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First Impression on Princess Diana – Free Essay Example


Princess Diana was born on 1st July 1961 in Norfolk. Her name at birth was Diana Frances Spencer. She was the first wife to Prince Charles of Wales and is the mother to Prince William, the second heir in line to the British throne and Prince Harry. During the 1980’s and 1990’s , Princess Diana was referred to as the “People’s Princess as she bonded with civilians in any normal way and brought the royal family closer to the “common public”. Despite her beauty and charisma, Princess Diana became an object of worldwide media scrutiny after her marriage to Prince Charles ended in divorce on 28th August 1996. Princess Diana passed away on Sunday August 31st 1997 at the age of 36.

My first impression of Princess Diana is that she is an organizer and a manager. She is the bedrock of a society and her approach to life and problems is methodical and systematic. She is a builder and a doer who turns dreams into reality. She enjoys seeing a project through from start to finish, but can become too narrowly focused often. Spencer has a key eye for detail. She has great stamina and can work consistently and persistently towards her goals. This can eventually bring her success and standing in her community.

In relationships, Spencer seems to be somehow moralistic. She is extremely honest and sincere. She can portray integrity and trustworthy, but can also be stubborn and very rigid. She is one who should be more understanding of other people’s surroundings than hers and be able to comprehend their shortcomings. In her conservative and careful way, Diana is good with money. She is conscious of the balance between income and expenditures and can be able to limit her expenditures as saving money is more important to her.

Princess Diana’s personality gives me an impression of a strong and self-independent woman. Her Intelligence and wisdom are quickly noticeable. Diana seems like one who is hard to get to know, and is often withdrawn. Princess Diana seems t might have difficulty expressing her deeper feelings and important personal thoughts. She prefers to stay silent, and entertain people with her wit. Princess Diana needs discipline to make full use of her abilities and too often, she can scatter her energy into many directions, starting projects that are never completed and failure to really succeed in them.

Princess Diana posses a highly developed sense of structure and enjoys management systems and can carry out her well laid plans. She is the type to not embark on a road trip without a map. She is driven by the contempt for all that is unstable, unpredictable and insecure. She distrusts the unconventional, instead preferring the tried and the true, though this can make her endeavors move slowly and cause her much frustration, especially with the apparent limited number of her resources. At the same time, concern for the limitations of her resources causes her to be careful and cautious, shutting her from possible shortcuts and creative solutions that can be provided by more daring people around her.

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Princess Diana is a good parent, and loves to be involved with her children and carry out activities with them. She is one who relates a little more than others to the innocence of children, maybe seeing a good deal of herself in them. Diana is idealistic and respects the simplicity of children. Diana takes obligations of her family quite seriously, and as a result she is reliable and responsible.

Princess Diana loves a good time. She is generally happy, outgoing and friendly. She is witty, creative and player full. She inspires and entertains people, and is considered by many as a great companion. She gives the impression as one to have a good mental and emotional balance and there is little that gets her down. Diana has a gift of self expression and is drawn to verbal arts such as writing, singing and acting. Because Diana is gifted with such a personality, she may be tempted to stay on the surface and play with life. Her confidence and love for attention may lead to her vanity and self absorption. Princess Diana has the potential to live a very full and successful life thanks to her talent for artistic self expression. The key to her success is a balance between the creative forces and self-disclose.

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