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Elevating Essay Writing: Delivering Excellence and Literary Distinction

Crafting Essays that Leave a Lasting Impression

In the realm of academic expression, where words have the power to shape ideas and inspire minds, we stand as a beacon of excellence. As dedicated essayists, we take immense pride in our ability to weave words into captivating narratives, enlightening arguments, and thought-provoking analyses. Our journey as essay writers has been one of continuous growth and meaningful impact. Let’s explore some remarkable instances where our expertise has made a significant difference.

Guiding Students Towards Success

Our journey is intertwined with the success stories of numerous students who sought our guidance. In one instance, a struggling undergraduate approached us with an intricate topic in the field of sociology. Through meticulous research and a nuanced understanding of the subject, we formulated an essay that not only secured the student’s academic standing but also ignited their passion for social sciences.

Similarly, a graduate student grappling with the complexities of literary criticism found solace in our expertise. We delved into the depths of literary theory, dissecting texts and exploring nuanced interpretations. The resulting essay not only garnered accolades but also instilled a newfound confidence in the student’s analytical abilities.

Breathing Life into Topics: Examples of Our Endeavors

  1. The Intersection of Technology and Society: In an era dominated by technological advancements, we embarked on an essay that explored the intricate relationship between technology and society. By seamlessly blending sociological insights with technological trends, we created an essay that resonated with readers across disciplines.

  2. Environmental Ethics and Sustainability: With environmental concerns taking center stage, we took on the challenge of crafting an essay that delved into the ethical dimensions of sustainability. Through rigorous research, we presented a compelling argument that not only addressed the urgency of the issue but also proposed actionable solutions.

  3. Literary Analysis: Unraveling Symbolism: Literary works often conceal layers of symbolism. In an essay dedicated to the works of a renowned author, we unraveled the subtle threads of symbolism woven into the narrative. This essay not only celebrated the author’s craftsmanship but also offered readers a deeper appreciation for the written word.

A Tapestry of Literary Accolades

Our dedication to the art of essay writing has not gone unnoticed. Over the years, we have had the privilege of being recognized in esteemed literary competitions that celebrate creativity and intellectual prowess. These accolades serve as a testament to our commitment to delivering essays that transcend the ordinary and venture into the extraordinary.

Literary Award Highlights

  1. Eloquent Prose Prize: Awarded by the Prestigious Wordsmith Guild, this accolade celebrated our mastery over language and the art of storytelling. The essay that earned us this honor explored the nuanced emotions of human existence through a compelling narrative.

  2. Critical Thinker’s Commendation: Presented by the Symposium of Intellectual Thought, this award acknowledged our prowess in critical analysis. Our essay, dissecting the philosophical underpinnings of existentialism, showcased our ability to navigate complex ideologies with finesse.

  3. Literary Luminary Award: Conferred by the Literary Confluence, this award celebrated our contribution to literary discourse. The winning essay, an exploration of the intersection between culture and identity, captured the essence of diverse human experiences.

Conclusion: Pioneering Excellence in Essay Writing

As we reflect on our journey as essayists, we are filled with a profound sense of purpose. Our dedication to delivering exceptional essays that enlighten, engage, and inspire remains unwavering. Through intricate narratives, incisive analyses, and unwavering commitment to the written word, we have carved a niche for ourselves in the realm of academic and literary excellence. Join us as we continue to shape ideas, foster growth, and transcend boundaries through the power of the written essay.

Source Type Option

Choose Citation Style To Generate Bibliography

Benefits & Perks of Edubirdie Citation Maker

Auto Citing

Do not waste your time entering titles, authors, and publications manually. Our online citation tool will cite everything automatically for you!

Bibliography Download

You can copy and paste formatted entries from the citation machine. Also, you can download bibliography page directly to your computer and add to the paper.

Edit Citations

Click on edit at EduBirdie citation creator to make necessary manual changes in your references and save them again.

Avoid Plagiarism

The main reason to create citation list is to avoid plagiarism. Copyright violation is a crime and in order to avoid it, one must cite every quotation or paraphrased material.

Credible Research

Bibliography represents the research done by the author and their knowledge. It allows to check the sources used, their credibility and connection to the written text.

Give Credit

Providing references is a way of giving credit to other scholars and their works. Who knows, maybe there are your future colleagues among them!

Professional Look

Accurate citations make the paper look organized and professional. It is a basic skill that is required at any university and highly appreciated by any employer.

Easy-To-Use Free Citation Generator to Complete Your Work

Have you encountered the need to create citations before? Most likely, you have. Sometimes giving credit to the original author by citing his work is the only way to use other people’s work without plagiarizing.

Citing is more than just reference list formatting. There’s a whole set of rules involved with how to structure your paper and the cover sheet, about how to cover an in-text citation, and many more. We created our online citation generator so you can avoid the hassle of writing citations manually.

You Just Have to Follow a Few Simple Steps to Obtain Your Ready-To-Be-Pasted Citation

  1. Choose a citation style to generate a bibliography. The most common are APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, and AMA.
  2. Press “Search” to make our citation machine look for your source.
  3. Choose the type of content you’re going to cite. It can be either website, book, journal, newspaper, or even video. You can go for auto or manual citing; in case of manual you will have to fill up a simple form.
  4. Voila! Now you can copy your good-looking formatted reference from our citation builder or download it in doc. format. You can also edit the citation creator to make all the necessary manual changes in your references and save them again.

Most Common Styles Used by Our Citation Machine Explained

Here at Edubirdie, we have a range of styles available for our online citation generator to work with.

Speaking of the most common ones,

  • APA

    American Psychological Association style is generally used in social sciences, education, engineering, etc. It uses parenthetical in-text citations and a “References” list at the end of the paper to link sources.

  • Chicago

    Chicago style is used primarily in history writing and Humanities, but also in Social Sciences.What makes it special is the fact that Chicago notes utilize footnotes and endnotes to link text to sources.

  • MLA

    Modern Language Association is used in humanities (English, art history, philosophy, music, religion, language, linguistics, etc.).MLA style uses parenthetical to create citations in text and a “Works Cited” list at the end of a paper to link sources.

  • Turabian

    A style famous for Kate Turabian presented by our citation machine is mainly recommended for Literature, Arts, and History. What makes it different is the use of superscript numbered footnotes or endnotes after each source quoted. It is used to add flexibility, identification, and clearer reference to Bibliography entries.

  • AMA

    American Medical Association style is a popular academic style used in the medical and social sciences fields. It is based on superscript and Arabic numerals (1,2,3, etc.). Thus your in-text citations and references list are closely connected because whatever source you mention in text first is going to be the first in a final list as well.

  • IEEE

    Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers’ special style is quite unique developed to work with the most complicated formats. It is used mainly in Engineering. Probably the most famous thing about this style is that here you have to use square brackets with appropriate numbering.

  • ASA

    American Sociological Association style is one of the most famous styles used in academic work. By following its general rules students have to put their works into italics.

  • Harvard

    Unlike the rest of citation styles, Harvard style was created by a zoologist. It varies among universities, particularly its punctuation, and is used mainly in Social Sciences and Humanities.

  • APSA

    American Political Science Association provided in Edubirdie’s citation generator is used specifically in Political Science discipline. When citing your books, that will make no difference whether it’s an online or published material, you just mention and author and date combination.

  • CSE

    Council of Science Editors style covers many disciplines, but especially Medicine and Life Sciences. There are two types of it, citation-sequence and name-year. The distinguishing feature for this style from our citation maker is that numbers here are placed right after facts mentioned, not after authors’ names.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I submit the paper without in-text citations?

Unfortunately, no. Every source listed on the reference page should be cited in the text at least once. Otherwise, it means that the source was not used. Professor will not count is as a source and may even lower your grade.

Should I cite even if I paraphrase from the source?

Paraphrasing is also plagiarism. It means that you take credit for another person’s thoughts and ideas. Cite all the information, data or figures taken from outside sources using bibliography maker.

Can I cite sources in different styles in one paper?

It is suggested to stick to one selected format for one paper. It will make your work look more professional and organized. You can always choose the preferred style and use EduBirdie free bibliography generator for help.

Why fake referencing is bad?

Citing fake sources is regarded as a form of plagiarism. Professors usually check every cited source to make sure the referencing is accurate. It also makes your paper not credible and of no academic value.

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