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Guid Essay

The Giver By Lois Lowry: How Members Of Society Blindly Follow The Rules – Free Essay Example

In the dystopian novel, The Giver, Lois Lowry illustrates the boringness of conformity. She has positioned the readers to view the community as a calculated and controlled society. The concept of individualism is non-existent in the dystopian novel the Giver. Consequently, people do not have the ability to make their individual decisions and people are unable to think for themselves, blindly accepting and following all rules. As the plot progressed, it became obvious that the community was one of unnatural conformity. For example, in chapter 13 Jonas angrily expresses his emotions “if everything’s the same, then there aren’t any choices! I want to wake up in the morning and decide things! A blue tunic or a red one?” (Lowry Pg. 123) The lack of freedom and desire applied in the ‘Giver’ was implemented to show that the citizens do not have the right nor ability to make choices. When people are unable to experience pain themselves, their individuality is devalued. Society believed that in order to protect the citizens from making wrong choices they would eliminate opinions to maintain a safe world. The readers are positioned to view this as restrictive because Jonas clearly was frustrated by the lack of knowledge the society built up. Furthermore, when Jonas accepts the standard apology phrase in chapter 1. “we accept your apology Asher; the class recited the standard response in unison.” (Lowry pg.5) It is frightful not knowing the importance of being an individual. This quote is underlining the message of the book, that you do not know the worth of your individualism until it is taken away from you. conformity in the novel The Giver by Lois Lowry is explored very effectively through the explicit dystopian tone used throughout the novel.

Throughout the book, Jonas constantly engaged himself in situations and effectively showed courage. As Jonas is the receiver of memory, he has knowledge that citizens are incapable of understanding. considering Jonas has witnessed the past, he realizes all the happiness that has been lost through time. Jonas consistently shows tremendous courage throughout the novel. For example, throughout his training Jonas learns from the memories and obtains all the wisdom. ‘It hurt a lot,’ Jonas said, ‘but I’m glad you gave it to me. It was interesting. And now I understand better. What it meant, that there would be a pain.’ (Lowry pg. 60). The use of the word “pain” suggests that there is no pain without memories. The members of the community cannot express their happiness as they have never experienced pain, citizens don’t appreciate the wonder of life because life is taken for granted. In addition, Jonas and the Giver made a plan for Jonas to escape resulting in the community gaining all lost memories. This action will help the community to feel emotions and have compassion again. “he felt, surprisingly, no fear, nor any regret at leaving the community behind. But he felt a very deep sadness that he had left his closest friend behind…..he called back and hoped that with his capacity for hearing beyond, the Giver would know that Jonas had said goodbye.” (Lowry pg. 208) when Jonas heard of Gabe’s release, he develops courage. Courage was shown as he took up a role and left his best friend to save the community. Jonas shows an enormous amount of courage never backing down from a challenge and always wanting to help.

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