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George Washington Founding Father of the United State of America – Free Essay Example

George Washington founding father of the United State of America. The extraordinary military general a progressive head of American autonomous powers and a statesman. a political pioneer. he was an opportunity vessel first and probably the best president and establishing fathers of the assembled province of America.

Born: Founding father of United States was born in British rule Westmorland county Virginia state on 22 February 1732. Virginia is now known as a state of America. During the 18th century, Virginia was apart of British colonial rule.

Childhood: His father’s name was Augustin Washington. His mother’s name was Mary Ball Washington. His mother was the second wife of his father. Augustin Washington and Mary Ball Washington have six children. He was the eldest Brotheramong his brothers and sisters. They both ware Professor of local University. His family belongs to a porous middle class. After completing school he did not join any university for a long time. Washington basically start doing farming, his family have lots of cultivated land.

Early Military Carrier of George Washington: Britishers start increases the taxes as much as they can. Washinton protest against taxation with other American leaders. His slogan is no taxation without representation. Very soon he became a popular leader in Virginia against taxation. Later he joins in the army and trained in Virginia training camp. George Washington proves him by handling many responsibilities in the army and prove good results and became commander of Virginia regiment during in french and Indian war. In the year 1752 November 6th, he appointed as a major in the army by the lieutenant governor of Virginia. at that time Britain and France competing with each other to control the Ohio valley. Both ware starting build forts both sides of the river.

Introduction: Dinwiddie sends a special delegation to the French army in October 1753 to vacant the territory which one already claim by the British army. Washington was also in the special delegation. This delegation reaches the Ohio river there he meets the half king Tanacharison and Iroquois chiefs at Logstown. French army refuses to return and gave him official later. They give Washington food and extra whine in the way return. In winter they complete the mission in just 77days. Washington Promoted as leftenant cornel of Virginia regiment.

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Reason of Seven-Years Of War: In 1754 April Washington moves towards the fork in Ohio. In May 1754 Washington forced to a defensive position. Virginia army got the news that french establish a camp just 11kilometer away. Washington decided to attack them. They start moving towards them with their Indian allies. they attack them and killed some of them. The French commander Joseph Coulon de Jumonville, who caries a diplomatic message for the British, was also killed. In the name of the French Commander, the battle known as the Battle of Jumonville Glen. French army blames Washington for all of these. Washing ton blame his communicator for this incident. Dinwiddie congratulates Washington for victory, this incident ignited the seven-year-long French Indian war. After the death of the commander Washington takeover the army. full Virginia regiment joins with Washington. Hundred more armies join them from south Carolina captain James Makey captain of the company. A French Force with nine hundred armies personal attacks them in July. It ends with the forced surrender of Washington and his army.:

Boston War: Boston was ruled by British colonial forces. breeds hill was captured by Britisher. Henry Knox brings cannon to Washington in November 1775 which he captures on Fort Ticonderoga. Washington places those cannons on the top of the Dorchester Heights near British fort. British fleet gets afraid. British commander Willam Hower realizes the situation and amount of casualty will happen. For the safety of his fleet, he agrees to vacant Boston city and returns to nova scotia.

Long Island Battle: After the success of Boston Washington understands that its a matter of time that the British are coming back with a large number of the fleet. They came back with a fleet of 32000 army members to concurred Long Island. George Troup surrounded by Howel army men. Washington planed and executed plan of night evacuation and he saved his 9000 army men. As a result, Washington lost and Britisher owns the Long Island war on 27 August 1776.

Kips Bay Battle: after losing the battle of Long Island Washing want to stop the British army in New York. He organized a council meeting on 12 September. After losing the Harlem Hight, Britisher becomes unstoppable on 15 September 1776 they lose the war.

George Washington Harlem Hight Battle: It was the first battlefield win of Washington. After retreat Washington reinforce and attack British forces then to accept defeat on 16 September 1776.

Battle losses by Washington: After the first battlefield win George Washington loss three conclusive losses of Battel of White Plane 28 October 1776. Battle os Fort Washington 16 November 1776, battel of fort lee 20 November 1776. He also loses the battle of Brandywine in September 1777, The Germantown War October 1777.

Some battle is drawn: they are The forage War 1777, Battle of the Clouds September 1777, Battle of White Marsh December 1777, Battel of mountain June 1778.

Some battle is Own By George: Battel of the Trento December 1776, Battle of the Second Trenton January 1777, Battle of Princeton January 1777 was own by Washington.

New York town battle: Britain has withdrawn his force Filadelfia Washington Waiting For an attack to the British army and Cornwallis give him the opportunity Washington moves south with the French army France Naval force also help them. after surrounded by American and French army Cornwallis Surrendered on 19 October 1781.

George Washington Marriage: 24th July 1758 chosen Representative of Virginia, it was one of the most important achievements. At the age of 27 years, he married a 27 years widow named Matha Dandridge Custis after the death of her first husband Danial Parker Custis on 6 January 1759. Marriage was organized in Martha’s estate. She has two children from her first husband named Jacky and Percy. George has no child with Martha because during his second pregnancy he got injured and additional birth was impossible for Marhta. Martha was a good housewife, take care of her family and children.

Washington gets 30% off Martha’s property that makes him one of the wealthy men of Virginia. In the year 1761 southern state 1787 mile long journey with a horse carriage. 1774 historical Filadelfia congress Washington representing Virginia.

June16 1775 he was appointed the northern state army chief. He leads the revolutionary army upfront. He owns the 9-year long war against Britain and demolished the British army. It was known as the American Civil War.

In the year 1789 April 30th Newyork Federal hall George Washington takes the oath as a President because he was chosen as the1st precedent in utter opposition at the age of 57. At that time Network was the capital of the United State.

A problem arises in front of the members that which name they call him? Your highness, my load, or any things else with a big title because George Washington was the fast president of the USA. President replied to him call me Mr. President.

He completes his two terms as a precedent from 30th April 1789 to 4th March 1797. In his 2nd term, he takes oath March 4th, 1793 at Filadelfia.

George Washington as a president: George Washington take oath on 30April1789 As the first president of America. During his time he takes the necessary step to make America stronger and great.

1. 1790 he introduces copyright act in America and makes it a law. This law protects the book, map, and important document and conserved the right and protect them.

2. He introduces Resident Law, wright to property act in the same year.

3. Washington’s first terms mainly committed to economic concerns after a long war. Mr. Precident’s first concern is to create public credit.

4. Hamilton submitted a controversial report, in this report he advocating established a bank in America.

5. America face its first financial crisis in 1792.

Jefferson-Hamilton Feud: In the med April market return to normalcy. Although Hamilton’s effect Jefferson believes Hamilton is apart of his feud. Hamilton wants the Government to take a strong step to acquire the bank and take foreign lone to operate the bank. His fiscal system make controversy. Washington requests truce for the name of a nation but they refuse it.

Whiskey Revolution: In July 1791 grain farmers strongly protest in Pennsylvania against the excise tax on the distilled sprite. Mr. president calls the assembly to discuss the situation in august. They agree to use force against them.

Foreign affairs: Frech Britten war broke out in 1792, George Washington declared America remain Neutral. Washington signed a treaty in November 1794 Britain agree to vacate the area of Great Lake. This treaty ensures the peace and prosperous trade between Breaten and America.

Washington does not want his second term but most os the American member and Martha also want that George remain as a president for his second term. He wins the election by 77/50 votes. He takes oath 4th March 1792 as a precedent.

In 1793 during the French Revolution Washington warns Americans not to enter their conflict.

After his second term, he retired from politics. For the phosphorus election, he makes the Law no one can be elected as a precedent more than two-time contentiously.

Last days of Mr. President: Washington returns back home late for dinner on 12th December 1799. He reports feeling chest pain for the whole day but he numbering the tree for cutting. The next morning he fills breading problem, so he calls doctor James Craik, Gustovad Richard Brown. Mr.Precident died on 14 December 1799. His funeral was done on 18th December 1799 at Mount Vernon.

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