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Money Is the Greatest Power: An Essay – Free Essay Example

Money power is defined as, “Money is one of the primary collective powers developed by humanity for social accomplishment. Like language, money is an instrument to promote productive, cooperative human social relationships. Money is one of the greatest inventions of all time”.

How Could Money Change Your Lifestyle and Your Way of Living?

Simple if you have a lot of money the word hard work is not be found in your dictionary. Only us commoners need hard work to keep on living, we’re not wealthy to spend our time leisurely because for us commoners every second, minute, and hours count for us to do a living. Those people who are rich are more focus on becoming richer and be a billionaire because of their goal to become the richest in the world and to spend less time with their own families. I’m not saying that all wealthy people are arrogant, but there are some that treat people as trash not in the society, but in their eyes, especially those sons and daughters of a millionaire or billionaire acted so high and mighty to the people who are in slaves of being poor. They spend a lot of money and have a lot to spend their time leisurely, just like they didn’t feel or experience some hardships in life. And if you have money, you wouldn’t experience how hard to live as beggar in the street, how hard to sleep in the railroads, how hard to face hardships alone, how hard to face a crisis on the street without any help from the people around you, but if you have money, you could be a king or a queen in this small world. If you’re a commoner you are treated as an outcast in the society especially those people who acted as a noble. In society nowadays, is that money is the measurement of how powerful you could become.

How Money Could Change Your Life?

There’s a story of a young girl that join in a singing competition on TV. Her family is a commoner, their family way of living is by picking up plastic bottles, cans, and metal and sell it to the junk shop near their house, she’s good at singing and also, she had a mature mindset, you can tell by her looks. She successfully participates in the singing competition and passes the preliminary match, and now she will perform at the next level in the singing competition, and now she will perform in the quarterfinals and also pass. And the next stage is the semi-final, which she also goes to, and in the final she had a wonderful coach, who tells her what to do right, and now she will perform in the final with a large house in front of her. And later on, the champion was mention, and the champion was the little girl and won a 1 million cash prize, house and lot, and a car from Mitsubishi. It’s amazing how her family become rich if you have followed her story. And now the little girl that had a face of a beggar yesterday is now living like an angel today. You will be amazed how much her life changes a lot and also she’s beautiful right now compared to her past self. It’s so amazing how money changes your looks so much even though you’re not that pretty but because of the power of the money, you could change your looks the way you like it. You have now the confidence to face the crowd and being envy by the other people.

Why People Become Slaves for Money?

People are slowing becoming slaves because of money they tend to listen to that person who had a lot of money and become their servants for exchange for some penny. They follow the order of their superior either the command is something bad nor good, simply by following them, they could earn money a real quick. How much dignified you are as a person you will bend if you face money, you will surrender to the money, not to the person who had the money. By doing bad things like selling drugs, weed, ecstasy, inhalers, syringe drugs, cocaine, and etc. could make a lot of money in just a second. Also, many teenagers pursue prostitution even though it’s illegal, they enter this kind of job not just for them to have fun but for them to able to support their families. We can’t deny that life is so hard, hard that you wanted to give but you can’t for the reason that you will leave someone behind. And also, we can’t deny that many parents push their daughters to enter the world of prostitution for the reason that the money is easy way to gain, in this kind of work. Many teenagers are forcefully to stop going to school because of the humor of them going spread like a wildfire. People are doing such things like selling drugs prostitution and etc. just to keep living and to support their families, it’s one of the reasons why people become slaves for money is that they need money to keep them alive.

How Money Change the Government?

The government is not a permanent power if you don’t have money power. And also, before you run for a certain position in the government you should first have money or enough resources to compete with the other politicians because for running as a government official you need a lot of money to make up your agenda. In politics the more money you have, the greater power you can achieve. If the ‘human is the king then the money is the God’ because money makes the world go around and in politics, you are nothing if you don’t enough money to back you up. Money could change the government either it’s a good or bad modification. Some of the politicians are serving their fellow men as human and serve them with a good intention to improve the society and we can’t deny that they are some politicians that are playing ‘two-goodies shoes’, they are playing innocently in front of the media just to look themselves clean but deep inside or outside of the camera the things happened like corruption. No matter how much they acquire, it’s never enough. This approach also aligns with greed. A greedy person never has enough, no matter how much he or she gets. This kind of politician sees their fellow men as a source of income for their corruption and starting to play a good person if they were accused of corrupting people’s money, they starting to blamed other people just to look innocent in the eyes of the media. Also, the government has the power to silence the truth if you just have money to pay them because here in our country the justice system sucks, suck because even justice could be bought by money. The power of money in government is much stronger than in any other power.

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How Will be a Commoner Like Me Become Successful and Rich in Life?

By simply not giving up, perseverance, and also hard work. We can’t deny that we’re still young and we will face a lot of problems and hardships in life. We’re still a student that wants to achieve our dreams. But it’s not as easy as we think because there’s always be an obstacle in every path to hinder us and a problem that we wish not to imagined. But if we don’t face those challenges then how could we achieve our dreams? We just need to be optimistic and not be a pessimistic person. If we just failed once we could try again and again, and never give up on our dreams. It’s not time to think that we are a failure because we need to prove to those people that look down on us, and not only those people we need also to prove them that also we commoners that you think like a failure in the society could achieve our dreams and be able to stand on the top, with power of our perseverance, our hard work, and the power to not give up.


In conclusion, many people say that we controlled the money but the truth is that we are being controlled by money. We do bad things like killing other people, selling drugs, prostitution and etc. just for exchange for some money because money could change into a power. If you have a lot of money, you could change your position in the society, lifestyle, your looks, your perspective in life, personality. And also, if you have a lot of money, you seek for more because money is power, the more money you have, the powerful you became. In society, the more money you have the more popular and powerful you became because money is a measurement of popularity and power nowadays.

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