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Personal Metaphor Essay – Free Essay Example

What is a Metaphor?

Metaphor is derived from the word Metapherein which means to carry over or to transfer.


One of the most frequently used forms of figurative speech in English is a metaphor. Therefore, the metaphor can be said a form of figurative speech. It is defined as a rhetorical device in which a word or phrase, for one thing, is used to refer to another thing in order to show or suggest that they are similar. It moves away from referring to something in a literal sense and refers to it as something else in order to create a more imaginative figure of speech and description of something. Thus, literally helps to define anything in a simpler way of communication.

Personal metaphor

Metaphors are responsible for the development of our perceived views and actions. They are not just about language, they cater to other important aspects like thinking patterns, reasoning, etc. A metaphor that inevitably reflects my life is the Gaming Character. This specific metaphor adds to my personality like a cherry on top of the cake. As we all grew up while playing games and seeing cartoonists work on comic books and shows, it gradually influenced me more and more from my early years. I always look to these heroes as my role models. I assume my life as a Game and me acting as a Character or let`s say a Hero in that running game.

Taking a deep look into our lives, humans can accept that there are certain levels taking place in our daily life routine as same as in any game. There are times when our life goes as smoothly as we are at the very initial level of the game, with which we can easily deal without any trauma. But sometimes there are situations where one has to be calm and take a wiser decision as the character performs his best in order to pass through all the obstacles that come in his path towards achieving success.

Not only in the hardest times, but also in that period where I have to think cognitively to tackle a problem, I normally take an assumption of myself as a gaming character who has to pass this level of life by hook and crook. Unexpectedly, if I am stuck in a situation where I can`t even accept or deny what`s happening all around me, at that time I have to be creative, I have to be imaginative, and innovative if I really want to deal with that situation with enough confidence. Similarly, in a game, a character has to face whatever comes in his path, and while thinking out of the box he has to find a solution to that problem.

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In another way, if I have to explain how this metaphor resembles myself, I would definitely like to choose its characteristic of heroism and confidence. I greatly admire the confidence and courage of the characters in the game to stand in front of the obstacles neglecting how it may result afterward and just working harder and harder to be the first in the game. Likewise, I always accept complications with enough courage and hard work. To exemplify, during my examinations I always believe in working hard. In college when most students were busy partying while I was busy burning the midnight oil in order to achieve good grades.

I always said that mistakes should be considered learning opportunities. This is the most prominent teaching which I got from the superheroes playing in the games. Most of the time they got defeated by their enemies or fail to jump through an obstacle but I have never seen them not trying to do it again. Humans have to take that as an example for their lives that there`s always a second chance in our life, it`s fine to accept failure as a second opportunity towards success. Learning from this, I always try again and again until I became an expert it`s well- said that practice makes a man perfect so the times when I tried a few more times I got to know about my incapability to do that thing and then can gradually fix it with the passage of time and practice.

Overall, it could be concluded that a metaphor that I used to explain myself is the character that plays in a game. Presuming myself in their shoes helps me a lot to live my life in an adventurous way while accepting both glory and defeat with a feeling of courage and happiness. The characteristics of a hero such as being optimistic, courageous, confident, cognizance, hard-working and attentive make my personality shine like the stars in the universe. Metaphorically, I start to imagine my life as a game and am the participant in it who has to finish these all stages of learning, academics, earning, emotional traumas, health complications, relational issues, etc. till the last stage called death.

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