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The Competitive Advantages of Costco Wholesale Corporation’s Activities – Free Essay Example

Costco is wholesale organization that is running a chain of warehouse clubs; the organization is providing the different services across the globe. The organization is ranked as number 5 in the fortune 500 companies. The organization is having 770 warehouses in the different countries across the globe. The organization is only started with few offices but after that as the time passed the organization is becoming famous and due to that the organization is now best organization but there are many processes that are needed to be optimized or improved. The organizational business can be improved well if the information system or the organization can be enhanced or implemented and that is possible if the organization is having better processes. According to some statistics, In April, Costco reported a 14% climb to its profit, bringing its quarterly payout to $0.65 or $2.60 every year. This gives Costco a profit yield of 1.06%, up from 0.94% before this expansion. Close by its profit increment, Costco’s governing body reauthorized a $4 billion stock repurchase program. Set to lapse in April 2023, the program replaces the past $4 billion program, which terminated in April of this current year.

The improvement is conceivable by having a one independent worldwide framework for the association and that framework ought to be utilized to deal with the procedures just as the administration of the assets or the material can be conceivable because of that framework. The association is expected to concentrate on the moral points of view to the association is expected to concentrate on the objective market so as to accomplish the objectives of the association generally the association can prompt face diverse issues that can prompt disappointment in accomplishing objectives of the association. The administration of the association is settling on choices dependent on the information that is accomplished from the distinctive segments so the information must be taken from the data framework and that framework ought to give the security or uprightness of the information also so the hierarchical administration can settle on best choices dependent on the authoritative information and the association can contend the clients of the association too.

The organization is needed to focus on the best business practices in order to fulfill the requirements of the organization and to manage the business operations effectively. I have been gone many stores like Kmart, BigW, target and Coles and I also have visited in Costco. I have bought many things from these stores but from once that I have visited Costco I found that Costco is the biggest warehouse which is expanded internationally on great levels. It has all the products and equipments of different cultures and countries but the stores like Target, BigW, and Kmart has less quantity of products as compared to the Costco. Now I really prefer to visit Costco rather than Kmart, Target and BigW, because there is a drawback in these stores. These stores have limited variety of products as compared to Costco. If we visit Target, Kmart or any other store we have to visit multiple stores to fulfill our necessities but Costco has everything available including electric equipments, products for the home, clothing section and other things. We can get anything of our type and need from Costco from the just one visit. As I have experience regarding this, once I want to get multiple products like electric equipment, garden equipments and clothes then my friend referred me to visit Costco as I’ll get everything product from that warehouse and this will save my money and time too. At that time Costco was offering 35% discount on all the products, I was really happy and appreciated my friend’s advice because this advice of him helped me most in saving my money and time which is the main factor for every consumer.

It is to be concluded that Costco is the only international brand/warehouse which capacitates numerous products with easy listing on the top of sections and offers cheaper products than Kmart, BigW and target and it also offers discounts on many products for the raising of customers and making their experience better.

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