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Negative Perception of Nursing Homes in Society: Analytical Essay – Free Essay Example

Imagine forty or seventy years from now, you’re in a beautiful home that you built for you and your family. Then your children and grandchildren try to convince you to go to a nursing home saying it’s better for you and you’d be taken care of better. It’s like a slap to the face, it hurts. Your own children that you’ve taken care of for years don’t want to take care of you back and would rather put you in a place full of strangers that can either help you or treat you badly like you are no longer important to take care of anymore. That’s exactly the feeling of many of the elders now put in nursing homes.

In the health Industry, this is something that happens pretty much every day not because the family doesn’t love the loved one anymore it’s just that it’s hard to juggle life and take care of a person all at once, but I don’t think that the negative perceptions on nursing homes should exist. There are so many people who are affected by this Perception like families (Hardon Wood Legal Blog) “ It can cost families thousands of dollars a year to put a senior member into a nursing home, and it’s not often an expense that the family is ready too handle just yet “ this reading is just stating that yes it’s hard on the senior member but people tend too over look that it’s actually hard on the family also.

Throughout this Research process, I propose that to solve the negative perception society haves on nursing homes should be to create workshops for the families to learn about the nursing home of their choosing, detailed brochures and build more family-friendly nursing homes and also just going and having new guest days where you can look around and kind of get a feeling of the place. (Family matters in-home) “It’s important to bring a few things with your loved one that is recognizable and familiar “This reading is just bouncing off what I said earlier in the text just stating that It wouldn’t be so much of a problem if the senior family member was loved comfortable with their nursing home arrangement.

What brought this problem too my attention was I told my mom that we were going on an internship to a nursing home and she told me about all the bad things she’s heard and everything which make me nervous too know what I was stepping into. I’m in the health science pathway at my school and I went on an internship at a Duncanville nursing home and before I went I already had the negative perception of nursing homes like it’s going to smell they are going to get treated badly and who would I tell. The senior members would look sad just all this stuff but when I walked in those doors I felt so much differently the members were all laughing and having fun and we got assigned to our patient.

I would never forget my Patients Name Betty Tatum, She was a double Amputee and she had a stroke so she had slurred speech but she was kind when I went in my partner and I talked to her and when she spoke it wasn’t clear but she held my hand and kissed it and I just started to cry not only because I felt bad for coming in thinking bad things about the place but she also reminded me of my grandma. And every time after that I enjoyed going to the nursing home every time we would leave see would cry out “NOO” and this wasn’t because she was getting hurt or was in pain she just didn’t get much company and didn’t want us to leave.

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I feel like the problem is so much more than just the negative perception of nursing home rather that the family is just scared from all the horror stories that have been told for example (Gray and White Law )“nursing homes often hire nursing home staff with minimal qualifications, having inadequate staff, having insufficient training and having low wages and a very high staff turnover rate. The result of these affects has the effect of serious and life-threatening problems for nursing home residents such as weight loss, bedsores (pressure sores), hospitalization, malnutrition and dehydration, and even death.” This text evidence just ties into the problems of nursing homes and why families are very untrusting to put their families in the nursing homes. Because the senior members can go into the nursing home not doing bad as when the leave or come out. This is because the staff doesn’t get paid enough too fully do their jobs, so they are mistreating their patients despite the pay. The patients don’t come in there too die rather than too be taken care if, so they shouldn’t have repetitive healthcare problems.

(The Pros and Cons of Nursing Homes) “Last March, inspectors found workers there were improperly using side railings on beds. Four months later, records show, a 53-year-old obese resident suffocated when he got stuck between the mattress and side rails. Illinois fined the facility $50,000 for the death, one of the largest nursing home penalties in the state last year. “This is a horrifying statement because who would want their family member going through such pain because they can’t be taken care of at all in their normal house hold.

My problem to this solution is tricky because everyone might not participate in the different activities or still have doubts but in all reality once more and more people sign up there won’t be as much doubt but only hopefulness for the future.” Working with elderly patients who are hearing impaired or unable to process information as quickly as the general populace the elderly may have difficulty retaining information and need to be reminded of things frequently. you may be with many patients when their life ends. You will need to have the emotional fortitude to deal with the sadness and feelings of loss while providing care and services.

These situations are encountered in every setting where the elderly receive health care” This is some of the skills needed for working in a nursing home that staff doesn’t have now but can utilize over time and this will hopefully prevent the negative perceptions of nursing homes.

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