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Social Impact of Facebook on Relationship – Free Essay Example

Facebook is basically a social networking website. People use this site after a free registration upon which a platform to connect with other people online is availed to them. Users have accounts into the system and they can exchange a lot of items such as personal pictures, short messages and any other electronic item. Facebook makes it possible for users to come up with profiles that describes them. Facebook has a provision to make users connect which other by requesting friendship. These profiles are commonly identified by users as “walls”. It is in this “walls” that users exchange information, (Abram, 2007). People interact with one another through different ways some of which may be out of sight. In today’s modern world, people who have an access to internet services express their relationship on Facebook. Such relationship can be associated with either of the following; common ancestry, romance, regular business interaction or basic friendship. Set up of such relationships can surely be socially affected either directly or indirectly by this social website.

Facebook affect it users in many ways; socially, politically and even economically. This piece of work describes the social impact of Facebook on relationship. Facebook bring together its users. Lonely individuals can rekindle happiness into their faces when they connect with their distant friends. Apart from sharing messages and dumb pictures of friends, there is an item provided by the Facebook that makes conversation more appealing and realistic. This item is referred to as “videocall”. Users are able to exchange their experiences in real time through “videocall,” (Burke M, 2010). This drive a sense of being closer into the participating users and ultimately happiness and joy is achieved. Economic technicality can separate can separate couples especially in situations where one is transferred to work in distant places. Facebook has the ability to keep such long distant relationship alive. This is made only possibly when both parties can access these services with ease.

On the account of social effects, Facebook play a handy role in building new relationships. Profiles of unfamiliar users on Facebook are made available to other users depending on the privacy policies set by the account users. Users can send friend request to new users and when the request is accepted, a relationship is created. These new relationships at some cases lead to marriages when the traits and personalities of the partners are compatible. However, these new relationships can be also socially dangerous. Some of the Facebook users are never honest to display their true nature on their “wall”. Consequently, scenarios to be introduced into a socially impaired behavior is very high. It is therefore advisable to carefully scrutinize the type of people whose friend request is accepted. Sometimes curiosity may tempt users to befriend with strangers. For as long as there is no chance of contacting this people physically, then one can attempt such relationships. Otherwise, strangers can be dangerous when not handled with caution. In addition, not all friend requests are accepted and users whose friend requests are rejected may be subjected into psychological difficulties.

In contrary, Facebook can be dangerous to the existing relationships. Facebook is a tool to connect to people but there is an evidence to show that Facebook is also a tool to break relationships. Majority of celebrities usually intensify their differences in relationship by making it public when they post on their “wall”. This is sometime accompanied by disgusting comments from other users which accelerates the breakup. Shame and lost confidence made public alone is a recipe of social destruction. One can actually loose self esteem in such circumstances especially when their real weaknesses are made public through this social site (Light, Ben & McGrath, Kathy, 2010). There are few cases of reunited relationships but majority remain broken and shuttered beyond repair. Facebook play a role in this because it has an optional provision to make public any item posted on any user’s “wall”.

Moreover, Facebook can improve and mold relationships. There are good examples of successful relationships over this social media that can be the mirror to other struggling relationships. Good interactions, healthy social life and well-mannered family traits actually is worth being envied. These relationships are posted by friends on their “wall” and can be seen over by other Facebook friends. Apart from this, there are Facebook pages that offer adolescence education, interpersonal relations, family life education and generally sociology in a community set up. Facebook offer pages on their websites to organization that provide such services. These organization invite any Facebook user to like their pages upon which services are made available to them. Therefore, any Facebook user who read and implement good virtues on these pages can ultimately add a supplement to their relationship (Carpenter, 2013). To be clearer on this, users are advised to only pick an item that is most appropriate to their relationship. It is very unfair to a relationship when one partner strain to get the very best supplements into their relationship yet there are better alternatives that are less equal and manageable.

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To sum up, Facebook has got two sides of the coin and its influence is entirely dependent on the users’ discretion. Social impacts of Facebook on relationships are real and they are manifested in our today digital lifestyle. User are therefore advised to distinguish gold from stone. Every step one makes through this social media is always a remarkable change and are mostly irreversible. It will be a justice to your society and you when only socially relevant items are embraced from Facebook. Facebook should be of greater benefit when it can impact its users’ relationships positively.


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