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Self Segregation Essay – Free Essay Example

Why America is Self-Segregating?

Many Americans wouldn’t admit to this accusation, but self-segregation is at its finest. Sometimes by design and other times by choice. This segregation is not the same as it formally was. Self-segregation isn’t legally enforced, but 21st-century segregation exists openly in communities, school systems, and prisons. The consequences permeate our society without warning or recognition. If our societal worlds were more racial, gender, and economically inclusive then we would be having a totally different discussion at this point. It is well understood that we don’t hear much about this particular divide because many are afraid of being labeled a racist. Now, segregation is not about us being physically separated but about the cultural divide. In this Article Danah Boyd interjects that we need a social foundation just as we need bridges and roads, if this isn’t done then we are heading towards a road of destruction.

Why America is Self-Segregating outlines and informs the reader on the disentanglement of the higher education institutes and the US Military. Danah inquiries about trends that target unique content on social media that continuously undermines desegregation. As individuals in America have persistently remained a diverse, but segregated nation we battle with understanding other viewpoints and political ideologies that are beneficial to the growth of our country. This has utterly molded the way American politics contends today. The majority of institutes utilize people to face differences which do not end in tolerating one another nor does it entail a healthy resolution. The history of the United States is troubled with numerous examples of the one percent enslaving the oppressed solely on the account of differences. The outstanding battle of diversity and law is still hindering our land from truly being integrated.

In reply, since the diversifications are housed solely on the premises of the differences in skin color, I claim that the US militant should wage war against prejudice. In doing this, bridging the gap will formulate trust and comradery amongst the soldiers who are willing to put the country’s interest before their own. To prove this Boyd stated, when individuals enlist, they all have different motivations for joining whether it is traveling the world, the numerous job openings, or the basic training. The part the militant doesn’t advertise is diversification. Morale must be elevated as the reasonings as to why soldiers ought not to be obligated to trust their existence to people who are not remotely the same as them. Danah alerts the readers that, the United States of America Military does not offer justification and the primary focus is strictly on growing the service organization, in other words, the military. The absence of justification leaves consequences for the military commanders to break down barriers to teamwork and in the end, this divergence will harvest a great amount of conflict.

The “kumbaya dream” was categorized around the internet- aspiring to connect different people in extraordinary ways to exonerate any dash of inequality. Despite the many tools that the 21st century has possessed over the years to connect individuals all over the world, we fatefully have and will continue to experience disintegration, opposition, and de-diversification in doing this gave Boyd the opportunity to disprove the lawmakers of their efforts to diversify the world. The self-segregation of the country is single-handedly tearing this country apart.

Furthermore, the author discovers the idea of the linguistics used by adolescents and how the language is comprehended in the ancient contexts of discrimination in the United States. Danah Boyd, the author, through this article, urges the reader to contemplate the rhetoric that is directly corresponding to earlier periods. Arguing that residential life in most academies is frequently intertwined with student therapy as many scholars have grumbled about their dormitory mates and classmates. Hence, learning how to convey diversity and conflicts effectively to the younger generation is equally as important as the military. This is crucial to the social structure of the new world. The author believes that US higher education has factually offered social network diversification with the hopes of increasing job prospects. However, working and encountering diverse experiences and perspectives is a tough task mentally as well as physically. Also, could be considered culturally awkward when dealing with ignorant people who refuse to accept the changes in the world

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On the other hand, Boyd’s statements are sometimes contradictory because she also asserts that people should be able to think and be themselves without judgment-which individuals are protected under the first amendment whether America chooses to self-segregate or not. Living in the 21st century did we ever stop to consider that this is how the citizens want it to be? Especially with technology being used to express ideologies so openly now? Due to the recent technological advances, I suppose that America is just how it was intended to be. In the age of technology, anything is possible, yet we are choosing not to diversify. Boyd weakens her claim by not alluding to the other side of the coin. She pinpoints that “If we want to develop a healthy democracy, we need a diverse and highly connected social fabric.’ Her strengths are appealing to people’s cousicnousss. Allowing others to critically think and fairly analyze views to see if they are truly different from us or advocating for change. With the help of social media controlling what we see, we only see one narrative. Boyd aids us in understanding that if we change the way we see media, people’s perspectives of others will not have as much negative backlash. In doing this, Boyd could initiate healthier conversations and create awareness between readers and peers. This article overall is necessary for thinking long-term about bridging the differences and effects of not doing so. Using logic and emotions to appeal to readers, is beneficiary to addressing current issues that plague our nation. By encouraging readers to join the conversations and not communicate.

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