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Review of Cecelia Ahern’s Book ‘Where Rainbows End’ – Free Essay Example

The book that I have chosen to review is titled ‘Where Rainbows End’. This book has been suggested to me by a good friend. The author of this book is a famous Irish writer, Cecelia Ahern. This is the second book of the author, the first one being ‘PS. I Love You’, which was published in 2004. This is the bestselling book of the author internationally, and even ranked number 1 in Ireland and United Kingdom. It was also awarded with the German Corine Award in 2005. The entire book is written in epistolary structure, i.e., in the form of letters, emails, greeting cards, news articles etc., and the story revolves around two characters, Rosie and Alex, who have been friends since childhood and how their friendship is affected by different circumstances.

The entire book is divided into 4 phases and 50 chapters. The beginning of the book is quite perplexing. The story starts with both our protagonist as child and they send each other letters. And as you can expect from children, the spellings and grammars are totally incorrect, so it took sometimes to understand the meaning of the sentence. But from another aspect, this is kind of fun. We get the feeling as if we are reading actual letters of the children. Those grammatical errors and spelling mistakes make the book more realistic as no five-year child will be able to communicate in proper English.

Another problem with the book was the transition between the events. As the story is flowing smoothly, suddenly there comes an event which is completely irrelevant to the previous one. So, it is quite confusing as simultaneous events are being explained and the transition between them is very vague. Particular instance of the above problem is in chapter 35. The events are flowing smoothly up until this point and suddenly we enter a random chatroom of divorced women with random username like Divorced_1, UnsureOne, LonelyLady etc., so we have no idea who is talking and what they are talking about. Then, in chapter 40, we again have to read the chatroom conversation and only then we will understand that the username of these women actually signifies the feeling of the women and everything starts making sense.

Likewise, it is also very difficult to understand who is sending letters to whom. Since, the entire book is written in epistolary structure and so there are lots of emails and letters. The problem is particularly with letters. At the starting of letter, the name of the receiver is written so we know who is going to receive it. But the name of the sender is only disclosed at the last. So, during the entire letter we won’t know who is sending the letter, making it a little bit confusing.

So, these were some of the issues that I found to be quite vexing. Other than that, the entire book is a masterpiece. The storyline is very good for a romantic genre. As we go through the book, we get to develop along with the characters. We start with both our main characters at the age of 5 and as the story progresses, we get to see that their lifestyle also changes. Each phase of the book reflects the phase of our life: child, teenage, adult, and old. And each phase shows the problem and obstacles that we will face in real life, so it feels more realistic as we also have gone through some of those phases.

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Another thing that makes this book more realistic is the technological advancement that gradually takes place. At first, the only means of communications are letters and greeting cards. But later on, we get to see the characters send emails. Again, after sometime, instant messages are introduced. So, these small details that match the real world makes this book even better.

Talking about the story, Alex and Rosie have been friends since age 5. As they grow, their friendship develops into love, but both of them are oblivious to that. They both are separated when Alex has to move to foreign country but their friendship remains. There are some ups and downs, they fight sometimes but eventually they get back together. Many people come and go on their lives. Everyone knows that Rosie and Alex have feelings for each other, except they themselves. And whenever they try to express their feelings for each other, fate directs their lives in different way and keeps them apart. But at the end both of them finally get to express their feelings each other and thus happy ending.

So, at last, I just want to say that this book is a complete package of romance. There are roller coasters of emotions, great story line, gradual character development, and resemblance to the reality that makes this book a masterpiece. Though there are some aspects of the book that I didn’t like, but overall the book is very fun and once you start reading, it will be difficult to stop. So, if you are into romantic fictional book that I highly recommend this book to you. I am sure that you won’t be disappointed.

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