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Song Analysis: Rocket Man – Free Essay Example

Rocket Man is the song created by Elton John and Bernie Taupin. The performer of this song is Elton John who is a famous English singer-songwriter. And this song was included with the Honky Château in the early 1970s. Rocket Man also became one of the songs of the hit song in the United States and the United Kingdom at that time.

According to the study of space events from 1961-1970 , there had a lot of space events occurred during the period of the 1960s. A lot of musicians created music that related to space themes. When the public’s obsession with space reached its peaks, the song about the facts of the rocket man has appeared, the lyrics of rocket man described the feeling of loneliness for the rocket man. Ray Bradbury’s story “The Rocket Man” provided the inspiration for this song, in the song of Rocket Man, descrying the story about an astronaut before going to Mars. The story began from the wife packed the baggage for the husband, who was an astronaut, they had to face the distant separation, the astronaut had to separate from his family because this is their job. In the lonely environment of outer space, they really missed their family. At the same time, the lyrics once again express the loneliness of the working environment of outer space, no family, only work.

In the song of Rocket Man describes the bitterness of the work of the universe in the lyrics:

And all this science I don’t understand

It’s just my job five days a week

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A rocket man, a rocket man

The ending lyrics emphasizes the helplessness and powerlessness of the rocket man and once again magnifies the mood of their missing family.

This song not only uses the lyrics to describe the story about the loneliness of the rocket man but also through the musical psychedelic and rocky tonality simulates the loneliness of the universe. The song of Rocket Man in order to produce the feeling of loneliness and weightlessness, using the lilting structure and the uncluttered production for the physical space. According to the Rizzi ‘s analysis that the song of Rocket Man using two instrumentations: piano and bass guitar, at the same time, in the song interpretation, with Elton’s vocals and the chorus to express the emotion of the development of the story in this song. In the beginning, this song just uses piano accompaniment to create a relaxed atmosphere and cooperate with Elton’s vocals to tell the fact that the astronauts are leaving home. However, the melody raised on the word “ be high ” , the development in pitch express the astronaut will fly to thousands of miles away, which shows the sadness emotion of the astronaut and then the guitar enters the song when the lyrics that describe the emotion that the astronaut miss family. Meanwhile, the melody raised again on the word “ a timeless flight ”, which reflects the astronaut’s helpless. Followed by the chorus enter to the song, using the form of a chorus, the astronaut has to leave their family for a long time, reflecting the love for families and inner sadness. And when the lyrics express the life of the space and the sense of loneliness, using Elton’s vocals to reflect the alone.

In addition, the lyrics repeat the word “ And I think it’s gonna be a long long time ”, on the basis of psychology and music, when audiences hear the same things repeatedly, they will start to pay attention to various elements then they did originally. According to the inverted-U model shows, when audiences hear somethings repeatedly, their pleasure will increase, and reach the optimal point, but after the optimal point, the pleasure will start decreasing. In the Rocket Man, the lyrics about describing the astronaut has to leave home for a long time and will be very lonely has appeared four times, the recurring lyrics allow listeners to focus on the content of the song and the inner strength and loneliness of the astronaut. At the end of the song, through repeat the word to emphasize that astronaut will leave a long long time, and the audiences can feel a long time by the repeated lyrics and audiences’ pleasure will be increased and when the emotion reach the peak, and ready to turn to go down, the song will be finished, the structure of this song could catch the audiences’ emotion and when the song is over, it will still relive the sense of loneliness and helplessness.

The Rocket Man created the sense of lonely for space by the combination of piano and guitar, to create the powerlessness and weightlessness in the space, meanwhile, through Elton’s vocals and the chorus to express the content of the astronaut’s story. The transformation between the vocals and chorus to express the emotion of this song, Through the science way to sharp the form of this song and the audiences’ emotion could be attracted by this form.

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