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Guid Essay

The Ethical Issues Of Abortion

Mention the term ethics to a given group of people and it will be amazing the spurred debate on the same. It is a subject spurring debate not only among the scholars but also among the non-scholars within the society. One simply question creating problems is the actual definition or understanding of the term ethics and its relationship to the human actions and relations. With the universal definition of the term ethics as the ability of choosing the right or wrong, good or bad, fair or unfair, responsible or irresponsible, obligatory or permissible with the list unending. Nonetheless, many scholars believe that ethics is a branch of philosophy attempting to establish the concept of morality within a given community. However, from this scholarly definition another important aspect arises asking the clarification of morality and immorality. This is in lieu with the differences in the cultural practices of the various individuals.

Morality on the other hand according to Williams (2004) refers to the personal conviction that an action is upright and acceptable not only by the performer but to the public. It is important to do morally upright actions thereby enhancing he peaceful coexistence between the various communities. There are so many moral issues existing within the environment and cultural differences cause so much disparity and incongruent behavior within the same community. Some of those moral issues have become a global issue yielding to a hotly contested debate between for and against personality (Kaczor, 2011). One such moral issue is abortion. This paper establishes the reasons for and against abortion and finally taking a stand on the concept.

Reasons against Abortion

Abortion is an act of terminating a pregnancy before the natural delivery of by any available means such as operations. Stillbirth is never an abortion as there is natural birth only that the born child is delivered when dead. Many ways are used in the pregnancy termination before the natural and free delivery by the mother after the gestation period is over. Whereas some communities see abortion as an ethical and moral issue, other communities view it as unethical and immoral. In supporting the reasons against the act of abortion, it is believed that it is murder denying the unborn child the chance to live. Every individual has a fundamental right to life and no one should ever take it no matter the circumstances.

Fundamental right to life is global basic human rights need to be upheld at all cost. Aborting the unborn child would mean that the basic right and freedom is infringed and these amounts to gross ethical and moral standards. The morality and ethics of the world requires that the basic rights of a person to be taken into consideration and this help in achieving the good and harmonious existence of the individuals. Violation of human rights has become a serious issue and its further violation brings with it so much effects and negative impacts on the people of the community supporting the same concept.

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Moreover, the life of a person is considered holy and its sanctity is vital on not only the religious aspect but also the social and communal aspects. The Bible, a religious advocates for sanctity of life of individual whether born or unborn. It also establishes that a person’s life starts from the conception until the natural death or attrition caused by other factors such as road accident and the rest. Without those the an individual is allowed to live and enjoy life whatever the circumstance and this is the combination of the global human rights and the sanctity of life as portrayed by both religious groups and other cultural practices. Therefore, it becomes meaning les for a community to abort and justifies the action. Abortion is wrong since it denies the unborn the chance and the fundamental of human rights and contradicting the sanctity of life.

Another reason as to why abortion should be shunned together with this paper is that under no circumstance does a community in the world gives another person a right of living of the others. It is believed that God created every human being and it is only Him who gives and takes away life of individuals. The person however much they may be disable, there is still the need to ensure that all the process of attaining the global human rights are attained. It is ethically and morally incorrect looking at the various responses obtained from the same subject matter. Since it is never allowed by any community to harm or kill another individual of the same community, it is equally immoral and unethical to abort a foetues that is growing into a baby. Its non-acceptance within the community is a reason to cling on in the upholding human dignity and rights of life.

The United States of America’s Ministry of Health claims that the number of abortion performed in public and private health institutions perennially costs a lot of money for the offenders. Increase costs of production makes the offenders use a lot of money in aborting when in real sense they could use the amount in uplifting the lives of the mother and the baby. For those having financial crisis for the abortion process, they go an extra mine to borrow huge amount of money that they may never be able to refund (Kaczor, 2011). The result is a discordant relationship between the perpetrator and the mother of the baby to be aborted. Moreover, some go further to steal or engage in other dubious means to get the required cash. The cost associated with abortion is therefore too much thus should be avoid. Instead, the amount of money for abortion can be channeled to perform other functions.

This may be translated economically to mean that the process or action of abortion undermines the economic growth. Many economists have already extrapolated that the abortion action will become a serious action with negative economic effects on the way of human live in the nations accepting and advocating for the process. In the end, abortion will have adverse effects to not only the economic status of the individual but also the economic status of the nation as a whole. It is therefore very important to take various measures to advocate for safe and free delivery of the unborn in order to reduce such economical disastrous likely to be experienced in the coming future. Proper strategies need to be in place.

Ethical and moral issue behind the action of abortion has resulted into it not being legalized in many global nations. This makes the pregnant women really determined to get rid of the baby to go backstreet abortion posing so many problems to the mother Murti & Crossed, 2006). The backstreet abortion endangers the lives of not only the child but the mother as well. This is true also for the legalized abortion where mothers have bled before leading to their demise. Posing of much threat on the human life especially for both the mother and the child is another reason that should discourage a person from committing the unethical and immoral act. Let the pregnant women freely and naturally deliver after all children are a gift from God.

Statistics have it that many women lose their lives in the abortion process especially in cases performed by unqualified people. Abortion is a matter of life and death and it is either amazing seeing different persons fight each other verbally or physically concerning the unethical and immoral actions of an individual. Increment of the backstreet abortions is a threat to the person performing it and the nation at large who are depending on such people in the production process and thus in the improvement of the economy. The effect of this is reduced gross national product, this affects the economy in a negative way, and this is extra detrimental as it involves a high risk of life between the baby and the mother. Let the baby stay and enjoy the fundamental and basic rights of living (Pojman, and Fieser, 2009).

Since healthcare practice is involved there might be health dangers exposed to the mother of the child. The most common and dangerous complications developed amongst the women who have aborted include the breast cancer. Once the child or the baby is aborted, the mother will have no one to breast feed leading to the interference of the natural cycle or process of releasing of hormones responsible for the breast and milk development. The impact may not be visible during the first few weeks or months of the mother’s life but will surely increase the chances of the mother contracting breast cancer. Cancers of any type have no cure and therefore it would mean that the mother will eventually and faster die before the expiry of the time of such a woman. This interferes with the population structure of the economy influencing various activities within the economy (Diener, 2000).

In addition, numerous complications arise due to abortion other than the breast cancer idea. Such complications as identified by medical practitioners include the pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancies, future premature births, subsequent infertility, and miscarriages, placenta praevia, among other many complications. These complications are very adverse for example, it may lead to future infertility, this may affect the individual in future causing in ability to give rise to young ones desperations, and consequently death related stress. Another example is the pelvic inflammatory that will affect greatly the pelvic of the mother and this poses so much health related challenges in the environmental as well as the life of the mother. As the healthcare practitioners propose, it will be important to prevent rather than wait and contract the complications through abortion and then looking for ways of curing them (Kaczor, 2011).

Reasons for Abortion

Many people and communities accept the fact that abortion is ethical and moral. In other communities, there are efforts to make them legal. On of the basis on which they make their argument is that during rape and incest then a person may seek for adoption. In such a case, the proponents for the reasons for the abortion practice assert that such a kind need to be aborted and reduce shame and trauma. However, this is not a right reasoning as the person punished here is the child yet the offender of the act is left to go free without any trial. The other reasoning for abortion according to those who are for it, is believe that abortion could possibly be a means of reducing the population (Murti, & Crossed, 2006). The truth is that abortion cannot be used in the reduction of population. There are many ways of population control employed in achieving the desired family size.

The proponents of the reasons for abortion also assert that it is ethical and moral as the woman is allowed to decide on the events she would like to happen within her body. For instance, if the woman wants to give birth she may do so since she has all the rights as well. They also believe that abortion is not murder as it only removes and disintegrate the various body cells incapable of living on the own outside the womb without the aid of other technological devices within the healthcare service provision. They assume that when the pregnancy is allowed to continue even with complications then it may result into more complications. Consequently, there is need for the abortion according to them. According to them, it is wrong to bring up a child of unwanted pregnancy and in order to avoid this the persons involve should abort (Pojman, and Fieser, 2009).


From the above discussion, it is clear that there is a division between those supporting the abortion concept and those against the concept. The various reasoning of both sides of the debate gives a final verdict that it is true that the debate on the side for the actions of abortion is weaker than the side of the shooting. While many scholars have attempted to change the views of abortion by calling it ethical and emotional others believe that the aspect of abortion are complex and in real sense obtained from the various aspects of the government or a given community. it is therefore true without any doubt that abortion, from the discussed issues is unethical and immoral after all they deprive someone of the right of living.


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