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Review of the Movie ‘Dead Poets Society’ – Free Essay Example

The drama flick ‘Dead Poets Society’ directed by Peter Weir, was released on June 2nd, 1989 in limited numbers, and fully released on June 9th of the same year. With the only notable name at the time being Robin Williams, other modern big-names stars in this movie such as Robert Sean Leonard, and Ethan Hawke.

In a school where tradition, honor, discipline, and excellence you can expect things to be a little strict. And that’s exactly what the boys at Welton Academy go through. But lucky for them this year a new teacher with some unorthodox teaching methods comes to the rescue. Mr. Keating played by Robin Williams shows the boys how to think for themselves like when he takes them outside to walk in circles showing them everyone walks at their own pace. Although the boys see this to be a little odd at first the warm-up to the new teacher and his ways.

The movie has plenty of beautiful shots of the nearby lake on school property, while no single camera shots stand out to me, in particular some of the one-take long pan shots in the club scenes of ‘Death Poet Society’. The movie takes on many different moods as the movie progresses, the writers did a good job of symbolizing the changes during different seasons for example. During the fall the boys are learning to find themselves (by asking out girls from different schools, etc.), while in the winter some of the boys are starting to find themselves in a more depressed mood like Todd Anderson a boy living in the shadow of his brother, his family gets him the same desk set for Christmas, Todd realizes it and how they might not pay attention to his wants or needs. Or Neil who faces off with his father who doesn’t want him to partake in a play ultimately ending in Neil’s suicide with his own father’s pistol.

Finally, my personal thoughts on the movie. ‘Dead Poet Society’ is very well shot and executed. The camerawork is very symbolic showing the characters small in shots where the story is bigger than them like during one of the final scenes showing the boys walking out to a snowy lake after their best friend’s suicide. The acting is exceptional, Robin Williams as Mr. Keating is amazing, and this movie helped shape the young boys acting careers. The movie is very original, not many screenwriters tackle this type of theme this way.

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