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Guid Essay

Personal Development Essay – Free Essay Example

Personal Development Plan

Part 1 Personal Analysis (collegiovolta, 2016)

Prior to setting goals for the short, medium, and long term of my personal development, the following analysis regarding my strengths and weaknesses was conducted to determine any external opportunities or threats I may encounter which could affect my personal development plan along the way.


I developed great confidence through my public speaking experiences During my time in a Political campaign and my volunteering at my church community.

I also developed good skills of communication through my customer service practices during my short career in the construction industry as a project coordinator.

This experience also enabled me to cope with working under pressure and perform as usual even under the circumstances of sleep deprivation and other possible challenges.

I always treat people with respect, honesty, and decency. Having the opportunity to supervise works on site and liaise with material suppliers and sub-contractors I demonstrated my ability to provide clear and practical directions and manage limited human resources to assure that task set to be achieved.

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Aspects for further development I do have difficulty managing my work/life balance which sometimes results in situations where I struggle to finish my assignment, personal commitments, and other essential tasks on time.

I need to further perfect my stress-coping skills when working on-site in a hazardous environment.

To build my management skills and further develop my confidence in human resource management, I need to experience more aspects of the construction industry and gain more working experience.

My skills in task planning need to be improved as I still occasionally encounter situations where work activities clash with each other.

Future possible opportunities Through more academic training and mentorship that I receive from the workplace, I would have a better-structured management system to identify, analyze and resolve issues that I encounter in order to create more value for the organization or company I work for.

To do so, I will seek the advice and approvals of my supervisors to ensure the work plans I made are more effective.

The possibility to work in a high-performance project management team means assistance will be available when I am too occupied with new tasks in the hectic construction business.

With advice and guidance from those who are senior to me, it is highly likely I will improve my work and life balance which could benefit me by allowing me to be more focused and productive on the job.

Threats on my impact my personal development plan Balance my working life can be a difficult challenge when the workloads in academia and employment increase at the same time, this danger can mean that I will be more exhausted after finishing a phase of tasks and become less focused and productive for the next phase of work.

Personal development in regard to the improvements in management skills for better work and academic performance would require more time to be put into relevant research and studies. This would further increase the difficulty of balancing personal life and work commitments.

Accidental injury at a construction site can still be a possibility at work that could result in the suspension of all works and studies.

Part 2 Goals and how to achieve them (collegiovolta, 2016)

Goals/Targets that I wish to Achieve Methods/Approached

I need to achieve these goals External resources and assistance I need to accomplish these Tasks Measures of success in these goals/ targets set Target dates to review for the goals set

A deeper understanding of construction project management Complete more designated courses within my Bachelor of Construction Management and Property program.

A study from reading materials recommended by my lecturers that are relevant to the subject of construction management.

Research and study from construction process documentary films Consultancy from my lecturers and mentors

Completion of course assessments

Improvements in overall score on my academic transcript. By the end of each academic teaching period

More actual work experience in different sectors of the construction industry Learns from online videos of the construction process of different types of projects.

Attempt to find work at other sectors of the construction industry other than the residential low-rise building construction that I currently work in. Advice from senior professionals in the construction industry Progress on finding other works in the construction industry

Recommendations and reviews from colleagues and supervisors at work Every 6 months

Get myself introduced to and develop certain skills in investment and business operation Enrol and complete courses that are related to financial analysis, investment, and portfolio management as my electives for general education courses.

Attend seminars and lectures hosted by professionals in the finance industry

Study and develop own investment skills through reading relevant materials and utilizing trading applications with demonstration mode.

Materials to research and study from.

Consultancy from professionals in the financial investment industry. Total profit/loss ratio on the simulated investment portfolio.

Performance in the assessments of finance-related courses I participate in. Quarterly and end of each academic teaching period

Improve my personal health conditions Form a rest schedule to prevent sleep deprivation so that I could be more focused and have energy when working and studying.

Set up a workout schedule for a certain amount of time each week. Recommendations from a fitness trainer.

Access to a gym membership. Improvements in my athletic ability and any measurable weight loss. Every month Further develop my leadership skills When have the chance to lead, try to volunteer to be the leader in need to build more experience and credibility as a leader, the scenario can be during university sessions, volunteering in community activities, and work environment

Advice from professionals who have more experience as leaders. Comments from my peers and supervisors.

Result on any leadership or human resource management-related reports.

Every 6 months and end of each teaching period

Improve my planning and decision-making skills Take advantage of the planning opportunities I encounter at work and practice problem analysis and decision-making skills in the business environment. Advice and mentorship from colleagues who are senior to me Result from my construction planning course.

Performance review from work. Quarterly and at the end of each teaching period

Part 3 Short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals of my personal development plan (collegiovolta, 2016)

Short-term goals (Next 12-18 months)

Complete the Bachelor of construction management and property degree that I currently pursuing in order to become a professional in the construction industry.

Find another part-time job in the construction industry or the customer service industry, this new job will be involving decision-making planning, and leadership to prepare for my future full-time career in the construction industry.

Develop a certain degree of personal investment skills so that I could utilize my saving to create more wealth in the future, the areas that I will be investing include but are not limited to stock and fund trading, goods trading, and property investing.

Medium-term goals (Next 2-3 years)

Upon the completion of my bachelor’s degree in construction management, I wish to find a position in a graduate program in a construction firm whose business involves commercial, industrial, and residential construction. I wish to develop my skills further from the job learning process and mentorship that a graduate program could offer.

Engage in a high-performance construction project management team which will further develop my skills in the field and expose me to more business opportunities in the property development and construction industry.

Long-term goals (beyond 3 years)

Through hard work and self-improvement on the job, I aim to gain promotions at several stages of my career to become a qualified construction project manager. The career path ideally will be from the graduate program to project engineer or contract administrator then junior project manager and then project manager.

Apart from my passion for the construction industry, I too aim to pursue a degree associated with financial analysis in the future to assist me in career and personal investments.

Maintain a good health condition by keeping the habit of regular workouts in order to stay focused and high performing at work.


In conclusion, my first priority for the next 12-18 months is to graduate from my Bachelor of Construction Management program with a decent academic transcript. In the meantime, I aim to work part-time in the construction industry or participate in work that involves a certain degree of management and customer service to prepare me for a full-time career in construction management.

In the medium to long term, I am prompted to become a professional construction project manager starting from graduate to project engineer or contract administrator to junior project manager, and then to project manager. In the meantime, I would expose myself to the trading market and develop investment skills as a means to grow my wealth.

To fulfill this personal development plan set, I will review my personal development plans regularly and amend them with an appropriate approach. When encounter difficulty that I could not cope with alone, I shall seek advice and assistance from those who are senior to me.

Some successes of this development plan can be measured from the result of my academic performance at university, profits that may be applied to my future investments as well as professional achievements such as promotions and job offers. (collegiovolta, 2016)


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