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Essay about Printing Press – Free Essay Example

An enduring issue is an issue that has existed for a very long time. It is an issue that many societies have attempted to fix with multiple degrees of success. The enduring issue that is being expressed in this research essay is the Impact of Technology. The type of technology that is going to be expressed in this essay is the Printing Press. The printing press affected people in a positive way.

The printing press was very significant back in the day and it is still very significant today. The famous inventor that made the invention was Johannes Gutenberg in 1440. The printing press changed a lot of people’s lives in a lot of significant ways and it also helped a lot of people when it came to education. It helped teach people how to read and write so now everyone was allowed to have an education (S.Kingsley). This is significant because a lot of people didn’t know one thing about education and now they are learning how to read and write. It is also significant because anyone is allowed to get the chance to be educated now. The printing press also helped people during their everyday lives and in their jobs. It helped poets, actors, and storytellers to rely on rhyming lines so that they could remember a lot of material. It also helped craftsmen memorize the secrets of their traders to tell to apprentices (S.Kingsley). People have been affected in a positive way because of this because it helped people learn how to memorize things which benefits them in the long run.

The printing press benefited a lot of people when it came to their everyday lives. It made life easier for people and it made making things like books a lot less time-consuming (Steven Kreis). This has affected people in a positive way because now people can make things a lot easier and quicker using a printing press. The printing press was significant because it helped a lot of people who spoke different languages. It allowed books to be in all languages for anyone to be able to read them (Jeremiah Dittmer). It allowed people who didn’t speak English to be able to read as well. The printing press didn’t just help people it also inspired people. It inspired more and more machines to be made (Jeremiah Dittmer). Now people are going to benefit from this in their lives more and more because more technology is being made.

Before the printing press was invented, it was very expensive to make books and other things. The printing press changed that. It made it cheaper to print paper and to make important knowledge with it (Nancy Giles). This has affected people in a positive way because now all people, even people who aren’t rich can use the invention. The printing press also helped multiple people when it came to religion. It helped inspire a religious revolution because all families are now allowed to have their own Bible (Lemelson). People are now allowed to practice their own religion wherever they are because now they have their own Bible on hand. The printing press was very helpful when it came to money. The invention guaranteed financial success by continuing to print proving “best sellers” such as the Bible (The Applied History Research group). This affects people in a positive way because the more books that people make using the printing press, the more money they’re going to make selling the books which will cause them to be financially successful. The final reason why the printing press was significant is that it helped people speak out for what they believed in (ex. Martin Luther and the 95 Thesis) (University of Arizona libraries). Every person has a voice and they have the right to express that voice. The printing press helped them to do that.

The printing press has changed over time a lot since it was made and it still continues to change over time as the years go on. The spread of knowledge, discoveries, and literacy was quickened because of it (S. Kingsley). This has changed over time because since we have advanced electric printers and technology, it is now very easy and a lot faster to spread knowledge, discoveries, and literacy. It has also changed over time because it made information available to a larger population of people (Steven Kreis). This has changed over time because now when information is acknowledged that is important to everyone around the world, it gets to all the people around the world because of our new advanced technology. The printing press had changed over time a lot since it was made. The printing press caused city growth (Jeremiah Dittmer). Since 1440 cities have grown tremendously because of our advanced technology today. When the printing press was made, most books that were printed by the printing press only really focused on religious topics. As the printing of books spread, a larger range of book topics was explored (Nancy Gigs). This has changed over time because now we have books of all sorts of topics and genres (ex. romance, mystery, etc.).

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Back then printing was considered bad and only for poor people. Many people refused to disgrace what they believe in because of a non-manuscript text. The Printing press had to be brought down to the lower classes so people could recognize the importance of the invention. It worked and they did. By the end of the 15th century, more and more printers had printed between 8 and 10 million copies of multiple books, and titles (The Applied History Research group). This has changed over time because back then, people underestimated the printing press until they used it. Then, they made 8-10 million copies of books but today 100-600 million book copies are printed and sold. Into the first half of the 16th century, multiple improvements were made to the invention. (Barry Waugh). This has changed over time because now printers today have more advanced electric technology that has been updated since the 16th century. Ever since the printing press was made the entertainment in books increased (Universities of Arizona libraries). Now we have all kinds of books that give off entertainment. We have all kinds of genres (ex. Romance, graphic novels, mystery, comedy, etc).

The printing press has affected the people in Europe in a positive way. It is significant in many ways, and it has changed over time in many ways. It helped people with their everyday lives and it made their lives a lot easier. Technology has had a large impact on the world then and now and it will continue to impact and benefit us for the rest of our lives.

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