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Introduction Over the past years, people’s lives have been slowly taken over by technology. It has mechanized agriculture, improved the transportation, communication, education and the learning process of the youth. Today it is possible to bring news, ideas, and entertainment to millions of people through social networking sites such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Facebook was launched on February 4, 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg with his fellow college student which are Eduardo Saverin, Andrew Mc Collum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris…

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Introduction: A survey conducted by the National Union of Students found that “worryingly high numbers of Australian university and TAFE students are stressed and anxious”[footnoteRef:1]. This may be due to a lack of coverage in high school. The agency Headspace, which provides free counselling sessions to 12-25-year old’s, has released the results of the survey, amongst a very useful article about mental health. Headspace aims to guide teenagers to a healthy mental health state through the utilization of counselling sessions…

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In life, there are many communities that a human being will be through in their life, one that I will always remember is the homeschool community which is the community im in now. Everyone has a community that they will be in, in a part of their life, such as hobbies community, family community, academic communities, and a lot more communities. Communities can grow you into the person you need to be, as long as that community has a good…

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In the realm of academic expression, where words have the power to shape ideas and inspire minds, we stand as a beacon of excellence. As dedicated essayists, we take immense pride in our ability to weave words into captivating narratives, enlightening arguments, and thought-provoking analyses. Our journey as essay writers has been one of continuous growth and meaningful impact. Let’s explore some remarkable instances where our expertise has made a significant difference.

Guiding Students Towards Success

Our journey is intertwined with the success stories of numerous students who sought our guidance. In one instance, a struggling undergraduate approached us with an intricate topic in the field of sociology. Through meticulous research and a nuanced understanding of the subject, we formulated an essay that not only secured the student’s academic standing but also ignited their passion for social sciences.

Similarly, a graduate student grappling with the complexities of literary criticism found solace in our expertise. We delved into the depths of literary theory, dissecting texts and exploring nuanced interpretations. The resulting essay not only garnered accolades but also instilled a newfound confidence in the student’s analytical abilities.

Breathing Life into Topics: Examples of Our Endeavors

  1. The Intersection of Technology and Society: In an era dominated by technological advancements, we embarked on an essay that explored the intricate relationship between technology and society. By seamlessly blending sociological insights with technological trends, we created an essay that resonated with readers across disciplines.

  2. Environmental Ethics and Sustainability: With environmental concerns taking center stage, we took on the challenge of crafting an essay that delved into the ethical dimensions of sustainability. Through rigorous research, we presented a compelling argument that not only addressed the urgency of the issue but also proposed actionable solutions.

  3. Literary Analysis: Unraveling Symbolism: Literary works often conceal layers of symbolism. In an essay dedicated to the works of a renowned author, we unraveled the subtle threads of symbolism woven into the narrative. This essay not only celebrated the author’s craftsmanship but also offered readers a deeper appreciation for the written word.

A Tapestry of Literary Accolades

Our dedication to the art of essay writing has not gone unnoticed. Over the years, we have had the privilege of being recognized in esteemed literary competitions that celebrate creativity and intellectual prowess. These accolades serve as a testament to our commitment to delivering essays that transcend the ordinary and venture into the extraordinary.

Literary Award Highlights

  1. Eloquent Prose Prize: Awarded by the Prestigious Wordsmith Guild, this accolade celebrated our mastery over language and the art of storytelling. The essay that earned us this honor explored the nuanced emotions of human existence through a compelling narrative.

  2. Critical Thinker’s Commendation: Presented by the Symposium of Intellectual Thought, this award acknowledged our prowess in critical analysis. Our essay, dissecting the philosophical underpinnings of existentialism, showcased our ability to navigate complex ideologies with finesse.

  3. Literary Luminary Award: Conferred by the Literary Confluence, this award celebrated our contribution to literary discourse. The winning essay, an exploration of the intersection between culture and identity, captured the essence of diverse human experiences.

Conclusion: Pioneering Excellence in Essay Writing

As we reflect on our journey as essayists, we are filled with a profound sense of purpose. Our dedication to delivering exceptional essays that enlighten, engage, and inspire remains unwavering. Through intricate narratives, incisive analyses, and unwavering commitment to the written word, we have carved a niche for ourselves in the realm of academic and literary excellence. Join us as we continue to shape ideas, foster growth, and transcend boundaries through the power of the written essay.

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Abstract The emergence of m-learning has been a promising technology for students. But the teachers’ perception is equally important for the technology to be implemented. There is shortage of time in the classroom to practice the work taught by teachers. It requires a connection with the teachers. Teachers cannot be present everywhere. M- learning plays the role of a virtual classroom. This paper deals with the teachers’ perceptions of m-learning in high school. Teachers perform various activities with the help…

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The movie Grease is a popular musical known for its upbeat songs and outstanding cast. The storyline is about two teenagers who meet and share a connection. However, they struggle to embrace their feelings for each other due to the different social ties holding them back at school. High School Musical 1 follows a similar storyline about two teenagers fighting social stereotypes to fulfill their passions in multiple activities. Although both movies tell similar stories, High School Musical 1 is…

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“Only one in six Americans know that the recommended technique for bystander cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) consists of just chest compressions – and no breaths – on an adult. Even fewer, 11 percent, know the correct pace for performing these compressions which is 100 to 120 beats per minute” (Kyle). This is a huge problem, but what can we do about it, or maybe whom can we teach about it? Right now, CPR is not taught to our high schoolers. There…

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Public speaking was described as the act of conveying a speech to the audience (Spencer, 2018). Based from the definition, it appears that conveying a speech to an audience is a simple exercise wherein it’s involuntary to address around a certain matter with someone to orate. Yet, it is quite distinctive nor connected with various factors to get into account when a person conducts an oration (Novakovic, 2015). Novakovic also delineates oration as a basis of the overall message. Oration…

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For a school shooting to be defined as such, it must be an act or attempt at first-degree murder involving two or more victims on a school’s campus. The horrible and tragic event is something we sadly experience in our life. It really is a shame that something like this happens and young lives are lost because one felt the need to end their lives via a school shooting. School shooters can and have been carried out by many different…

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My only goal was to make my family proud of me. I grew up with a single mother and my twin brother, Jevon. It was hard growing up because my mother worked until late hours trying to provide for Jevon and I. My father popped up here and there, so I didn’t have a strong male presence guiding me throughout my adolescent life. Growing up had been a struggle. Transitioning from Coney Island Prep Middle School to Coney Island Prep…

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The benefits of playing high school sports is it helps students stay on track and get good grades to play in their desired sport of choice. Not only that but it helps build teamwork and loyalty. It may also help with home life, like let’s say the student is having family issues he/she can go to practice and let off steam whether they are hitting a ball or tackling. It also brings families closer while the child is playing the…

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The most critical stage of growth when it comes to the human mind is the midway transition from child to adulthood. During this transition, many teens experience unstable emotions, social insecurity, and various other things depending on the structure of society that they grew up in. The environment that they are placed into learn and grow plays a significant role in their development. Social class is also responsible for many feelings that are manifested and created during this process. Prep…

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This research report seeks to know the positive and negative effects of Call of Duty to basic education junior high school department. Whether call of duty is bad for student academic performance or not, will also be determined in this study. The experiences of students that this game while studying will be mentioned. An interview for 10 students who plays Call of Duty is conducted almost all of the answers for the questions where the same their academic performance poor…

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In Jenifer Lauren-Hall’s experiment on the effects on beginning to learn a foreign language earlier in life, the Japanese college students that began studying English as early as three years to twelve using only minimal effort did better on the tests than those who started later (Lauren-Hall). The study also found that the younger the students started studying English, the more advantage they had on the grammar test (Lauren-Hall). Although in the study, the students who put in more effort…

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There is still reluctance among many secondary school students to accept Shakespeare as an author who speaks to them and their problems. This misguides them into thinking and focusing on the fact that Shakespeare’s language is “too difficult”. His work shows various ideologies and perspectives that surround a variety of societal and internal concepts. So in that case, following up with my reasons, I say yes, Shakespeare’s work should be taught in school. The form of how it should be…

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Choosing the right high school is a significant decision that can impact a student’s future. With numerous options available, students must carefully consider their choices and select a school that aligns with their academic goals and personal interests. In this essay, I will discuss the reasons why I want to attend a high school. I will argue that a school offers a unique combination of academic excellence, extracurricular opportunities, and a supportive community that will help me achieve my goals…

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Adolescent Self-Portrait Biological/ Physical Development: Honestly, my body did not change much from the age of twelve to eighteen. Other than growing an inch to an inch and a half, going up in clothes one size, and physically growing in the chestal area, I have been the same size since I was twelve years old. To be completely honest, the only reactions I can remember to my physical and biological changes were negative. When my chest grew at the ages…

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When I was a sophomore, I got invited to go to a party with my friends during our Christmas break. We were all having a good time until an older male came and offered us a drink, and because we didn’t know what it was, we accepted it. As I took my first sip from the cup, I felt the bitter taste of the liquid flowing down my throat, causing me to throw up. I did some research the following…

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College is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. A time for new experiences and meeting new people from numerous places all around the world. But, from my own experience, my first year at ASU was completely different from what I imagined it to be. Before I came to college, I constantly wonder how I would adjust to transitioning from high school to college. I soon understood that there were many new challenges, then I expected to overcome in my first year of college….

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When I started swimming for my local summer swim team ten years ago, I had no idea how engulfed my life would be by it. From my summer swim team to my high school career, my swim community has become a significant part of my life and I have become a significant part of it. My swim community has become my second family over the years, and it consists of my summer team, high school team, and friends across the…

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7 girls, one high school. I began high school thinking that it was exactly like I had learned about through Hollywood movies, there was the nerd who was always made fun of for his brains, the bully who would push the ‘nerds’ around and steal their lunch money, the jock who was good at every sport and the guy that girls drooled over, and lastly the mean girl and all her minions who all the other girls wanted to be….

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Abstract The resolution of this proposed research is to increase understanding on how gamification from Pearson System of Courses in a high school mathematics classroom affects the classroom setting The research aims to get a closer look at how student motivation, engagement, and higher order thinking skills are affected by the use of gamification in the classroom. The research also aims to find if there are any barriers of using gamification in the high school classroom. A brief definition of…

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Part A Canterbury Boys High School is a secondary school which consists of male students from years 7-12, the school has a small student populus compared to other schools within the area, there is a majority of students who are from a language background other than English (LBOTE). The school is located in the sydney metropolitan area, and also enrols a small amount of Indigenous students (Myschool) Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders (ATSI) students for Canterbury Boys and Girls High…

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When it comes to perfect school I have many high expectations and qualities a school needs. If I compare my current school to a perfect school. There would be many differences but also some similarities. The qualities that my perfect school would have are leadership, goals that they need to achieve, organization, working together as a community, and equity and access. To start my perfect school I would have 3 separate buildings that are close to each other. One building…

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Altruism is one aspect of what social psychologists refer to as prosocial behavior. It’s the principle and moral practice of an individual that concerns for happiness of other human beings or animals. It can be distinguished from feelings of loyalty but it doesn’t consider as relationships. The Field of Prosocial Behavior The prosocial behavior has been identified through series of experiment and based on the study; one of the great factors that affect pro-social behavior can be between genes and…

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High school and college is the base for many people on what they want to become after academics. There are many similarities between high school and college as well as a ton of differences. They both give you direction but as you start to transition from high school to college, things begin to change drastically. Although, they are similar in that it helps you advance your life in multiple ways academically and occupationally, a couple of differences out of many…

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A student-athlete who is involved in student council and prom committee. A grade-A theatre nerd who would rather spend their free time watching musicals then go to a football game. At first glance, you wouldn’t expect these two students to have much in common, but upon further inspection you could make out the drained expression on their faces and the ever imposing eye bags decorating it. In a startling study made by The Journal of Adolescent Health, “a scant 8%…

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1.0 Chapter One: 1.1 Introduction: Miss use of drug is a major public problem worldwide. It is estimated that 324 million individual globally, age between 15 to 65 years, have used illicit drugs. Many mental health problems such as depression, bipolar disorder, mood and anxiety disorders, antisocial personality disorder, and suicide attempts, are also associated with drug abuse. Prevalence and miss use of drug has increased and experts in the area of drug health have indicated that if the trend…

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This review of the literature looks at academic support programs for high school student-athletes. Excellence in academics and athletics is an enterprise we can never forego. Today, learner’s capacity is fetched deeply from not only in classroom activities but also participation in co-curricular on goings. The purpose of the education system is to provide an all-round person who is free, creative and innovative. In this review of the literature, resource materials having been farfetched from more than a few sources…

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Senioritis is a term used to describe the waning motivation and effort of students in their final year of high school or college. It is often associated with the feeling of apathy, procrastination, and laziness that many students experience near the end of their academic careers. It is a serious issue that can affect a student’s academic performance and reputation. To understand senioritis, it is important to recognize the unique position that seniors are in. After years of hard work…

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High school is known to many as your first steps towards independence, free will, and adventure. It’s your chance to try new things and activities without your parents finding out; however, a multitude of the things you may try have various dangerous consequences that you didn’t consider. Drinking underage may seem harmless at first sight, but the threats associated with it are not worthwhile. You may believe that, as a teenager, you are invincible and the risks talked about from…

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