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Philippine Traffic Crisis: Reflection and Suggestion – Free Essay Example

I growed up in a city where there is no traffic. Every time I go to school, I travel four and a half kilometers in five to ten minutes only. I go to school fresh and arrive fresh with the same hairstyle, smell, and even my clothes are not tousled. The problem there is the foods that they will serve on the dinner table the next time and not the traffic.

I moved here last 2017 to continue my studies. That year was the start that I experienced traffic congestion that makes a traffic crisis and how it affects the behaviour and productivity of the person and the profit of those businesses. Those drivers become irate if they get into it, they make small things complicated. Passengers like employees and students become withered that makes them unproductive. And the supply of those businesses that they should deliver on time will arrive late and it causes loss of profit.

As defined by Traffic congestions it is a condition on road networks that occurs as usage increases, and characterized by slower speeds and longer trip times and increases vehicular queueing. If this happen for a long period it may become a traffic jam and the effect of it is called ‘traffic crisis.’ This traffic crisis happened because of this congestion wherein you cannot ride any transportation vehicles because there are no movements on their way.

Traffic in our country is one of the major problems that we are facing today. Numbers of vehicles are increasing while the railroads, skyways, and subway is just stay the same. We know for the fact that Metro Manila is the center of business trading as well as you can find here the main branch of those giant businesses. Unlike other areas in the Philippines, like in Visayas and Mindanao where there is no severe traffic there. Which I think would be the focus to solve this traffic crisis. Many people proposed solutions to this problem which I think if combined will definitely give a better outcome to solve the problem.

As a result of the problem. The Philippines ranked 9th in countries with the worst traffic in the world and ranked 4th in Asia according to a report made by Numbeo, a Serbia-based research firm. Also, they mention that the average travel time for a one-way commute is about 45.50 minutes. Furthermore, the long commute in the country gave a dissatisfaction rate of 3,724.39 on the traffic index. The report implied how inefficient our traffic system is. This long time-of-travel is not good in all aspects especially in our health.

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In times of this. It’s very hard to get stuck in traffic congestion and worst if there’s an emergency happening. Like there’s an Ambulance stuck in the traffic, so it’s very hard. Just to share a story with you everyone. This happened last December. Me and my friends: Trisha Rasonable, Kathe Villasis, waiting for a jeep going to Alabang from here (PLMun), suddenly there’s no jeep going there. So, what we did was we rode a jeep going to Bayan. From there, we wait for a jeep going to Alabang and yet there’s still no jeep. So, we decided to walk it until the Muntinlupa Municipality. From there, we ride a jeep going to Alabang, after five minutes we get stuck into traffic but it’s good because we are already in Lakewood. So, we walked it until Alabang. At that moment, you can see to us the exhausted effigy. So, we used the footbridge to go across. While we’re walking, we saw an Ambulance being stuck in the traffic and it’s rueful to see the situation wherein you cannot help the person inside that ambulance, but all you can do is to pray for the benefit of that person inside.

I blame those past Administration for not implementing any plans and for being greedy of their positions and power. However, I am glad that this administration or Duterte’s administration to specifically really carry out such thing that could help every Filipino to have a better lives like, Tax Reform for Acceleration Inclusion (TRAIN) Law that has a positive effects to our economy, and Bangsamoro Organic Law that show a political entity, that could help those Muslim Filipinos and all indigenous cultural communities in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Mindanao for meaningful self-governance. See, how this administration helped this country to build-up and uplift all Filipinos to have better lives.

Last year September, the administration ally Senator Francis Tolentino filed a Senate Bill 213, that seeks to grant such power to President Rodrigo Duterte. Under the 18th congress, at least three bills have filed for emergency powers. According to Tolintino, ‘This bill proposes to declare the existence of a national emergency in view of the traffic and congestion crisis in Metropolitan Manila, Metropolitan Cebu, and other highly urbanized cities … to authorize the President, for a limited period and subject to restrictions, to exercise powers necessary to effectively address the said national emergency.’

This Emergency Power is I think helpful to every Filipino. The czar could help to create a solution to this retrograde traffic problem. As the President’s alter-ego, the traffic czar authorized him to exercise all powers necessary, use all resources, exercise police power and eminent domain, and use executive actions and measures to solve the problem. In addition, Emergency powers would fast-track procurement, right-of-way acquisitions, and move processing so that priority infrastructure projects could start sooner than later and be raised at a faster pace to partial portability, (GMA News, September 2019). This czar could speed those projects of this administration until the Presidential Term. Because if the program is not yet done until his Presidential term there’s a possibility that the proposed scheme will stop by the next President or Administration and proposed another scheme to solve the problem. So, I am in favor of this czar and until now there’s still no update about this.

This traffic crisis could be solved only by looking at the cause of the problem first before putting any solutions. One step at a time could lessen the severe traffic and congestion. Everyone should coöperate for this is the benefit of everyone and this could help to solve the crisis in traffic and the country becomes a better place to live-in.

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