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Essay on How Do You Plan to Give Back to Your Community – Free Essay Example

I never really understood why she would do this other than simply being kind and doing so through random acts of kindness. But now I have realized it wasn’t just to be nice. It was way more than that. It was to show her appreciation for the strenuous work that these people deal with daily and still maintain to have a smile on their faces. As little as a couple of dozen cookies may be, these individuals were so appreciative. I realized while this act is so minute compared to the service they provide for us, it still shows how appreciative we are.

Now as a student in school I feel as though I should do as much as possible to give back to my community in many different forms. Giving back to the community is something I feel that should be required of all students. Many individuals take for granted how much they receive from others and don’t learn to appreciate what they have. To me personally giving back to my community is a huge priority in my life. It has taught me to be fortunate for what I have and makes me put others before myself. Doing so makes me feel great. One will never know this great feeling until they have volunteered at a place helping those who are less fortunate. This feeling is unexplainable and makes you love your family even more. Knowing I can help others live a better life is something I strive to make happen. If every individual took a little time out of their day to help others the world would be a much more peaceful place and allow for others to appreciate and be more respectful to all. I am currently a part of the organization National Honor Society (NHS), this organization is available for High School students to be able to be involved in the community.

To maintain the role in the organization a total of 80 community service points must be logged and submitted. As I am currently working on this, I have volunteered for concession stands at my school multiple times, at the local airshow, at Feed my Starving Children, and at Christmas for a cause. With the well-known company Feed my Starving Children, you can help assist in packaging up soy, rice, vegetables, and a vitamin supplement. These are then sealed and packaged very carefully and sent to the country in need. The country receiving the meal when I was assisting was Guatemala. This experience was incredible, and I had so much fun helping. When volunteering at the local airshow in my city, I was placed at different venues and was in charge of helping promote their technology or rides.

My favorite part was helping in the kid play section. I loved being able to make sure the children were having fun but also ensuring the safety of everyone. It was a super cool event that was held, and I was blessed to be able to experience this and plan to be a part of this event again in the near future. In the future, I plan to give back by being a teacher in a low-income elementary school. I chose to do this because no matter how good or bad the home life may be every child deserves a good education and the same opportunity to be successful. I plan to change these children’s lives and allow them to enjoy school and start a steady foundation for those who don’t get that when at home. Giving back is not about the amount of money you get in return, and that is why I have chosen this career.

To me, it’s about how much I can improve these children’s lives. It’s being able to see them succeed and enjoy being at school in a positive environment. Being a part of that is greater than any form of money I could ever receive. As I will be going to college, I still plan on giving back to my community by joining clubs and participating in events that either help improves the community or give back to those who have helped me be where I am today. Without these people in my life to teach me the importance of giving back to my community who knows who I would be as a person and how beneficial I would be to society today? As I continue life giving back, I have started to put this effect on others. I have convinced my boyfriend to start volunteering with me as well. In a matter of a couple of weeks, we will be attending the airshow to help our community in this big event. Volunteering is sometimes seen as boring and not many want to do it however, it depends on your attitude toward it. It can be so fun and motivating if you have a positive attitude and the heart to serve people. I encourage all my friends to go out and volunteer with me because it would be fun going as a group and being able to help more.

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My favorite experience giving back to the community was when I went with a group of friends from school and we had a competition against other school groups to see who was able to package food the fastest. Making it a competition took the people’s minds off what they were doing, and we were able to get so much done in such a timely manner. That was the most fun I have had while volunteering. Volunteering is not seen as a necessity in life, but I believe all should be required to at least try it. We need people who want to make the world a better place and want to make people’s days better. And what better way to do so than to help your community by volunteering in your free time?

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