Guid Essay

Guid Essay

Interior Design: Personal Statement – Free Essay Example

Undoubtedly, I have always been fascinated by the concept of art, and my desire to create has continuously guided my intentions and decisions in life. Interior Design, as a course choice is perfect for me, evidenced by my passion for design and fabrication, alongside skills I have developed throughout my education.

Taking an A level in Fine Art has been the most influential experience in terms of my development as a creator. Throughout my artistic inquiries, I have been inspired by many artists, designers, and creators. However, I believe I have found great inspiration from the artists that surround me daily. One of the most eminent qualities I have developed is communication. Being able to analyze the works of my peers has allowed me to gain a better understanding of the processes and meanings behind the many forms of art. Notably, this will also aid my approach to client relationships. I have greatly enjoyed the exploration of materials, I love experimenting with textiles, printing, painting, and the many other media I have had the opportunity to explore. I hope to continue this into my further education, utilizing my love for experimentation practically.

Whilst my A Level course in Art has been monumental, my two other A Level courses: Psychology and Mathematics, have also equipped me with many skills and insights. I have found Psychology an exciting subject, I have learned to hone my analytical and organizational skills and learn about scientific research methods, including working with data. Learning about human behavior has also helped to build my communication skills and improve my teamwork and leadership skills. I’ve found that the human mind is intriguing and being able to understand and explain behaviors is fascinating and will continue to be throughout my working life. Mathematics, on the other hand, has challenged me in many ways. It is a subject I have found difficult but have worked hard to extend my abilities. I am sure the logic and problem-solving skills I have learned will assist me in my future as a designer.

Since the end of March 2019, I have had a part-time job with B&Q. As a company, B&Q has begun expanding into smaller convenience stores called ‘Good home’ and I am lucky enough to work in the first ever of these concept stores. The entire role of the store is to make home improvement accessible. As an aspirational interior designer, this role has been highly favorable, as I have been able to communicate with many people about their home projects and have learned so much about what clientele go through to change their domestic space. Having this job has also allowed me to develop as an independent individual, my confidence has grown, and I have been able to build great rapport with colleagues and customers. Also, I have been able to show I am a dedicated worker, punctual, and passionate about helping others.

In July 2019, I had a two-week placement with ‘Thomas Coombes Interior Design’ in Esher. In that short space of time, I learned so much about the design industry; took part in client and supplier meetings, trips to Chelsea Harbour Design Centre, and in fact assisted in the design of an entire refurbishment project. This placement was highly beneficial to my evolution as a designer. I was able to build my knowledge of technical vocabulary and the processes interior designers carry out to generate the most efficient design for their clientele.

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Ultimately, I am applying for this course because I believe the design of an interior plays an important role in our lives. Making human surroundings efficient, practical, and beautiful is something I really want to be a part of. I eagerly want to learn how a space is planned and then presented; how a space is furnished effectively and how lighting, texture, and color interact to make a space pleasurable. I realize I still have so much to assimilate and discover but I believe an undergraduate course in Interior Design will allow me to thrive and achieve my goals.

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