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Impact of Effective Communication on Career Growth – Free Essay Example

Executive Summary:

This report discusses the importance of effective communication skills for the career of advancement. The aim of the report is to demonstrate why great communication are matters for employees who are looking for career growth. After giving some background information on the topic, we see exactly what benefits great communication skills provide. The exact skills needs to become an excellent communicator are discussed then. Finally, we see results based on practical studies and discuss those results in order to draw appropriate conclusions and recommendations


Communication skills are critical for a successful career in any field. The importance of communication skills in building a career cannot be stressed strongly enough. This report must analyze in detail the role effective communication plays for the growth and development of a career.

Background Information:

A lot of highly talented individuals fail to get the desired job or if they already have one, struggle to climb the corporate ladder due to their inability to effectively express their thoughts and ideas.

Being skillful alone is not enough in the present age. Simply being skillful does not guarantee that a person will find the job they want or a possible promotion. Many talented graduates fail in interviews because they are unable to effectively market themselves to prospective employers.

A large number of employees struggle to move up the corporate ladder because they lack proper communication with their coworkers, managers, and so on.

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To put it simply, we live and work in a world that is becoming increasingly interconnected. No matter which company one works for, it would be either selling a product, a service or both, to a client. Hence, effective communication within the corporation, and also with the client, becomes paramount to success.

You can’t succeed simply because you can code too well or are good at mathematics. To achieve successful results, it is important to be a team player in almost every single organization and to become a great team player, it is crucial that you are able to convey your thoughts properly to other team members. And when it is time to face the client, many employees fail to explain the simplest of concepts, all because they lack proper communication skills.

Problem Statement:

The report arises from the of need to address problems in a career advancement due to lack of effective communication skills and identifies the steps necessary to improve the situation accordingly.


Effective communication skills can make a huge difference in how quickly an individual progresses in their career. In particular students in technical professions such as computer science or engineering for instance lack effective communication with fellow team members or coworkers in general. They are not known for their communication skills, unfortunately (Robar, 1998). Hence, the problem people face in career progression due to ineffective communication skills is definitely related to the career choice of the individual. Therefore, the solution of this problem must be designed somewhat differently for professionals belonging to different career fields.

Let’s start with the emphasis on the fact that no matter which industry a professional belongs to, the top achievers in any organization, those seen as the leaders in their role, are more than capable just in their primary jobs. They are also effective communicators.

In NEOCON, 2016, an event in which architects and designers from around the world gathered in Chicago, the main presentation was titled The most important skill they didn’t teach you in design school The goal of the presentation was to help aspiring students, coming from technical backgrounds, to enter the workforce successfully. But it was also meant to educate those already in the corporate world to improve upon their communication skills.

The most important skill, according to the presentation, was communication. To become a successful communicator, an individual needs to be great in mainly three areas: leadership, listening and artful communication. Only this way, one can improve their credibility, gain trust

Increases success rate in interviews:

Being able to clearly articulate one’s thoughts and present knowledge in a fluent manner, can greatly increase the likelihood of a candidate to get their desire job. The reason for this is a quite simple. The interviewers want to know what value a candidate can bring to their organization. After all, it is business and every employee is an investment of the company. So candidates need to market themselves and prove them through effective communication that they indeed know what their grades claim to be, and how their knowledge and skills can add value to the organization they are interviewing for

Excellent for Working as a team:

If open communication is encouraged or made part of the company’s cultural values, that can greatly improve the productivity of employees who are willing for working as a team. This is because when employees can openly convey their thoughts including new ideas as well as reservations that clears the way for more fruitful discussions ultimately leading to better business decisions. An increasing number of corporations are realizing this and encouraging their workers to openly express their thoughts and emotions.


Now let us we discuss each of the following studies and their implications one by one.

The survey conducted by Hart Research Associates demonstrates the importance of effective communication skills for entry-level graduates as well as those experienced employees who are looking for a better opportunity.

The statistics speak for themselves. 93 percent of hiring managers care more about how well you can communicate your thoughts than the actual knowledge or skills you have. Moreover, three-quarters of the job interviews will not even consider a prospect until he or she can prove they are highly proficient in oral communication skills.

Hence individuals starting out in their career or in the middle of it, both need great communication skills to advance.

The survey conducted by HR Magazine shows the surprisingly large number of employees who receive confusing instructions. This study is alarming for those in managerial roles because this shows their ineffective communication skills. Therefore, if anyone in a managerial position wants to grow, they need to have outstanding communication with their employees.

For project managers, project engineers and everyone else who works in a project team their career advancement could vastly depend on the completion of the project. The study conducted by Computing Technology Industry Association shows nearly one third of all projects fail to due lack of effective communication. Hence, everyone working in a project team should work on their communication skills.

7 C’s of Communication is very helpful for Effective Communication Skills:

  • Correctness
  • Clear
  • Complete
  • Concrete
  • Coherent
  • Concise
  • Considerate


In this report, we discussed the detailed impact and importance of communication skills in the career growth of professionals.

[image: ] We looked at real-life examples of the increasing importance of communication skills. We also identified the communication skills necessary to climb the corporate ladder and become a successful employee.

After that we were presented with real-life statistics which showed the importance of great communication skills for different individuals looking to advance their careers. The results were then discussed in details.


On basis of our findings we are suggesting the following recommendations:

  1. Students in their final year should have workshops or a semester course completely focused on the communication skills valued by prospective employers.
  2. Managers should get certifications in their field of communication, regardless of their area of expertise and also hold meetings with their department employees on a Monthly basis.
  3. Employees working in a team should continuously demand feedback without hesitation.


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