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Macbeth, a Scottish general driven by ambition and greed commits unspeakable acts and is then haunted by his guilt and paranoia. The play’s main characters are driven by the same theme which is the power of unchecked ambitions. Tell Tale Heart follows an insane narrator who tries to prove his sanity to the audience after murdering an old man with a “strange eye”. The main theme of Tell-Tale Heart is trying to escape your conscience after committing evil acts. The…

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Throughout our lives we have done many things that we are not proud of, some may say that those experiences make us a better person and others say that those experiences still haunt them today. In the story “The Tell Tale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe, The main character in the story feels guilty for what he has done which causes him to go insane. In the article “The Psychological Context of the Three Tales by Poe” by Allan Smith,…

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Romanticism came about in the 18th century, Romanticism focused on the joy and good that come along with the natural world and humans. Although there is a glee side of Romanticism there is also a dark side of Romanticism. Dark Romanticism is the darker side of the natural world, the darkness within humanity and self-destruction. As Romanticism praises the merits of an individual, Dark Romanticism digs at the weaknesses of humanity. Nathaniel Hawthorne is one of many writers that is…

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Mental illness is a wide range of conditions that affects mood,thinking, and behavior. Mental illness is something that affects not only the person in many ways but it also affects their friends and family. Some examples of some mental illnesses are clinical depression which is when the person is always down and they lose interest in activities causing significant impairment in their daily life. Another one is Schizophrenia which is a disorder that affects the person’s ability to think, feel…

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Shakespeare’s tragedy Macbeth and The Telltale Heart, a madman’s confession by Edgar Allen Poe demonstrate the debilitating effects of guilt plagued upon Macbeth, Lady Macbeth and the narrator, induced by a series of murders to resolve their own tensions. Both texts manage to portray guilt as an encroaching hallucination, though what defines Shakespeare’s play from Edgar Allen Poe’s short story is the effect guilt has on characters: Macbeth and Lady Macbeth gradually become paranoid tyrants, slaughtering whoever were deemed as…

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The literary archetypal theme of paranoia is used precisely and is strongly featured in “The tragedy of Macbeth”, written in 1606 by William Shakespeare. Such parallel themes are established in Edgar Allan Poe’s short story “Tell-Tale Heart”, written in 1843; corresponding to ‘Macbeth’ by incorporating similar ideas. In both instances, the psychological consequences of paranoia take over the protagonist with the inevitable drive to murder, which then goes on to fuel their paranoia after committing the murders. Within these themes…

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Using the characters, ambition is used strongly throughout both Macbeth and The Tell Tale Heart. Macbeth, through his ambition, goes from being a dedicated and honourable soldier to being a murderer and traitor. The first performance of Macbeth was in 1623 and it was written in 1606. The Tell Tale Heart was released in 1843. There are several quotes explaining the ambitions of the characters. You can also discover ambition by looking in quotations for symbolism, foreshadowing, repetition, metaphors, allusion…

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1. Introduction Edgar Allan Poe is one of the most critically acclaimed contemporary writers, and also, there is no doubt that he’s one of the icons of the police genre and horror stories. He was born and died in the nineteenth century, and surprisingly, published his only novel in 1838, for the rest, he remained a journalist and writer of short stories. This time we’re going to analyze one of Poe’s short stories that despite its clean and perfect narrative…

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Edgar Allen Poe’s writing style is known to be grotesque and slightly barbaric. He utilizes multiple things to establish his own unique style of writing, and his works often are credited as being the start of the detective fiction genre. In some of his works like “The Raven”, “The Tell-Tale Heart”, and “A Dream Within a Dream”, you can tell that a certain writing style is mirrored through all three poems. Edgar Allen Poe uses theme, tone, and syntax to…

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Some might often wonder who or what is an Edgar Allen Poe? What was he or she known for? Edgar Allan Poe was well known as a journalist, editor and literary critic for his stories. Little known fact, just at the age of three, Edgar Allen Poe was an orphan. His alcoholic father disappeared, and his mother died of a slow tuberculosis death. Edgar Allen Poe was then brought up by a charitable Richmond couple who, consumed no children of…

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During Edgar Allan Poe’s time, most writings and books were about the bible or related to religion. However, Poe wrote twisted, grotesque short stories that had a recurring theme: a narrator with a mental illness. In his short story, “The Tell-Tale Heart”, the narrator has a mental illness, specifically schizophrenia. Looking at this story in a present-day court case point of view, the story can be analyzed to attempt to find out what sentence and punishment the narrator would receive….

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Many of Edgar Allan Poe’s works discuss the importance of mental health and the factors that might hinder the mind’s function and well-being. The Boston born writer is notorious for his cultivation of literary pieces that include elements of mystery and macabre. Writer Julian Symons believes that “the qualities that make Poe’s horror stories… unique in their kind are not to be found in plotting, characterization or style”; it is that “Poe is spelling out his personal agonies in fictional…

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Abstract The objective of this work is to analyze the presence of characteristic elements of Poe’s narrative which are related to his own life in order to explain them though Sigmund Freud’s theories about narcissism and psychoanalysis. The method employed to achieve this goal is a comparative analysis of some of the most representative stories and poems of the writer that will be carried out to find in them characteristics applicable to Freud’s theories. The well known American author Edgar…

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Gothic fiction rapidly gained popularity during the nineteenth century and continues to appeal to contemporary readers. The ‘postmodern’ genre that composes of various elements in provoking distinct emotions of fear and anticipation, this follows the theme of horror, thriller and romance. Gothic literature allows readers to understand the character different perspectives in the story, allowing readers to formalise their own contradicting opinions for its suspenseful writing. Both “The Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Allen Edgar Allen Poe “Wuthering Heights” by Emily…

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Psychologist Emma Kenny once said ‘The world is a scary place, knowing how to confront fear is a good thing. Risk and fear are something we need in our childhood.’ While fear can be a scary thing, reading things that may enforce feelings of fear can be essential to a middle schooler. I believe that horror stories such as “The Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Allen Poe are appropriate for students within my age range for the following contentions: it has…

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Have you ever had an impression of an individual to have it then proven wrong? In the short story, ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’, by Edgar Allan Poe, we respond to the narrative of the protagonist with a variety of emotions. As he begins his narrative, we feel alienated from him because we cannot identify with him or his concerns. As the story develops and we understand his predicament more we begin to sympathize with him because we realize he is ill….

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The story ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’ written by Edgar Allen Poe, can be best summarized as a piece of gothic literature in which introduces the idea of a man going insane. In the beginning, it was only a mere obsession with an ‘evil eye’. The obsession itself, however, led to the murder of the man with the said ‘evil eye’. In short, this story is a clear representation of a transition into insanity. Given the details and plot development, it is…

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Whеn somеonе kills a man, would thеy hеar thе constant bеating of his hеart? Would it drivе thеm insanе? In еdgar Allan Poе’s short story, Thе Tеll-Talе Hеart, thе narrator is facеd with a problеm. This is not a common, еvеryday ordеal. This is thе problеm of mеntal instability, tеrror and paranoia driving thе narrator to kill somеonе. Thе Tеll-Talе Hеart is fillеd with compеlling idеas, claims and thеmеs to makе somеonе think about thе story as a wholе. еdgar…

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