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The Influence Of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Inventions On Art And Science – Free Essay Example

Leonardo da Vinci was one of the most genius people to walk this earth. Most people believe that he only worked in the art category but that’s simply not true. His creations and discoveries changed not only the art world, but the engineering world too. Leonardo da Vinci was born April 15, 1452. He sadly passed away May 2, 1519. He is most known for his skills as a painter, sculptor , engineer , architect and craftsman. Some of his most famous paintings of Renaissance humanists, the last supper and Mona Lisa.

His journal showed his scientific inquiry and how he was simply ahead of his time. Leonardo DiCaprio‘s father so Piro was a well-known man in his hometown, Anchiano, near Vinci in Italy. His father was well known around the town as a landlord. He was considered a wealthy man. His mother, Katerina, was a peasant woman who later married an artisan.

Due to Leonardo da Vinci‘s father’s popularity and money he received quite a bit of extra school and treatment. Leonardo da Vinci did not practice higher mathematics skills until he was about 30 years old then he vigorously studied it. When Leonardo da Vinci was about 15 years old he had landed himself as a job to work in the studio with a very well-known artist named Andrea Del Verrocchio. He worked as an apprentice for many years next to the artist and his friends.

While working in the studio he received excessive training on painting and sculpting as well as technical mechanical arts. He also worked with an artist next-door at his studio named Antonio Pollaiuolo. In 1472 after years of work Leonardo da Vinci was accepted into the painters club of Florence while doing that he remained working in Verrocchio’s workshop. While at the painters club he was working with many great artists that were very skilled with technical sketchers and pen drawings. This could be why Leonardo da Vinci was so extraordinary at the way he moved the pen on the paper.

In 1482 Leonardo moved to Malon to excel his career in painting. Which was very surprising because at that time he had just landed his first commissions from the city of Florence. The commission was the unfinished panel painting Adoration of Magie and an altar painting for the Saint Bernard chapel. He gave up on both of the projects which made people believe he had deeper reasons for leaving Florence. Leonardo da Vinci had an experience oriented mind.

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The academic atmosphere of Milan attracted him and that could be the main reason why he left in the first place. Leonardo spent 17 years of his life in Milan; he stayed there working on projects until 1499. He was named the painter and engineer of Duke. with this new job title he was kept extremely busy doing jobs as a painter sculptor and designer of court festivals. This left him feeling highly esteemed. He was also highly asked his opinion on different Fields of architecture formations and military matters. Leonardo da Vinci’s mind worked in a way where he was highly motivated and he said down the schools for himself.

His ego would be hurt if he hadn’t met up to his brain’s expectations. As far as painting goes Leonardo da Vinci finished six artworks out of the 17 years he spent in Milan. he spent three years working on the altar painting virgin of the rocks. he then worked on a wall painting called the last supper which now is one of his most famous artworks he had ever made. This took him three years as well.

Leonardo da Vinci worked on a sculptural project that now seems to be the real reason why he was invited to Milan. It was a monumental statue in bronze made in honor of Francesco Scorza. Francesco Sorsa is the founder of a dynasty. This sculpture took Leonardo da Vinci 12 whole years to make. “ simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”- Leonardo da Vinci.

Then, Leonardo da Vinci created his own version of Virgin of the Rocks. Version of the rocks was a 6 foot tall piece that is also called Madonna of the rocks. as the years went by in Milan Leonardo eventually left Milan in the 1500s to return home. When he returned home his reputation preceded him as he was known as a legend back in Anchiano. he had a great time having fun and laughing with his old friends which he missed very much. During the final time of his life Leonardo da Vinci created an even greater number of paintings then he did in Milan. he created a called virgin and child with Saint Annie which is another one of his most famous paintings yet which was not to be completed for another 10 years.

Then Leonardo da Vinci started creating he’s by far most well-known work called Mona Lisa. After creating this painting he had received a commission from Francesco del Giocondo to paint his wife. It is still unknown when Mona Lisa was finished but many people think that da Vinci began the piece in 1503.

Leonardo da Vinci also said yes to a commission for murals in the hall of 500 at Palazzo Vecchio. He was instructed to paint a battle scene at Anghiari. This painting consisted of a tangle of horses and warriors running at each other but it was supposed to be left unfinished as it was. Leonardo da Vinci then created his second version painting a virgin of the rocks it was supposed to be installed at the chapel of Malon church. It is said that there wasn’t much that changed between the two different versions of Virgin of the rock but there was a difference in color choices, lighting and details.

Leonardo da Vinci then returned to Milan and 1506 to make a commission for a statue. He took a seven year residency in the city and the artist made a body of drawings on different topics that went from human anatomy plus sketches inventions weapon Mary and studies of birds. These different types of drawings gave us an insight into Leonardo’s mind in how things are put together and how they work. When Leonardo da Vinci left the lawn in 1513 he spent a lot of time in Rome. well in Rome Leonardo finally finished his last painting called St. John’s the Baptist at his new home in clock friends. This artwork shows his technique at its finest.

Sadly May 2, 1519 at the age of 67 Leonardo da Vinci passed. They say the cause of his death was a stroke that had been recurring.

It was recorded that Leonardo had told the king of France that he had become very close friends and it is also said that the king was seen holding Leonardo‘s head in his arms as he passed. although it’s a beloved story that the French hold onto in their hearts it is now confirmed that it was fake. Leonardo da Vinci was buried at the chapel of Saint Hubert,Amboise, France.

It is unbelievable that one man could make such incredible, powerful, and legendary paintings. Leonardo da Vinci has made such an impact on the world as we know it today and is truly underestimated. And yes he is obviously a famous and well-known man across the country but his actions that he did during his lifetime were truly Admirable. Leonardo da Vinci traveled to Milan a total of two times during his lifetime. The first period lasted 17 years. and the second lasting five years.

I definitely do believe that Leonardo da Vinci is at least one of the most influential people that walked on the face of the earth. He has made world known paintings. He has made plenty of new discoveries through his painting skills on anatomy, engineering, and math. some facts about Leonardo da Vinci is that he had no real last name although lots of people think his last name is da Vinci in reality set alarm did not have a last name. Another fact is he didn’t have a formal education.

You might think because of all his grains he might’ve received some extra learning when he was a child but that’s simply not the case we only learn the basics as a kid.

Another interesting fact is if you really think about it and Look at his career for a painter he didn’t really pay that much so today there are only about 17 surviving paintings. Bill Gates actually owns Leonardo da Vinci‘s old journal. This is where he kept his knowledge, feelings and future plans and now It belongs to Bill Gates Who bought the journal for $30.8 million. When Leonardo da Vinci was 60 he left them alone because of our political war then lived in France and that was at the same time when he got close to the king of France.

As we all know Leonardo da Vinci’s greatest work was the Mona Lisa in the last supper but unfortunately it was never fully realized that it was his greatest. This is because his greatest work is actually ruined by a war. Leonardo da Vinci was also rumored to have helped make the creation of airplanes and helicopters. Many movies and documentaries on Leonardo show him inventing different kinds of flying devices. but these denials have been proved wrong that he had never built an airplane or helicopter before.

Leonardo da Vinci’s artwork can be found in many places such as Santa Maria deli Gracie church in Milan, the Czartoryski Museum, Krakow, The Louvre Museum in Paris, suffixing Gallery, in florence. As you can tell Leonardo da Vinci has been all over the world during his lifetime some of the main places he’s been is Milan, Rome, Bologna the advance he also spent time in France and that is where he died in 1519.

Leonardo da Vinci is confirmed that he was gay. In 1476 for Leonardo‘s 24th birthday he along with three other men were anonymously accused of doing it with a 17-year-old male prostitute. and although many people believe that Leonardo just painted or preferred painting in general he actually cared as much about bridges and weapons as he did for paintings. Leonardo da Vinci was not Leonardo’s real name. His real name was Leonardo Di Ser Ds Vinci.

Out of all the commissions he received all over the world, his first commissions were actually never completed. His first commission was in 1478 when he was asked to paint an altarpiece for the chapel of Saint Bernard in Florence Palazzo Vecchio. Then in 1481 he was asked to be commissioned to paint the ‘adoration of Magi’ for the monastery San Donato in Florence.

Apart from being a painter, engineer and craftsman he was also an accomplished musician. not only that but it has been recorded by many of Leonardo da Vinci‘s close friends that he was a great singer. An invention that only came into being in 2013 was actually invented by Leonardo da Vinci; it is an organ viola harpsichord instrument. and like I said earlier Leonardo da Vinci is the greatest sculpture ever made by him was actually destroyed during warfare.

Leonardo da Vinci was one of the biggest procrastinators that walked on the face of the earth. He constantly procrastinated which obviously shows why he hadn’t completed his first few commissions.

Because he was so focused on many different topics and subjects such as math, science, art, crafting and anatomy it often made it harder for him to get his jobs done. another fact about Leonardo da Vinci was he was an illegitimate child born during a time called “golden age for bastards” this means but from the moment he was born people automatically assume that he wasn’t gonna do anything for the world and was just a waste of space we obviously prove them wrong by being a timeless legend.

As I said earlier for the crime he committed, having sex with a male prostitute it was 17 at the time landed him two years in jail and it was marked under a sodomy charge. Also as I said earlier I mentioned how he had gone to about 30 different surgeries in the hospital but it is now confirmed that Leonardo actually dissected corpses at the Malon hospital. After hearing about his charges and his weird fascination for body anatomy I am getting the feeling that Leonardo da Vinci is actually kind of a weirdo. that’s just my opinion on him obviously him being a little bit weird is it going to debunk the fact that he’s change the world with his brains and smartness. I watched many documentaries on psychopaths and I’m not saying he’s a psychopath because that’s very disrespectful but I do have to admit he does carry some psychopathic traits.

Another weird thing about Leonardo DiCaprio was he actually preferred riding in reverse. I don’t know about you but I don’t think I could ever do that that honestly just shows the brains he was born with and worked hard to get. For me at least that would be just so confusing.

Hundreds of pages in Leonardo da Vinci’s notebook are written in reverse. The writing was mirror reversed which means the only way to read it is if you were looking at the paper through a mirror.

Another really cool fact about Leonardo da Vinci which actually uses my comment that I think he’s a little bit of a psychopath is that he used to buy caged animals or for sale just to set them free. He was also able to use both his right and left hand equally well. Another name for Leonardo da Vinci‘s most famous painting is la Gioconda. Leonardo da Vinci never got married and it wasn’t made for sure whether he was straight bisexual or gay. Leonardo da Vinci however loved a man named Salai. Salai was one of Leonardo da Vinci‘s students and it is said he continued to surround himself with the young man.

Leonardo da Vinci is credited with creating an armored flight vehicle, a Calculator, a concentrated solar power, A rudimentary theory of plate tectonics, the double hole, and helped invent a helicopter. He is also credited by making 53 paintings. My top personal favorite paintings of his were the Mona Lisa, lady with an ermine, Bacchus, head of Christ, flying machine, and study of hands.

In conclusion I personally believe that Leonardo da Vinci is the completely and utterly most important person that walked the face of this planet. He has made so many different changes in so many different types of fields. For example he made math discoveries science discoveries engineering discoveries artistic discoveries and so so much more.

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