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Nature vs Nurture Essay: Tips & Tricks

Nature vs nurture essay remains one of the most challenging essay types to write if there is no given example and explanation of what college teachers expect from such writing. Touching upon philosophy, healthcare, education, sociology, environmental sciences, and history, among other subjects, nature vs nurture paper can be made easier if it speaks directly from personal perspective, sharing student’s experience.

In basic terms, this type of essay researches how environmental factors impact personal development of a person – both philosophically or not, depending on chosen subject or initial course discipline.

In accordance with college professors in the United States, ideal combination for successful essay should include research with citation, revealing obvious relation to personal experience or reflective writing.

Definition and Importance of This Essay Type

It should be noted that in most cases college students will receive nature vs nurture debate essay assignments that have their purpose in taking certain side, either nature or nutrition. What it means in practice is study of roles that nature and nurturing (often called heredity) play in development of human character, behavioral traits, decisions behind made. A reason why it takes argumentative form is presence of philosophical approach and psychology elements that make people define same concepts differently. From one side, there are those that believe in genetic predisposition factors, meaning that person is already born with certain character elements, heritage that already controls human being even with all behavioral patterns taken in consideration. Then there are others who believe that behaviors can be taught. A practical example would be racial prejudice with related conflicts. Is it something that individual learns eventually or something person is already born with that acts upon deeper genetical level?

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Common essay on nature vs nurture should take a side and provide sufficient arguments regarding offered rightfulness. However, there are cases when American colleges request neutral writing where no side is taken, but information is presented from neutral angle. If such case does occur, best thing student can do is present both sides by comparing advantages or disadvantages of each party. Remember avoiding bias and allow target audience to decide for themselves. An example would be genetically-modified foods and advantages that are presented at both camps like health hazards, genetic experiments ethics with overcoming world famine as counter-argument.

If it sounds too complex, remember that this essay assignment also includes personal topics, experiences of living in another country, family’s heritage, cultural identity. Just like with American Dream essay topics, it should inspire an audience, providing sufficient evidence.

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Structure of Nurture vs Nature Research Paper

Looking for suitable ideas is important, yet even the best ideas will fail if no correct essay structure is implemented. Unless specified otherwise, it should include Introduction with strong thesis statement, three Body Paragraphs, continued by Conclusion with Works Cited page. Once again, if no debate part is required, avoid any bias, remaining neutral, only presenting information available.

  • Introduction – Start with short description of constant conflict between nature and nurturing aspects. American psychologists recommend starting with known fact, statistics, famous quote or rhetorical question to keep audience interested. Turning to thesis statement, make it relate and introduce argument clearly speaking of what side are you at. It should not leave readers uncertain! Keep in mind that nature vs nurture essay introduction should not introduce opposing views immediately, but leave key facts and arguments for upcoming paragraphs. This way audience proceeds with reading.
  • Body Paragraphs – Should start with topic sentences. If one assumes that talk goes about Latin America’s cultural traits, the first paragraph should introduce general information and idea, while second and third paragraphs can be dedicated to opposing opinions. Remember that each statement should be supported by clear evidence, proper citation, academic references. Paper must be logical with paragraphs clearly supporting main thesis. If possible, include metaphors with real-life situations that will help audience relate to subject being discussed. If touching upon sensitive issues, always remain respectful.
  • Conclusion – As with most academic essays, conclusion should restate thesis statement in different words. Good trick recommended by writing experts is summing up brief key lessons from each paragraph in short. Suggest diverse forecasts or make call to action, inspiring readers for additional research. Remember to include references list either sorted alphabetically or as format requires.

7 Expert Writing Tips for Excellent Results

Reason why certain nature versus nurture essay becomes successful lies in little expert tricks that always impress professors. According to EduBirdie’s experience, successful argument essay on this specific debate means addition of creative factors with due research, even if literally! Here are some expert tricks to consider:

Collect the most relevant ideas – start by looking through topics that inspire you. If it works well for you, reflecting personal interests, it will most likely inspire others.

Choose catchy topic – choosing essay topic, avoid generic subjects, but focus on something that is available for research. While alien DNA might sound like an interesting choice, it is highly unlikely that there are academic sources available. It should be relevant, something easily supported by evidence.

Reference scientific articles – for nature vs nurture paper, include enough references proving scientific research. Remember about correct citing to avoid plagiarism. Yet, since it is debate, cite only when necessary, avoid turning final essay into summary of someone else’s work.

Create visual presentation – support your paper by using visuals, statistics, diagrams, artistic exhibitions or portrayals of chemical processes, if applicable. Making things vivid, creative, powerful always impresses, showing that additional work has been done.

Mix sources with personal input – always add personal contribution as it will show that paper is unique, reflecting author’s opinion and contribution to the subject.

Include unusual facts – for example, if you talk about hospitality or certain character features of Canadians, refer to cultural facts or unusual information that may be argued about or lead to interesting conclusions.

Work in a team – if your college provides such opportunity, take every chance to work in a team as it is not only easier, but twice entertaining because each student contributes his or her thoughts, turning paper into true research assignment.

Nature VS Nurture Essay Example For a High Grade

Read this sample by our top writer! We hope it’ll inspire you for other interesting nature vs nurture essay ideas.

Children’s Literacy in 17th Century Iceland

Harsh weather conditions, relative distance from development and civilizations have made educational opportunities in Iceland limited. Conditioned by the church and parents during long winter evenings where even the youngest family members had to participate in monotonous work, education became something that children learned from family members. Like heavy physical work was obligatory, same way, family’s reading through Ancient Sagas and the Bible became a part of life where nature has played significant part. It, indeed, conditioned behavioral patterns of Icelandic families in 17th century, making education alike to homeschooling and private tutoring where reading became an only mental asylum, thus achieving almost complete literacy.

According to research conducted by social historian Sigurdur Magnusson, even though “clergy supervised all primary education in the country, leading up to a test given to children prior confirmation, it was learning how to survive in the harsh realities that constituted central element in children’s education” (Magnusson 43). It leads to conclusion that nature forced people to adjust educational matters and ways how reading, in particular, was seen as an escape from daily troubles, famine, even death. Thus, naturalists find such evidence sufficient, while genetics may argue that there was definite psychological element that made children escape in reading. Nevertheless, question still remains as to what came first.

Another interesting argument to discuss is whether environment limits or, on contrary, increases literacy among children as in Iceland. If statement proves to be true in either direction, it eliminates genetical claims regarding already existing traits. What remains, however, is psychological element of escapism that is created by forces, thus affecting behaviors and choices being made. Cold, windy winters, helped to shape not only living conditions, but brought literacy levels at unusually high numbers, proving importance of environment and circumstances.

Works Cited

Magnusson, Sigurdur. Wasteland With Words: Social History Of Iceland. Reaktion
         Books, 2010.

Consider the fact that this is one of many nature vs nurture essay examples that one can receive by turning to our writing experts. From child development essay to essays about bullying, – subjects of any complexity will be covered with professional writer.

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