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KFC vs. Popeyes – Free Essay Example

Popeyes had around 1000 domestic restaurants at the end of 2018, says Danny Klein from QRS Magazine in March 2019. KFC had around 5500. The question now becomes: which fried chicken chain is better? Popeyes is much better because of its drumsticks, sides and value. Holis Johnson, from Business Insider, compares both these fast food chains’ food in December 2015.

First is the battle of the drumsticks. KFC’s drumsticks aren’t crispy, although they do have an excellent flavor: peppery, savory, and just a little bit buttery. However, the meat is greasy and stringy. Popeyes, on the other hand, has about the same amount of flavor as KFC. However, the meat is much juicier and there’s a lot more meat. Also, Popeyes’ crust is salty and as crunchy as potato chips, which means that it all won’t come off when you take a bite, unlike KFC. Here, Popeyes definitively takes the win.

Next, she looks at the sides. KFC’s mashed potatoes are quote on quote, “disgusting.” It’s bland and the gravy is the same consistency as the potato, adding no new texture to the dish. Popeye’s mashed potatoes are much firmer and seem real, unlike KFC’s processed ones. The gravy also has a nice flavor to it, even though it’s gray. She then examines the coleslaw. KFC’s is sweet, but that’s the only flavor, making it one-dimensional. Popeyes, though, has a coleslaw that is just as sweet but also has a tang, creating depth of flavor. In both these battles, Popeyes is one again the winner.

Finally, Sarah Digregorio from the Village Voice compares the price of both these chains’ thighs in February 2010 . KFC’s cost $1.99 for a 4-ounce thigh and Popeyes’ 4-ounce thigh costs $1.49. And while 50 cents may not seem like a big deal, Sharon Epperson from CNBC explains why it is. Saving just 50 cents a day over a year will allow you to obtain over 40 percent of an emergency fund. Therefore, Popeyes is also a better value and eating there instead of KFC can have potentially life-saving impacts.

However, some people may argue that KFC’s biscuit is much better than Popeyes. Lissa Rodgers from Extra Crispy ranks 9 fast food biscuits in February 2018. Popeyes is fourth place, but KFC is second place, two up on the list. She describes KFC’s biscuit as, “golden and flaky on the outside, with an interior that’s moist and crumbly.” Meanwhile, Popeyes biscuit is “salty, hard, and has a strange fake butter taste.” Nevertheless, Popeyes wins over KFC in every other category. Also, fried chicken is the most important dish to look at, and Popeyes’ chicken is much better than KFC’s. Not only that, the quality of a biscuit is nothing compared to being able to save up for an emergency fund.

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All in all, Popeyes is superior to KFC due to the quality of its fried chicken and sides as well as its ability to save money. While some people may argue that Popeyes’ biscuit is inferior to KFC’s, the benefits of eating at Popeyes outweigh this one potential harm. The next time you want to eat fried chicken, drive past your local KFC and travel the extra mile to Popeyes.

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