the shower, in a certain room

Seeing the negative spirit out of the corner of the eye

Clients who claim to be “ok” with and like the spirits they know are in their house because they like their “company”. Good spirits don’t hang around houses. If you have a spirit in your house, you should not be ok with it, as it is likely either an earthbound spirit that needs help to cross over, or a negative or demonic spirit with malicious intent to use you to carry out its negative intentions.

Feelings of cold temperature in certain rooms

Seeing red eyes glowing at night – when the light is flipped on, the eyes disappear

Seeing something ugly and terrible slinking away into the corner of a room. Demons – the lowest vibrating beings of all – are extremely ugly to look at.

Smelling garbage or a putrid stench when there is no physical source for it.

You don’t need to have physical experiences such as these to be under spiritual attack. Some people who are under spiritual attack only feel the thoughts and emotions of the demon or negative spirit.

Built up negative emotional energy in your metaphysical system (in your astral body and aura) is a magnet for negative or demonic spirits. They are attracted to a person’s negative energy, come physically close to a person thinking and feeling their awful thoughts, influencing a person’s thoughts and emotions into those of rage, despair, fear, obsession, controlling, violence, suicide.

Why do they do it? There is no why – why do criminals hurt people, break into their homes, and steal things? It’s just what they do. Negative and demonic spirits are simply slow vibrating, low vibrating entities, and that’s what they do – come close to people and try to get them to veer off their spiritual path by influencing them with emotions of anger, depression, and fear, and thoughts of violence, control, and obsession.

Spiritual attacks can be devastating to a person’s life when repeated harassment is endured long-term.

Long-term spiritual attack can result in temporary possession which can destroy a person’s life (think of road rage incidents where people hurt each other in fits of rage – or incidents where someone uncharacteristically “flips” and physically hurts people ending up in jail for the rest of their life, or cases where someone commits suicide – all these are examples of the dark side wining out and getting people to do exactly what they want them to do).

It’s not that every terrible event in our world is the result of a spiritual attack. People are responsible for their own lives, and do need to own their behavior. But negative spirits can “beat a person down” so relentlessly that, without having any tools to defend them to stay in control of their own life, the person gives up and is easily influenced – like a pawn.

Many criminals are the result of spiritual attack, as are many suicides, as are many people who are depressed and afraid.

Actual longer-term possessions as you see in the movies where a demon has full control of a person’s body or where a person’s physical body gets hurt by a demon are extremely rare. Should a demon or negative spirit gain access to a person this way, they can be banished with the authority and help from higher spirits so that they can never access the physical plane again. However, this is a very rare scenario.

A big mistake people make is thinking they deserve what they are going through, or that it is their karma, or that only God or a higher power can save them, and that there is nothing they personally can do about it. No one deserves it, and higher spirits won’t always intervene, because spiritual law is that the physical plane is fair game for all entities – from the lowest vibrating entity to the highest. Many times a person is presented with a spiritual attack challenge in order to get stronger in spirit and learn to defend themselves, instead of being a victim and hoping something will save them.

So let’s talk about how to stop a spiritual attack.

How to stop a spiritual attack

If you are being spiritually attacked, you will not likely be able to stop it on your own. You will likely need assistance. The reason for this is that your vibrational frequency is likely too low for you to be able to help yourself. I liken it to a person who is drowning – you can’t magically manifest a life raft – you need someone to pull you to shore first to accomplish priority #1 which is to get you out of danger, and then priority #2 is that you need to be taught how to prevent the near-drowning form happening in the future.

So, Priority #1 is to get the person being attacked to shore. There are two ways to stop a spiritual attack:

The person being attacked needs to be cleared to remove the negative emotional energy blockages that are magnetizing and attracting negative spirits to them. Negative emotional energy is like a beacon in the night to negative and demonic spirits. A healing will not stop a spiritual attack, since a healing adds energy to a person, and does not remove it. A clearing will stop a spiritual attack because clearings remove the negative emotional energy that negative spirits are attracted to. Clearings will also sever any psychic connections that have been formed to the negative spirit typically seen in cases of prolonged spiritual attack. Higher spirits and angel are summoned in a clearing, so it is not tat the spiritual worker has all the power – they do not – it is with the help of the higher good spirit guides and angels the spiritual worker works with that the spiritual attack is stopped. No legitimate spiritual worker works alone with their own power, and good spiritual workers maintain connections to good higher spirits, guides, and angels.

Praying for or sending positive energy to the person being attacked is a powerful way to augment a clearing, since anything that sends positive and high vibrating emotions of love and empathy to them. Love and empathy are the two emotions that vibrate the fastest. They are the emotions people feel when angels form near to them. So if enough people pray for the attackee, the spiritual attack can be stopped without a clearing. Prayer is an extremely powerful tool, and when enough people band together and use their force of will and combine their emotions of love and empathy and send all that love and empathy to the attackee, it can be enough to result in the negative or demonic spirits leaving to find someone else who hasn’t got the love and empathy energy around them.

Priority #2 is to teach the person who has been spiritually attacked how to prevent it from happening in the future.

Built up negative emotional energy past abuse or trauma, and lower vibrating emotions such as depression, anger, rage, shame, guilt, lower vibrating thoughts such as obsessive, controlling, or violent thoughts, and lower vibrating physical body issues such as being overweight, being sick, being unexercised are all magnets for lower spirits. They sense and are attracted to lower vibrations of incarnated people just like a shark can smell blood in the water. To prevent spiritual attack, we come full circle to my first lesson, Spirituality 101, 102, and 103.

The way to prevent spiritual attack is to increase vibrational frequency.

Here are all the ways you can increase or quicken your vibrational frequency:

Keep your body healthy, exercised, and rested so that your physical body is vibrating as high as it can. Note that abuse use of alcohol, use of cigarettes, use of illegal drugs, and a high-consumption of animal protein radically decrease your body’s vibrational frequency, will make you particularly susceptible to spiritual attack.

constantly striving to feel and express the high vibrational frequency emotions of joy, gratitude, love, and empathy

constantly monitoring your thoughts to ensure they are the high vibrational frequency thoughts of curiosity, wonder, wisdom, openness, and peace and harmony

Ground yourself regularly* because it helps you to naturally release the low vibrating negative emotional energies into the earth. Get clearings once in a while as even with regular grounding you may get gummed up with negative emotional energy again.

Take regular sea salt baths – 3 times a week average to start – to discharge low vibrating negative emotional energy. 2-3 tablespoons of sea salt in bath water, no additives, oils or soap mixed in as it destroys the energetic properties of the bath. Soak for at least 10 minutes, dunking your head a few times.

Meditate regularly – while meditation will increase your psychic abilities, since you enter theta wave state, meditation is also a de-stressor that helps you to release low vibrating negative emotional energy.

In addition to increasing your vibrational frequency, you can ask your spirit guides, angels, God, gods you pray to, or any other good higher spirits to help protect you.

Implementation of spiritual self-defense visualization techniques is beneficial as well. You can visualize a mirror shield around you, so that any negative emotional energy being sent your way will be deflected back to the sender. Always visualize pushing your energy out. Never take energy in – people who do this are a sponge for other people’s emotions. The way to prevent absorbing other people’s negative emotions is to use your force of will and push your energy out as if in a protective bubble around yourself, – what this is is aura expansion – and it will keep you strong, and protected. You can bring golden or white light in through your crown chakra and push it out all around you to protect you. You can use these techniques any time you are in a threatening or uncertain public situation as well.

Know that negative and demonic spirits are violating your rights when they come near you. You have every right to kick them out of your metaphysical turf by getting help to stop the spiritual attack and by working daily on methods that prevent spiritual attack.

There is a way out of the lower vibrating feelings and thoughts. If you have been depressed for years, that depression may not be your own, you simply may have been under spiritual attack for years. If you have had recurrent thoughts of violence against yourself or other people, those thoughts may not be your own – it may be a spiritual attack.

Give yourself a fighting chance at your life by getting cleared and by daily practicing all of the methodologies for preventing spiritual attack.

I thank you and I send you my love and healing,

Amy Lamb


My most humble gratitude to you, the listener, for your devotion to helping the world to be a better place.

“Cookies make everything better.” – Amy Lamb

* Here are the different methods you can use to ground yourself. Grounding is essential to increasing your vibrational frequency, because it allows negative energies to drain away from you and into the earth, increasing your vibrational frequency, and focusing your energies in the here and now, as opposed to your energies being scattered in both the past and in the future, and in both the spirit and physical worlds.

Visualize a golden cord running from your root chakra all the way into mother earth. Visualize all your anger, anxiety, depression, and fear draining from your body down the golden cord and into the earth.

Sit with your back against a tree

Lay flat on the grass and look up at the stars at night

Watch a funny movie

Exercise until you break a sweat

Put one hand on top of your head and jump up and down

Study something you are curious about that is non-spiritual in nature


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