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Essay about Personality Test – Free Essay Example


For this paper, I will be going to talk about my key personality features and the results I got from two tests called the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator and the Big 5 personality test. Another topic that will be covered in this paper will be my future career plans and aspiration. I will also go over my personal strengths and weaknesses to help me better understand the right career pick for myself. I will explain how those strengths and weaknesses will benefit me and also may hurt me in the carrier field that I have picked for myself. While explaining my carrier options I will tie in how my personality traits fit in with my carrier field.

My Personality

After completing the Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator and the Big-5 personality tests I found that I have a very open-minded and social type of personality. On the downside, I found that my personality makes me do things somewhat haphazardly and I tend to get anxious or nervous quicker when compared to others. Once I finished both of the personality tests I felt like I understood the strengths and weaknesses of my personality better than I have ever done before.


In my opinion, I found the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator to be the most interesting and helpful of the two tests that I took. [1] The Myers-Briggs theory is broken down into sixteen personality types and is used to get a better understanding of your type of personality. The MBTI personality test also is composed of five different sections which include mind, energy, tactics, nature, and identity. After completing the test, I found that I have an entrepreneurial type of personality. After I did some research into what the entrepreneur personality meant I found a lot of things that I liked and disliked about my type of personality. One thing that I liked about my personality is I have the ability to make quick decisions in pretty much any situation. The test explained how most personality types need time to sit down and think before they come to a serious decision. I liked how my personality type gives me the ability to make quick decisions because I think having this quality will help me get a lot further in life when compared to most people. One thing about my personality that I found after completing the test that I did not like was I tend to lead a risky lifestyle and do not like to follow the rules. In our world, today we are brought up to always follow the rules and live a good clean lifestyle, but with my type personality, I throw that all aside and tend to do what I think is best for myself. I did not like this trait about myself because having this way of thinking could get me into trouble and hurt my options for future careers. The Myers-Briggs personality test brought a lot of my strengths and weakness into perspective and helped me better understand my personality type. One of my strengths with my personality type is I am very bold. Since one of my traits is being bold I love to push the boundaries, and I am not afraid to experiment and try new things. Another strength of my personality type is I am a very perceptive person. Having perception as a personality trait gives me the ability to notice small changes in people’s habitats and behavior and I can use this to my advantage to help me create connections with other people. Having an entrepreneur type of personality means another strength that I possess is that I am a very sociable type of person. Being that I am a sociable person I am built to be a natural leader within groups and I excel at things that involve social interactions. While taking this personality test gave me a lot of light into my strengths but also gave me light into the weaknesses that my personality type has as well. One of the weaknesses that my personality type is I tend to be very insensitive toward other people. People that have an entrepreneur type of personality have trouble sometimes understanding people’s feelings and emotions and tend to look more at the reality of the situation. Another weakness that my personality type has is impatience towards pretty much any situation. Having this impatience, I have a hard time staying focused on a single task for a really long. Entrepreneurs’ personality types tend to be very defiant toward other people and situations. Entrepreneurs love to live their lives and do not like to be tied down or boxed in with a lot of rules and regulations to follow. After reviewing my strengths and weaknesses from the MBTI personality test I now have a better understanding of the qualities that will help me succeed in life and also the qualities that might hold me back from achieving my full potential within my career.

On the mind section of the MBTI personality test, I scored a 72% on the extroverted side compared to the 28% I scored on the introverted side. [2] By comparison, you can see that I am obviously more extroverted than introverted. Since I scored on the high side of being extraverted I like people and being around social settings such as parties and gatherings. On the energy section of the MBTI personality test, I scored a 63% on the observant side and a 37% on the intuitive side. This means my type of personality makes me more observant of my environment and can notice small changes in things that others may overlook at first glance. In the tactics section of the MBTI personality test, I scored a 61% on the prospecting side and a 39% on the judging side. This means I am more likely to focus on the stuff that I find interesting and enjoyable rather than on the stuff that my parents and teachers might tell me to focus on. When it came to the nature part of the MBTI personality test I scored a 57% on the thinking side compared to 43% on the feeling side. Having scored higher on the thinking side means that I would try to use logic and factual information during my decision-making. Finally, when it came to the identity section I scored a 74% on the turbulent side and a 26% on the assertive side. Being more turbulent than assertive means I am more prone to stress and more self-conscious than other people.


The “Big Five” personality test is similar to the MBTI personality test in comparison. The only exception is that the “Big Five” is a more accepted model of personality in our society today. [3] The acronym OCEAN is used as a base model when it comes to the “Big Five”. The acronym OCEAN in the “Big Five” stands for open-mindedness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and negative emotionality. One thing I liked that the “Big Five” did was it gave me my own percentile so I could compare them with the sample of other people. On the open-mindedness part of the “Big Five”, I scored in the 7th percentile. With such a low score on the open-mindedness part of the test, it means my personality is more down-to-earth and conventional. This low score also indicates that I have narrow interests and I’m not that creative as a person. After reviewing this score, I ended up agreeing with it because when I took the MBTI personality test it stated that I only focus on things that I find interesting to myself. On the conscientiousness part of the “Big Five”, I scored in the 34th percentile. Since I got a low score in this section it means that I tend to do things somewhat haphazardly. I found this statement to be true because according to my score on the MBTI personality test I tend to just react to a situation rather than sit down and try to figure out a better solution to the problem. When it came to the extraversion part of the test I scored in the 71st percentile. Meaning that I am sociable and friendly, and I like having the company of others. I believe that I am definitely a more extroverted type of person because I got high scores of, extraversion on both “The Big Five” and the MBTI personality test. On, the agreeableness part of the “Big Five” I scored in the 29th percentile. This means with my personality I can be rude, harsh, and mean to other people. I personally did not like hearing this result but it did match up with the MBTI test when it stated that sometimes a have a hard time understanding people’s feelings and that I may give off a cruel or harsh impression towards other people. Finally, on the negative emotionality part of the “Big Five”, I scored in the 75th percentile. With such a high score in this percentile, it means that I tend to get more nervous and high-strung more easily compared to other people. After reviewing my scores from the “Big Five” I honestly think they are pretty accurate because they pretty much matched my other scores from the MBTI test.

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I have high expectations that I want to reach in my life and one of those expectations is finding the perfect job for myself. As of right now, I think being a financial analyst would be the right job fit for me. Financial analysts usually work jobs dealing with other businesses or individuals providing guidance in making investment decisions. One, an important quality that you need to have as a financial analyst is good communication skills. [4] If you aren’t a good communicator with other people you will never get any big jobs or deals that you want. Another quality that a financial analyst should have is excellent decision-making skills and the ability to think on the fly. If someone has all these qualities and traits then they will most likely succeed as a financial analyst.

The Fit

I think being a financial analyst would be a good fit for me because I have the personality traits that go well with the job. I think having good communication skills works in my favor because if you can’t talk to people in that line of work no one will notice you and have a good chance of never moving up the corporate ladder. Another personality trait that I have that I think would benefit my career path would be the ability to make decisions on the fly. Being a financial analyst you will meet people who need help right away and being able to make quick decisions will definitely help you out in that career. By having these types of personality traits, I think I would be able to excel in this career path.


Doing the MBTI and “Big Five” tests really open my eyes to the personality traits that I process. It showed me what kind of strengths and weaknesses I have and which career paths would best suit my type of personality. I learned about the troubles I can go through with my type of personality in everyday life. These tests also showed me what things I need to work on and what are my strong points within my personality. I personally think everyone should take these two personality tests to better figure out and understand their personality type better.


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