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The Peculiarities of Walmart Expansion to China – Free Essay Example


International expansion has been slowly gaining much consideration from all industries that planned to expand overseas. Significant factors that must be measured in the decision-making procedure will be business approaches, entry methods, and threats and prospects available in the marketplaces. Suitable strategies used will also help to decrease the risk of disappointment in the global markets. When a company makes the right choice of business guidelines and entrance modes, the corporation will then be able to prosper in the market. The decision of entry modes and business plans will affect the future of the vendor in the targeted marketplaces as well. Hence, organisations that wish to go global must use the most appropriate approaches to venture in their targeted markets to guarantee achievement for their business.

Background of the study

Walmart was formed in 1962, by Sam Walton. The company got its title from the household name Walton, branding Walmart the connotation of Walton’s martin long. Walmart is a big corporation, and it accomplished to endure in the 2008 depression hit in the United States. Walmart had been rising fast all over the years, and the market growth and sales were cumulating every year. For a fast-growing vendor like Walmart, it is significant to have to use the best entrance modes to go to a new market (Fred, 2011).

Numerous studies had been done to study more about the globalization of the retail industry, and the common of researches done are mostly used to define the scales and motivations for international growth by retailers. Walmart selected to enter the marketplaces of China (Mun, 2012). There are quite a lot of reasons why global retailing had been a prevalent issue. Retailers who take the act of going into the international market is mostly for the idea that the domestic markets are flooded, desires for more massive, diverse investments, financial pressures and several internal and external forces. Hence, the desires guide retailers to venture into new markets, and it is vital for the retailer to select the precise market entry strategy into the global markets (Sternquist, 2007).

Applicable theoretical principals

Psychologist Dr Geert Hofstede did put forward his cultural scopes model at the end of the 1970s, founded on a span of research. Subsequently, it became a globally recognized standard for comprehending cultural variances. Under his classification, he states that the power distance index exists due to the high amount of inequality among people without power and is accepted. Conferring to the model, in a high PDI country, such as China, team associates will not recruit any action, and they like to be steered and directed to finish a task (Hoppe, 2004). If a director does not take responsibility, they may deliberate that the work is not significant.

Individualism versus collectivism is compared to the strength of the bonds that individuals have to the rest of the people within the work environment. A high IDV grade specifies feeble interpersonal connection amongst those who are not part of the group (Helmreich, 2017). Here, individuals take less accountability for others’ doings and outcomes. The management should distinguish individual accomplishments. Management must avoid mixing work life with social life excessively and must encourage teamwork and countenance of employee’s ideas. If China workforce has low IDV, the supervisors should avoid saying negative comments in the public and promote a learning culture within the company.

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Masculinity versus femininity is the delivery of roles among men and women. In masculine cultures, the responsibilities of men and women overlay less, as men are supposed to behave assertively. Representing employee’s success, and being fast and robust, are understood as positive characteristics. In feminine civilizations, there is an excessive deal of connection between male and female duties, and modesty is alleged to be a virtue. Hence, greatness is placed on good relations with direct managers or working with persons who collaborate well with one another (Hoppe, 2004). Walmart executive must different gender roles and recognize the risks and opportunities.

Uncertainty avoidance index explains how people can cope with anxiety in workplaces. Walmart board should bear in mind that sidestepping uncertainty is not indeed the same as evading risk. Hofstede claims that one may find individuals in high-scoring states who are ready to engage in risky behaviour, just because it decreases uncertainties, or to evade failure (Helmreich, 2017). Hence, management should be clear and concise about prospects and objectives and set defined restrictions. However, they should encourage imaginative thinking and negotiation where possible.

Long verse short orientation is the time horizon in which people in China will display. Countries with long-term alignment tend to be practical, modest, and more economical. In short-term oriented states, persons tend to place more weight on ideologies, uniformity and truth and are characteristically nationalistic and religious. Lastly, the component of Indulgence versus restraint allow or encourage comparatively free satisfaction of employees’ ambitions and emotions. Culture with a low IVR notch, there is the importance of suppressing fulfilment and more directive of people’s behaviour and performance, and there are strong social standards (Hoppe, 2004).

Application in theory of case analysis

In assessing the culture of China as a portion of Wal-Mart’s corporate operation, Hofstede’s scopes culture was used. It is vital to be aware and understand these cultural dimensions for they affect the internal and external work practices of administrations that function on an intercultural stage. Power distance is defined as the degree to which the less powerful affiliates of organizations within a nation expect and admit that power is dispersed unequally. It is based on how equal, or unequal, the individuals are in a precise society or country. In China, they rank as a high-power distance meaning there is a substantial amount of inequalities in wealth and power within China. As an outcome, it is reasonably likely that that culture employs a class system and does not allow significant development for its individuals (‘Geert Hofstede cultural dimensions’ 2010).

In the business-oriented background, companies with a high-power distance adopt a high administrative structure since there is more significant and advanced rigidity about hierarchy. Likewise, there is a considerable number of managerial staffs to the overall human resource populace, high job position for administrative work, huge compensation disparities, and low necessities for entry-level positions.

Individualism is an established set of standards that worry about the relationship of an individual to his or her collectivity in the world. In China, the individualism was low which specifies that China is a country with little individualism and has a cooperative nature where close bonds happen among the public (‘Geert Hofstede cultural dimensions’ 2010). Furthermore, collectivistic persons also see themselves about a cultural and social context. This is a big challenge for Wal-Mart bearing in mind that their mother state United States has high collectivism as it viewed through the nature of their relations. Persons who exist in such places live in nuclear families, as opposed to extremely collective Asian people who usually live with people of their extended relatives.

In China, they have a high number of masculinities. This is significant for Wal-Mart’s process since it relates to success, industrial contention, high development, work stress, aggression, and struggle. To be more exact, companies that are extra masculine are aggressive, fact-based and focus more on expansion and growth over harmony and steadiness (Mun, 2012). Conversely, a feminine-oriented corporation is more worried about social communication and procedures among human resources. Besides, such corporations have an understanding and development nature, which implies that there is more emphasis on interpersonal operative and accord over personal gain. Hence, the workers’ welfare is the leading concern, for the reason that this results in the business’s ability to create the capability of an employee to contribute to personal welfare in the firm.

As understood in the index, China has little uncertainty evasion which shows that the republic was less inflexible when it comes to change, have fewer instructions and regulations, could mitigate risks, because they could efficiently endure various opinions (Geert Hofstede cultural dimensions, 2010). For Wal-Mart, indecision may originate from the internal and external setting. Management reply to such uncertainties, by the use of rules and technology, has implications to its image of low or high uncertainty evasion. This might be a considerable challenge for Wal-Mart as China will not merely embrace the transformation they would take in the country.

After additional examinations which were primarily focused on Chinese directors and workers, Hofstede presented a fifth cultural component, which is the long-term positioning. This emphasis on how countries do not apply or apply long-term dedication to general and forward intelligent principles (Geert Hofstede cultural proportions 2010). Nations with significant levels of long-term alignment endorse robust work ethics and forestall long-term rewards as an outcome of current hard work. Hence, long-term obligations are emphasized, and societies are appreciated (Geert Hofstede cultural proportions 2010). This is a good test for Wal-Mart because they came from republics with low points of long-term alignment that are proficient to skill change since long-term behaviours and customs are narrowed, and shifting from status quo is no longer opposed.

General managerial insight

Diversity in companies is a competitive benefit for leveraging the gaps in the marketplace of business internationally A good management that adopts variety can support in massive development of teamwork and also aids in refining the output of an organization. Multinational corporations like Walmart and a lot more have reserved diversity directors as their topmost level personnel in their businesses. Diversity also has a significant position as it helps in satisfying multi-cultural customers of any society and can handle the expanded market place in the globalize setting (Luo, 2007).

It is understandable that when an expanded teamwork calm, due to various reasons like cultural difference and language barriers many problems may occur. However, in all organization, it is serious about analyzing the source of these issues, and it is essential to find out what deters the teamwork in such circumstances. Cultural variance is the primary cause of the cross-cultural matters in most situations in a company. (Dong, 2006) States that organized strategic management method starting from strategic design, application and planned evaluation. In strategic construction, managers ought to develop the vision, mission and objectives.

Nonetheless, managers should conduct the SWOT investigation and also formulate the standards for selection and then collectively choose the strategy. Then in strategic execution stage directors must assign suitable resources and implement the policy. In the assessment procedure of managing the diversity, managers set the control method, evaluate and access the planned execution and align corrective schedules whenever it is obligatory. Therefore, this kind of strategic managing of diversity is much essential for preferably dealing with the cross social subjects in a company proactively (Luo, 2007).

Choy et al. (2013) state the need of differentiated management style which comprises of altering current management procedures In segregated management tactic managers must take a different administrative method which adjusts to the business setting and the features of multinational staffs. Managerial skills must be removed from a firm level to general thinking. Nevertheless, this can be achieved by working on adapting to a multilingual and environment. This similarly consists of the need to practice for equal chance theory and to be executed by the organisations.

Several studies also attest that managing diversity is not only for differentiated recruitment of staffs but also allocating equal opportunity for everybody globally. However, it also champions for accepting the diverse culture and rewarding different successful features of various capacities. These types of real diversity management in a company reduces the resistance of cultural, national and even mental variances. Nonetheless, it helps in a first way to a smooth process of the corporations by giving a competitive advantage for success and innovativeness.

Managerial relevance

The potential prospects gained by managers that develop unified global strategies are nearly too large to quantify, with financial economies of measure and scope, and massive high-tech and consumer-based compensations. Nevertheless, it is also authoritative that as well as aim for these benefits, and the accompanying global competitiveness profits, that MNC’s guarantee that they are not pursuing a solitary integrated strategy for the mistaken details. Managers must also maintain a consistence conduct of monitoring and analyzing the wants and demands of all investors and stakeholders, particularly the foremost ones, and recall that the most critical stakeholders in many regions, markets, cultures and productions may not be the clients, as is frequently believed (Dong, 2006). This job is far from formal, but for a manager with the mandatory knowledge, competences and education capacity, the benefits cannot be exaggerated, and the possibility to grow, expand and merge.

Managerial deliberations, desires, urgencies and egos must not override the necessity to remain profitable and satisfy shareholder and accomplish missions and expectations. This is stated quite evidently in the managerial philosophy of the company, established by van Raaij and Stoelhorst (2004) as an expressive substitute to the neoclassical model of an organization. Their study argues that the critical use of a managerial role in the firm is clearing up performance differences between firms, particularly in the area of promotion strategy, since its great importation to multinational corporations.

A strategic plan consents organization to predict their future and to prepare well. Through strategic forecasting, corporations can anticipate certain adverse situations before they occur and take compulsory insurances to avoid them. With a solid strategic plan, administrations can be practical rather than just reacting to circumstances as they happen. Being proactive lets organizations to keep up with the ever-shifting trends in the marketplace and continuously stay one step forward of the competition.

Management helps to describe the path in which an organization need to travel and assists in creating practical purposes and goals that are in line with the mission and vision plotted out for it. A good supervision team offers a much-needed basis from which a company can grow, estimate its success, reimburse its employees and create restrictions for competent decision-making. Through devoted management, organizations can get valued insights on market trends, customer segments, as well as service and product offerings which may impact their success. A style that is beleaguered and well managed to turn all marketing and sales efforts into the best conceivable outcomes can lead to increased market share and profitability (Stoelhorst & van Raaij, 2004)

Lastly, successful familiarity management efforts are captivated on ideal results that support key businesses to meet critical business aims. Before executing any management system, managers are encouraged to recognize important objectives based on numerous roles or identities. These characteristically include individual results, department divisions outcomes and business outcomes. This allows the businesses to place a laser emphasis on work processes, data management systems and knowledge detention measures that gear-up those outcomes (Luo, 2007).


The most excellent way to quantify accomplishment in the international corporate sector is through continuous examining by the mother corporation. With monitoring, the head company can measure expatriate success or failure and cross-cultural capability of expatriates. Wal-Mart should be able to implement steady monitoring actions in their processes and the performances of the workers and managers directed to China. Venture catastrophe is sometimes associated with lost prospects, abridged productivity, and poor relationships whereas expatriate achievement bring the accomplishment of the contrary.

Additionally, social aptitude is restrained if the manager assigned at an overseas location possesses a strong personal uniqueness. It has the familiarity of and complies with the views and values of the philosophy of the nation where he is allocated, demonstrates compassion to the effective procedures of the culture, communicates plainly in the language of the state of assignment. Nonetheless, managers need to shows a grade of culturally-sanctioned performance, cultivates active social relationships with the individuals and authorities of the republic, and negotiates the institutional constructions of that nation. Fundamentally, leaders must be able to adjust quickly to the Chinese philosophy, comply with its necessities while executing their household tasks, and gain the gratitude of the unique methods of undertaking business in the nation-state.


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