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Guid Essay

The Peculiarities of Ford Motors Company – Free Essay Example


Ford Motor Company’s mission statement and vision statement focus on product effectiveness and business leadership in the automotive industry. Farfan, B. (2019, August 15) ‘People working together as a lean, global enterprise to make people’s lives better through automotive and mobility leadership.’ (para. 2) they want to become the world’s most trusted company


Ford automobile industry is known in the biggest company of the world. They use two types of strategy in which one is intensive strategy and another one is generic strategy. In the intensive strategy they focus on market penetration, development of product, and market development. The generic strategy is used to know that how they can target the business competitive. Meyer, p. (2017, february 5) “ford’s generic strategy and intensive growth strategies determine the company’s approaches to grow its business.” This statement reveals that both of these strategy combines together to let the ford motors grow in the business field.

Competitive priorities

Ford Motor Company’s market position as the fifth greatest car producer on the planet is upheld through the company’s serious development strategies adjusted to its generic technique for upper hand. Concentrated techniques are utilized to help authoritative development. For this situation, Ford’s business development is subject to the differing emphases on market penetration, item advancement, and market improvement. Fords Competitive Advantage – Built Tough – Ford reveals “By adopting a decentralized policy implementation approach, the company’s aim is to take advantage of centralized decisions being flexibly and rapidly implemented by their smaller companies.” (para. 3)

Sustainability strategy

Ford uses 5 types of strategy such as climate change strategy, sustainable materials strategy, renewable energy strategy, human rights strategy, and circular economy strategy. In all of these they say our future is in motion. (n.d.). “it is our conviction that the opportunity of development drives human advancement. Molded by this conviction, we seek to become the world’s generally trusted organization, planning savvy vehicles for a shrewd world. Our future is as of now in movement – we are moving individuals more effectively and reasonably.”

Ford Service quality

Ford motors make sure that there is a complete transparency between the customers and the company. Tangibles-appearance of physical facilities, equipment, personnel, and communication materials they keep their appearance of their vehicles in a very good shape that the customer wants to have the vehicle for example mustang series is one of the best series in the world and every youngster is attracted towards it. Reliability-ability to perform the promised service dependably and accurately. As promised by the ford motors their cars are considered best and they always perform the service promised. Responsiveness-willingness to help customers and provide prompt service to. They have opened their service centre in almost every cities to provide the best service to the customers for example car service, shuttle service, and many more. Assurance-knowledge and courtesy of employees and their ability to convey trust and confidence. In their website they have mentioned each and every required information to the customer to assure them that they are not being fraud or cheated. Empathy- they provide the shuttle service to the customers and in case of accident they provide very caring environment to the customer so that he should not feel depressed.

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Ford Vs Other car industry

The U.S. car industry is confronting a troublesome if not one of a kind time of rivalry and capital spending in its efforts to compete with Japanese automakers and to meet pending government regulations on emissions control and safety. It is hard to separate fact from rhetoric on this issue. The Japanese are focusing on efficiency in Japan (U.S. Division of Commerce and Motor Equipment Manufacturers Association, 1990) under the risk of harder U.S. corporate normal efficiency (CAFE) laws and the likelihood that Japan will embrace its own variant of CAFE measures, and in light of the fact that the cost of gas is about $4 a gallon there and the Japanese government has been incredulous of declining mileage. Regardless, it must be noticed that as a rule, on a class-by-class premise, U.S. vehicles as of now have preferred mileage over comparative Japanese autos.

Performance Measures

The ford motors used five types of performance measures such as Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and time based. A developing business should be intently and deliberately figured out how to guarantee the achievement of new venture choices and extension plans. Nonetheless, numerous proprietor supervisors find that as their business develops they feel increasingly remote from its activities. The ford motors uses all the performance measures in order to excel in the business such as they take it very seriously that how their product can help in achieving the goals. But their operations are not that good to increase their sales because of competition given by the other companies.

Competitive Priority


Ford’s financial related execution has improved reliably over past quite a long while. Its all out incomes developed from $149,558 million of every 2015 to $151,800 million out of 2016 and to $ 156,776 million out of 2017. The total compensation inferable from Ford Motor organization likewise improved from $4.6 Billion out of 2016 to $7.6 Billion out of 2017.


Ford quality is as yet going the correct way. This is the third year straight wherein the Ford brand has outpaced the entirety of its Japanese and American opponents, however it’s the first occasion when that Ford has figured out how to beat the entirety of the German brands too. (Volkswagen backup Porsche has for quite some time been an apparatus at or close to the highest point of the IQS, yet it tumbled to beneath normal in 2019.)


Building low-volume cross breed and every electric vehicle on a similar line as high-volume gas-fueled models introduces a special arrangement of difficulties to MAP designers and administrators. They should battle with an additional layer of unpredictability, including electric engines, electric inverters and converters, high-voltage batteries, charge ports, electronic control units and different segments that are not found in traditional vehicles.


The Ford Mobility Innovation Challenge is an open door for up to five Enactus groups to get a noteworthy award (out of all out award subsidizing of $75,000 USD accessible) that will bolster the sustainment and development of a creative versatility venture that is new or effectively in progress and is indicating an effect, or to reproduce and grow a fruitful portability venture that has accomplished quantifiable improvement of individuals’ employments.

Business Analytics

(a) Structure of Goods and Services. Passage’s objective in this key choice zone of tasks the board is to accomplish worldwide consistency. The One Ford crucial such consistency in merchandise and ventures. This condition adds to Ford’s money related proficiency and its capacity to advance consumer loyalty.

(b) Quality Management. The primary worry in this key choice zone of tasks the executives is the fulfillment of value desires. Passage Motor Company does as such through standard quality confirmation rehearses. The firm likewise directs arbitrary clump tests on its items to guarantee quality. Quality assessment additionally includes information Ford gets through statistical surveying to distinguish clients’ quality desires.

(c) Procedure and Capacity Design. This vital choice zone of activities the board underpins generation objectives. Passage spearheaded the sequential construction system strategy, which amplifies generation limit. Additionally, Ford keeps on improving its ability by growing new offices for its creation system and store network.

(d) Stock Management. Portage’s stock administration underpins without a moment to spare assembling strategies, which require consistent checking to change the stock and limit its expenses. Notwithstanding, in this key choice territory of activities the executives, Ford’s real stock administration execution likewise indicates advertise based stock choices. Various markets present various difficulties, with the end goal that Ford has changing stock administration rehearses in various markets.

(e) Support. The objective in this vital choice region of activities the board is to keep up sufficient business procedures to fulfill request. Portage tends to this objective through a blend of methodologies for HR, IT, producing and different regions, just as upkeep groups for offices and different resources.

(f) Scheduling. In this key choice territory of activities the executives, the present moment and middle of the road calendars of procedures and assets are considered. Passage tends to these worries through mechanized planning for its generation offices, and semi-computerized planning for its workplaces, for example, corporate workplaces and territorial workplaces.

(g) Supply Chain Management. This strategic decision area of operations management focuses on streamlining and cost-effectiveness in the supply chain. Ford’s supply chain is global and involves company-owned production facilities, as well as third parties. The company-owned facilities, such as those in the Ford River Rouge Complex in Michigan, are a result of Ford’s backward vertical integration strategy. This strategy empowers Ford to control the supply of some of the materials used for manufacturing its vehicles.


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