Guid Essay

Guid Essay

Teacher Training Personal Statement – Free Essay Example

I enjoyed my education which led me to gain a 2:1 in my Biochemistry degree. Since gaining my degree I have wanted to transfer my skills and the knowledge I have gained to the future generation. This led me to my current role where I work for a teaching agency, Teaching Personnel. I have had the opportunity to work within both primary and secondary schools as a teaching assistant and get hands-on experience within the classroom. Through observing lessons, I have learned what it takes to control a classroom and see the hard work and commitment that comes along with working within the education sector.

I have completed a rewarding course in childcare that allowed me to gain the necessary skills to begin a career in teaching. I learned about children’s milestones but equally about how each child is unique.

My time studying at Aberystwyth University has taught me a wide range of skills that I can transfer to my teacher training course. These include problem-solving, decision making, research skills, and time management. During University, it was important to plan experiments effectively and safely, as well as analysing the results. If these results were not what you were expecting you must be prepared to alter the protocol for better results next time. This is also true with teaching. In a classroom setting, you must plan lessons effectively and be able to adapt quickly if the task isn’t working for that group of children. Understanding your audience and adapting your skills to meet their needs is vital.

Through Teaching Personnel, I enjoyed working in the foundation phase. My role included working with small groups of children and focusing on improving their skills such as numeracy, reading, and Welsh language skills. I also enjoyed taking a leadership role within the class when managing a group of children. I ensured every child was on task and getting the most of their time at school. The most important thing I learned was that communication is key within a school setting. I worked within a team when preparing tasks, attending meetings, organizing the classroom and ensuring the safety of the children.

As well as working as a teaching assistant, I have also worked as an LSA (learning support assistant) with children who require additional help within the classroom. This has allowed me to understand that everyone has their way of learning and building a positive relationship with pupils is key to aiding their learning.

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Despite the advantages of teaching the role comes with a range of challenges, the biggest being managing the children’s behavior within the classroom. I believe patience is key to managing the children and acknowledging that there may be an underlying reason as to why the child is unwilling to learn that day. For example, there was a child who was unwilling to learn in an English lesson. By having patience and taking the time to chat individually with this pupil I learned that his friend was having a difficult day at school and he couldn’t concentrate because he was worried about her. After dealing with this issue, I reassured him that his friend was ok, and we could then carry on with the work successfully and the pupil didn’t miss out on valuable lesson time. This emphasizes the importance of developing a mutually positive relationship between the teacher and the pupil.

One aspect of becoming a teacher is learning how to manage children with challenging behavior. I have had the opportunity to observe a teacher’s classroom management skills. I can then reflect upon these lessons and decide how you would adapt these lessons to make them better suited for the children within the classroom.

One of the biggest lessons I learned was that there are a huge number of children that struggle with motivation within the classroom to complete tasks. I aim to be a teacher that can motivate and inspire others to be the best version of themselves. I will do this by planning lessons efficiently to meet the classroom’s needs and making my classroom a safe space where they feel comfortable and ready to learn. Making a difference in a child’s life and inspiring them to develop their interests is why I want to become a teacher. I picked my A levels based on my interests and as a primary school teacher, I hope to plant the seeds for developing the future interests of every child I teach.

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