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‘The Dark Knight’ as the Best Superhero Movie – Free Essay Example

‘The Dark Knight’ is by far the best superhero movie ever made to this day. Eleven years later to its initial release date it will always remain my top choice. Directed by Christopher Nolan who has helped produce many famous movies like ‘Inception’, ‘Interstellar’, ‘Dunkirk’, and as we know the Batman trilogy. The Batman trilogy has changed the superhero movie scene, all other movies are striving to be more like ‘Batman’. Every other superhero movie that has come after it has not been able to match the effect ‘The Dark Knight’ has left on the superhero community.

To begin with, the Joker played by Heath Ledger was one of the greatest performances ever to go on screen. He had the right kind of crazy in him for the movie to describe the Joker perfectly. The Joker is typically known as a guy who laughs when situations go wrong for himself basically a ruthless psychopath. To prepare for the movie the Joker read comic books trying to learn the role. He practiced his voice for the role and his evil laugh which he ended up mastering. In addition, his makeup was like no other Jokers before, he just made you cringe because it was so creepy, no other Joker from before has the messed up smeared, gross look how Ledger did. Throughout the movie it progressively got worse as the movie got more intense and Ledger was ruining Gotham City. In the end he did not succeed in destroying and overtaking the city however he did cause mass destruction and a lot of people to die. After all of Ledger’s work mastering this role, he did win an Oscar for ‘Best Supporting Actor’. Unfortunately, he was not able to accept the award due to his death before the movie was released. Therefore, Ledger’s role in ‘The Dark Knight’ helped this movie separate in a positive way from competing superhero movies.

Going along with the Joker, Batman and the Joker had the most badass rivalry in comics. They wouldn’t always fight physically sometimes it was more of a mental battle to see who was going to crack first and watch Gotham fall or watch Gotham prosper again. The Joker vs Batman beef has been going on for decades now and has evolved into a crazy ‘they both need each other kind of situation’. Batman needs him to prove to himself he is still a decent person and will not kill him. Also killing the joker would go against Batman’s morality. The Joker needs Batman because without Batman there is no Joker even though he would try and kill him if he has the chance. In a way they have created something from being rivals in who controls Gotham. Batman just wants to do what is good for the community and the Joker wants all the power he can get his hands on. Over the years of their conflict, they have created a relationship in which they feed off each other unintentionally. Batman is unable to give up his cape and the Joker doesn’t ever want to stop being the Joker. Therefore, if one does something and the other reacts, and in a way, they both love it on the inside. This creates one of the best superhero vs villain stories of all time, better than any other superhero just fighting your everyday criminal. Nobody else developed a relationship with a villain as they did even though they still beat the shit out of other every chance that was given.

All in all, this is an opportunity to appreciate how good the movie producers in the past, and up to this movie (Christopher Nolan) have done. Obviously, Bruce Wayne and Heath Ledger did a fantastic job in doing their part the exact way it is supposed to be played. Speaking that Ledger did receive an Oscar for his acting, it was by far deserved. Christian Bale also won the 2008 People’s Choice Award for Best Superhero. In addition, both actors, Heath and Bale, received ‘Best Onscreen Chemistry’ for 2008. If that doesn’t say a lot about their relationship in the movie, I don’t know what will. Unfortunately, we won’t ever get to see these together again due to Bale stepping down after the Batman trilogy. That’s why we have to appreciate the best superhero movie made and it was produced during our time. Also, we won’t get the see ledger finish out his career being such a great actor for any role.

‘The Dark Knight’ was the first billion-dollar superhero movie and was the 6th highest grossing movie in history according to Forbes magazine. This movie may have been the first to really go more into gore and fighting. This could have boosted the movie’s ‘ability’ in way that Christopher Nolan was able to do more intense fighting and violence in the movie. In addition, the film won the Critics’ Choice Award for Best Action Movie. ‘The Dark Knight’ is one of a kind compared all other superhero films. In 2008 the other competing superhero movies were ‘Ironman’, and ‘Hancock’. Which in the end, Batman ended up blowing each of those out of the water by a long shot. Rotten tomatoes gave them a score of 94% and audience score of 94% also. All in all, this all provides the clear-cut evidence that ‘The Dark Knight’ is the best superhero movie of all time and will be for a long time. You could look up any reviews and they will all tell you, to this day ‘The Dark Knight’ is the best. Also, the whole trilogy did something no other sequels or other trilogy of movies can do, they made all the other film makers look up to the Batman trilogy. You could almost argue they are all better than each other in certain ways, that’s how much of an impact Nolan left on the trilogy.

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Everyone should consider watching the trilogy but specifically looking deeper in ‘The Dark Knight’. As I stated earlier in the essay, Heath Ledger accidently committed suicide before the movie even came out. We should all take into consideration that there will be no other Bale and Ledger movies. Especially with a performance that Ledger put on for all of us. Sadly, he had an overdose in his New York apartment, however his job in Batman will never be forgotten.

In conclusion, ‘The Dark Knight’ will always remain the best superhero movie of all time in my opinion. It won many awards and deserved every single one of them. Unfortunately, we will never see another superhero movie like this again due to Bale and Ledgers absence. Hopefully many people come to realize how good this movie actually is if they are against Batman. It will always be above all due to the great production of this movie.

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