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Greek Vs Roman Art – Free Essay Example

Many civilizations have influenced the world, both Roman and Greek existence have influenced American and European civilization to a greater extent than any other culture of the ancient land. When we conceive about the two societies, sometimes we may conceive of two groups of people lumped together who dominated the ancient universe. Nevertheless, this is not the case, the Roman and Greek cultures were contrasting in so many ways, especially in art.

Both civilizations were really highly skilled builders. Throughout hundreds and hundreds of years, even today tourists can admire in awe the ruins Rome and Athens. Sightseers flock in great interest to visit the unearthed towns of the primordial world like Ephesus. Ephesus is located in Turkey but it is a Greek ruin. Remnants of old Paphos in Cyprus are also a major draw. Interestedly, the construction that the two cultures used to create these interests are very different. According to the TV series Monk, the Greeks were much more realistic. It is regularly argued that the Greeks yes built amazing structures that survived only as long as the Roman structures, but that they demanded a peculiar interest in their temples and towers. It was recorded that though they were very practical they took joy in ingraining a pleasing form along with beauty. On the other hand, the Romans were more engineers than creators. They were more focused on creating the best roads ever created and inventing a solid water supply that ran throughout their cities, and structurally good columns and forums.

Some other key difference between the two civilizations was the Romans honored their civic heroes more than they worshiped the gods and goddesses.

Literature, arts flourish in both cultures, but in a very contrasting way. Both cultures loved poetry and most subjects in their writing were things about wars, heroes, and the many different gods. A specific difference between this literature contest between the two cultures was that the Romans wrote of all glory on the spot, for example, like Virgil’s ‘The Aeneid’ which was about the founding of Rome was written by the living heroic. Whereas the Greeks heroism was built over time. Stories were passed down from one generation to the next, perhaps with time some details were forgotten, but we will never know. A good example of this is Homer’s ‘Iliad’ which was about the fiery Trojan War.

The Romans and Greeks helped shape the world today, their craftsmanship and forms of government help provide ideas for our founding father. Both cultures were prosperous, their whole goal was to create a system that would best support their citizens. Festivals, world dominance, theater, in many aspects, both cultures were very contrasting, but they had the same goal and cause. They wanted to protect their loved ones, they wanted to grow their homes and create the best opportunity possible for survival. Some similarities and many conflicts, these differences overwhelm the similarities, but this is acceptable because they were two dissimilar civilizations.

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