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Guid Essay

The Negative Aspects Of Society’s Expectations – Free Essay Example

To commence , the main purpose of this speech is to reinforce the negative views of society’s expectations. I have in a formal register underlined important aspects to the downfall of stereotypes along with the common views that embody women as a gender entirely. I am immensely passionate about the views of women and believe that as individuals we should be able to live freely and not according to stereotypes or views of general society , Through the use of sophisticated lexis and I have conveyed the different views of women with references to social media and the tragic essence of what these examples have on women today. Within this speech I have used alliteration to emphasise the result of false interpretations of the media and the effect it has on women. Finally, I have used interrogative statements and a tag question in order to highlight the significance of following wrong notions.

Society’s stereotypes have tragically led the population of females in the world to feel obliged in abiding by this unrealistic and toxic messages. As females, we are consistently targeted on our appearance in society and how we must conduct ourselves in order for the rest to accept us. Is this is the only way to be accepted in this heartless void of humanity? Over the last decade, recent technological advancements have arguably created inevitable and pervasive self-esteem issues into a woman’s subconscious mind, having a drastic impact. Society teaches young girls that they cannot be appreciated simply by who they truly are but rather on appearance. Why is society so shocked that more girls than ever are being diagnosed with depression?The idea of Embrace is an influential topic , a word that defines uniqueness and personal identity. For society this word is unheard of , clearly. In other words , society educates us that if we do not comply with these harsh standards we significantly lack the ability of defining the means of being a ‘woman ‘ . What happened to the idea of freedom and liberty? For one to determine her own lifestyle.

It may be true that some women may not able able to lead their own lifestyle due to Insecurities which exist in society. Insecurities slowly deteriorate individuals.Why do we need such high standards? Why should we all be skinny and wear makeup ? What good would there be if we all strive for the same image? Society bombards us with rules and notions and such notions must be dismissed. Instead of focusing on these damaging messages given by society, we must put more effort in and start praising each other more . Females supporting females. With this view as the main focus point, there is potential for the development of society to improve. We are obeying the orders of society without understanding how wrong these decisions are that we are drowning in. They restrict difference and the acceptance of individuality. Let yourself flourish. We are not created to be like robots, following the consistency of society’s ideals. Be the person you’ve always aspired to be, don’t be held down by toxic messages society has given you. Invest in your own originality.After all, there’s only one you in this world. You are not meant to be submerged by these preposterous ordeals.

In connection with insecurities, the birth of Social media has become a clear building block and embodiment of depression for females. The birth of social media has brought about immense freedom as reflected in Instagram, Pinterest and so on. The increasing rate of online beauty bloggers and photoshopped models have negatively contributed to the ideal beauty standards on a global scale. Alas, social media promotes a falsified exemplar of body image and encourages an unhealthy culture in which many are driven towards the extreme of self-starvation in hopes of achieving an unreachable physical appearance. Instead of praising one another and utilising health as a core value, females measure their health in aesthetic terms. If you look good, you must, therefore, feel good, correct? This is not the case at all. What looks like a fit and healthy body may not be the case on the inside. The timeless beauty Marilyn Monroe stated “ To all the girls that think you’re ugly because you’re not size 0, you’re the beautiful one. Its society who’s ugly.” this particular quote shone a light on the corruption of society defining women then and even now. It is the 21st century, we do not need false explanations such as how prettiness is based on a individuals size. Constant images of stunning females create an overwhelming overburden in the minds of girls. Hurt, hate and heartbreak surface the exposure to vulnerability and are prominent as females question their worth and why they are not as beautiful as all these women that pose flawlessly in thousands of faultless pictures. We all get lost in the world of Instagram’s perfect models and the never-ending perfection of seeking unerring beauty.

As expected society does not encourage women to focus on perfecting their knowledge. Knowledge must be pursued in order to strive and influential women such as Michelle Obama and Malala Yousafzai are significant figures who do not align with the interpretations of women. We should be encouraged to create a pathway on a far complex and fascinating route and unlike the one expected of regular social norms. Knowledge is open and an invitation to us all regardless of gender or personality. Stereotypes such as the sexist view that women are suitable as only being worthy of one position, the Homemaker. This stereotype implicates that women are only responsible for their children, washing the home and cleaning. Another example is that women are focused on consuming healthy diets. For these reasons and so many others, we must seek to eradicate such inaccurate perceptions .

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So I ask you to understand and dismiss these stereotypes which consume and embody humanity. For I am convinced that the essence of these catastrophic rules is enough to deteriorate the whole of us, slowly but surely they will break us. Instead of seeking the same body image we should all invest in individuality and make our lives have value, not one which is tied on something which brings no subsequent virtue. If we carry on with these vacant and pessimistic views, then really and I say this genuinely, it is safe to say we are on the verge of collapse and the hope for a better and changed humanity will be far from attainable if we keep fixating our life on these unmeaningful notions. Make a difference before it is too late, for you and for us all. I have a message for you, forget society’s oppression, keep crafting a version of yourself that brings you delight and turn away from these expectations of stealth.

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