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Guid Essay

Learning As A Part Of Growing Up – Free Essay Example

From birth to death, there are bound to be some ups and downs and this is how life works its ways into everyone. Experiencing pain and happiness is basically almost an everyday routine just like how a child grows from young to old. All of these happen naturally and are unavoidable and this is a gift of nature to us. All of us have to experience different stages of life at certain times like from a kid to a teenager to an adult to an old man. In the process of growing, education is important towards a child as it will determine his/her future. If I become a parent one day, my plan for my child is for him/her to read Text 3 during kid stage while Text 2 should be read during teenage stage and last but not least Text 1 during adult stage.

How a kid grow will determine his/her future. Therefore, early education is very important. When young, the child is pure and innocent and therefore it is easier to shape and change them. A child’s imagination can be stimulated through reading the inventions of Newton. Imaginations are important as a human being as it will lead to elaboration of theories and creations. Besides that, by introducing Laws of motion to the child, he/she will have a better understanding on how the world actually works. Phenomena that happen in daily life can be explained by principle of Physics and therefore the child’s curiosity can be cured. The curiosity and determination to find the answer demonstrated by Newton can be a good role model towards the kid. Teaching them besides asking, they should find the answers themselves just like how Newton created formulas and equations with references from his predecessors like Galileo, Kepler and Aristotle to prove the existence of different laws. By giving them a better understanding of the basic principle of physics is a good foundation for the kids to pursue in careers that are related to science in future.

During teenage stage, the child has grown to be rebellious and easily influenced by his/her peers. This is the time when the child ‘inside the cave’ which is innocent and immature starts to feel curious about the outside world and could not wait to walk out from the cave. He/she thinks that he/she is ready for it but what he/she don’t know is that once he/she is freed, obstacles and challenges are awaiting like “the person who is dragged outsides towards the light will be painful” (Plato 3). Therefore, this is the stage where he/she needs time to get adjusted through proper education. Knowing the meaning of education and letting him/her to find out that him/her is not mature enough to step into the real world is very crucial. This is the stage where it will determine the direction of his/her life, if he/she choose the wrong road, then he/she might be wrong forever but if he/she chooses the correct road, he/she may be successful one day. He/she should know that they are like living in the cave and being protected by his/her parents and teachers. He/she does not have many experiences about the outside world. In fact, he/she haven’t seen the true colors of the outside world. He/she is innocent that he/she do not suspect that these shadows are but imperfect images of objects which he/she cannot see, and consequently mistaken the shadows for the real (Plato 8). To Plato, the world was like a cave, and a person would only see shadows cast from the outside light, so the only reality would be thoughts.

The last stage which is the adult stage is the hardest stage as this was the time where all the parents have to let go of their child’s hands and let them face reality. In order to step into the adult world, the child him/herself must have a lot of knowledges. Knowledge is thus gained by a process that begins with experience which would form the basis of knowledge (Lindberg 21). As an adult, he/she must know how to control his/her senses as senses could fool a person. Senses were needed in order to properly determine the reality. Besides that, he/she must not easily believe in others through listening. In fact, he/she should find the answer by him/herself through looking or touching it. The adult him/herself must be convinced that they are not living in a cave anymore where they rely on shadows but in fact they are living in a real world where proofs and facts are the start of everything. The real world is which everything is made up from facts, truth and explanations. Through the Aristotelian method, the only way to experience the real world is to walk out from the cave and experience the truth, rather than relying independently on indirect experiences like how Aristotle demonstrate hands-on experiments rather than imagining.

In conclusion, parents who had been through a lot of obstacles and challenges should act as a guide to his/her child by giving them useful advice and recommend them to read different texts in different stages of life. By exploring the philosophy of Plato to Newton, the kid should have a better insight about the future. From Plato to Newton is just a journey of life of how a kid grows from an immature and innocent child to an adult who carries a lot of responsibilities and still manages to live on even after going through storms and stresses.

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