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PhD 38.25 35.25 32.25 29.25 26.25 23.25 20.25 17.25
Master’s 37.50 34.50 31.50 28.50 25.50 22.50 19.50 16.50
College 36.75 33.75 30.75 27.75 24.75 21.75 18.75 15.75
High School 36.00 33.00 30.00 27.00 24.00 21.00 18.00 15.00

We don’t have set prices. Each price for each paper depends on:

  • How many pages the work includes
  • How difficult is the topic
  • How soon is the deadline
  • How much material is provided additionally
  • How much research should be done
  • Formatting requirements

The absence of a price list is a good sign because it is the evidence that each text is written from scratch. We do provide high-quality works. Each paper is unique not only in terms of plagiarism but also contains unique ideas, references, and conclusions. Each essay type has different requirements and as a result different price.

Essay pricing

The essay is a short text which can be a reaction paper for a concert, film, article, book, event, etc. It can also be a simple description of a topic in order to show the ability to think critically, gather information, divide relevant information, analyze and conclude. Due to essay writing teachers can evaluate such skills as creative writing, analytic thinking, ability to research and find the right literature. As a rule, a research paper is no longer than 10 pages. In most cases, it is 3-6 pages of original text with almost no special requirements. This type of work can cost 12-60 UDS depending on the deadlines and topic.

Research paper

Every essay that is more than 10 pages is specified as a research paper. It requires more literature, analytic analysis, research and time. Therefore, writers need more time and more special background which makes the order more expensive. Such orders can also have special formatting and citation requirements which is proofread by quality assurance department. The price of such orders is very different. It can vary from 50 to 300 UDS.


This is the most complicated type of work. Writing a thesis means writing a completed research work which is not only last around from one week to a few months but also requires special research, preparation, usage of the correct literature, proper formatting and citation. Good news, we are qualified enough to do this. The price of this type of work is the highest. No worries, we can do only part of your research paper, for example, only conclusion, or only discussion. We can also provide high-quality proofreading services, which is in many cases very useful and helpful.


For those students who for some reason are not ready to order a completed assignment, we can offer another special service. Professional proofreading is a magic box which turns your draft into a perfect completed document ready to be applied. Most of the papers deserve A mark after our proofreading. Another advantage of professional correcting is the price. You don’t have to pay for the writing a paper from scratch; you can only write a draft according to all the initial requirements and apply for a text polishing. Make sure that your work is perfect before applying it.

Who am I paying?

You are paying for a professional qualified English native author who was approved by our quality assurance system before hiring. You are also paying for the ability to contact your writer directly anytime and be consulted on any questions. Money worth the result. You are also paying professional proofreaders who polish your order before delivery and make sure that it worth A mark. Our team is interested in your success. Positive feedbacks of our one-time and permanent clients make us better every day. Our team deserves to be called ‘trustful service’ not only because they are high-quality professionals, but also because we care about our clients.