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Essay on Metaphysical Poets: George Herbert, Andrew Marvell, and Henry Vaughn, Abraham Cowley, Richard Crashaw – Free Essay Example


In 17th century a new sensation atmosphere of spirituality was blowing in the history of English Literature that was none but Metaphysical Poems by Metaphysical poets. They shook the Literary world to give immortality to philosophy and spiritual love in the name of Metaphysical. This term is related to metaphysics, derived from the Greek word, meta means- beyond and physics means Science. So, metaphysical poems are not discussed in the sense of science.

Other poets’ point of view:

According to Augustan poet John Dryden, John Donne was inspired the essence of metaphysics in his ‘Discourse’ and Dr. Johnson borrowed this Metaphysical term from Dryden’s phrase and used it for Metaphysical poets, On the other hand, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe wrote, about metaphysical ‘The unnatural, that too is natural’.

Metaphysical poets and Metaphysical elements:

The most prominent metaphysical poet is John Donne and other works were for George Herbert, Andrew Marvell, and Henry Vaughn, Cowley, Crashaw. Elements of metaphysical poems are – the technique of Conceit, touchy imagery, complicated thought, expression of Philosophy, Religious atmosphere, power of wit to express spirituality. Irony point of view and satire to non- living objects, Metaphor tendency, frequent paradox, from sexual to immortal love.

Metaphysical poets and their poems:

John Donne:

John Donne, the originator of the ‘metaphysical school of poetry’. His Metaphysical poem ‘ Sun Rising’ about the love of lover and beloved that was boundless and criticized to the sun who are responsible to break their love. ” The Good Morrow ‘, also a Metaphysical poem, the mixture of love with dramatic nature and development of thought, metaphysical conceits, and intellectual imagery are available in this love poem. To Canonization’ is another example of a Metaphysical poem by John Donne. This poem is about religion and the essence of spirituality with Romantic love and is full of imagery.

Andrew Marvell:

Another famous Metaphysical poet in the 17th century is Andrew Marvell. His ‘ To His Coy Mistress’ is the beyond compare exemplification of Metaphysical archaic rime in the poem, he euphemistic pre-owned both love and sexuality, complicated imagery, lots of Metaphor, lengthened self-admiration and abstract ideas. He furthermore use the characteristics of understandings , unification of sensibility, carpe diem,hyperbole. Marvell’s furthermore noteworthy archaic rime are Garden, Upon the Hill, The Gallery are examples of Metaphysical poem.

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Henry Vaughan:

Henry Vaughan is a Metaphysical versemaker for his poem ‘Retreat’. It is a spiritual supported metaphysical rhapsody in where he lamented outstanding to deprivation of childhood and how he or literary draw nigh back once again that situation with the euphemistic pre-owned of imagery, Metaphors and ingenious self-admiration and the effectiveness of first-class intellectuality. His other far-reaching effort furthermore accompanying to Metaphysical are ‘Silex Scintillans’ ‘Thalia Rediviva’ and ‘Olor Iscanus’.

Abraham Cowley (1618-1667):

According to Dr. Johnson, Abraham Cowley was a Metaphysical poet. The Mistress (1647) is his well-nigh far-famed work that was the essential nature of the Metaphysical appreciation poem. His imaginativeness and gracefulness of language reached him in the standings of a Metaphysical poet. Abraham Cowley celebrated the grandness of scriptural themes. His Miscellanies (1656) furthermore throw back the subject matters of metaphysical poets.

George Herbert (1593-1633):

He is a considerable metaphysical poet.

His verse ‘The Altar’ is an exemplar of his realistic poetry, an ingredient of the Metaphysical poem. This archaic rime demonstrates how an impoverished affection buoy be molded into a configuration of an altar. ‘The Temple’ is of preponderant grandness in humanities creative writings in the denomination of Metaphysical poem. The verse of George Herbert are always attractive and unremarkably perspicuous that was appropriate for a Metaphysical poem. The ideas, in his metrical composition, are verbalized in communication of faultlessness are the exemplification to became a Metaphysical poet.

Richard Crashaw (1613-1649):

He is truly a metaphysical poet. His endeavor is understandably related the metaphysical tradition. Although he is a metaphysical poet all the more his workplace spread apart from the work of over-the-counter metaphysical versemakers much as poet and Herbert. Crashaw put into practice conceits not as a necessitous constituent of a lyric on the other hand as belonging of aesthetic embellishment. love versification is noble-minded in nature. He put into practice in his appreciation of metrical composition stimulating communication to categorical churchgoing emotion. virtually of his metrical composition appeared in ‘Steps to the Temple’. His supremacy of the graeco-roman representation and the metaphysical resource is at its beyond compare therein collection. He is recognized for his contemplative drawing near to religion. The spiritual verses of Crashaw are completed with embarrassing imagery.


Metaphysical poets are very important not only 17th century but also more time. Their creativity to write such kind of poetry that is beyond science and hit the Psychological atmosphere with Philosophical Witty thoughts. Every Poet of Metaphysical, show their versatile creativity that involves with love, religion. In the history of group of poems in 17th century of English Literature, Metaphysical poets are flourished their positions to contribute such kind of Metaphysical poems.

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