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How did you meet your best friend? What were you for halloween in middle school? What did you have for dinner last night? Everything that just went through your head, even if it was ten years ago or just last night, is a memory. Children start remembering things by the age of three. However, at seven years old, these early memories begin to fade. That’s why it’s hard to remember your first birthday but easier to remember your elementary school…

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In the book The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien, the author discusses the stories of soldiers who participated in the Vietnam War and experienced a great amount of trauma and guilt brought by their experiences. Tim O’Brien uses imagery to help the reader put themselves in the perspectives of the soldiers through demonstrating how the deaths of so many people have a huge impact on those affected and make the men start to lose their sense of humanity. In…

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The memory is a complicated subject, and the constantly changing memory causes many different effects that can harm or hurt someone. The research regarding storing and retrieving memories of the brain’s information is valid because studies show that when remembering events from the past, the brain will take things relevant to the past memory to help you recall it. Also, memories are what make or define a person, and getting older can cause memory loss and cause injury to said…

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Architecture is constantly associated with its functional purpose, physical appearance and its amenity. However, maintains a much more inadvertent role which surpasses far beyond the physical and material world in which we live and enters the intangible realm of our existential memory. ’A mental meditation between the world and our consciousness’ . Successful architecture is displayed in the completeness, credibility and the unquestioned prestige of experience. Memory is involved indisputably throughout this, between the space and experiencing person lies an…

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Out of all my childhood memories, a memory that always comes to my mind is my Christmas vacation to Tegucigalpa, Honduras. This is a significant memory since it helps me remember a period where my relatives got together at a troublesome time. As well as seeing the environment in Honduras showed me to be grateful for all that I have. Growing up my family tradition was always the same for winter break, the first couple of days was unwinding at…

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When I was little, each time I heard someone say “giving is better than receiving,” I thought them to be crazy. Wasn’t getting presents the whole point of celebrating Christmas? It was the reason I couldn’t sleep on Christmas Eve and why I was always the first one up on Christmas mornings. “There won’t be much for Christmas this year. Please don’t be disappointed.” Mother had looked at the decorated old tree in the corner and warned me. Christmas had…

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My Childhood Friend Sometimes we can never know the true value of the moment until it becomes a memory. Childhood is the best practical demonstration of this theory. Making new friend, living every moment, enjoying every second, exploring unique experiences, etc are not just coincidences of childhood. It is a process of making memories; long-lasting and everlasting. Albeit there are lots of participants in this process with ourselves, but one of such participant has lofty participation that is remembered as…

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Repression affects the decisions we make in many aspects of life. For instance, a memory that is so revolting it can be retrieved in the subconscious and maybe after a few years later the memory may appear again into the consciousness. Furthermore, many legal scholars test the validity of repressed memories for evidence. They gained support for repressed memory theory, different factors offer examples of horrific experiences of little children whose minds cannot handle severe trauma and who, in turn,…

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We often associate the word ‘history’ and ‘fact’ as synonymous and interchangeable. We don’t take into consideration what goes on while recounting or retelling stories or events from the past. Memories are constructed and reconstructed with every re-telling of the event, and with every repetition, the recollection is slightly altered and changed. The question that this paper aims to answer is whether memories and personal testimonies paint an accurate picture of what truly went down in the past, or do…

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My wife just asked me to put up a ceiling fan. I didn’t know that was part of marriage! This was my first thought on Sunday, August 8, 2010, as I stood in my bedroom with a bunch of screws, nuts, bolts, and fan blades. My head swirled with thoughts of how to get out of this. Certain beliefs emerged from the core of my mind. I am a white-collar worker. I don’t know how to do mechanical stuff. Being…

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Memories are malleable with several different variables that change the biases of memories. Memories vary with different factors that contribute to the outcome of a memory. Certain defaults such as age, gender, cultures, and languages can alter how an individual remembers an event. Additionally, people often adopt other people’s memories whilst listening to another person’s point of view. This occurs often between eyewitnesses even when experiencing the same event at the same time. The different factors ultimately create changed memories,…

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Memories are nostalgic, and in its wake bring plenty of mixed feelings, normally hard to describe. I am struggling with my inner self to give it a thought and build a frame. The longing for the past suddenly hits me with a bang and here I am jotting down a few childhood memories which still remains fresh in my mind. I was born in Kerala and brought up in Mumbai as my dad works here. I love to describe myself…

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I believe that for those of us who are fortunate enough to have grown up with our grandparents – as the backdrop of our childhood – will have developed a cherished relationship with them. For example, for the most part of my life, my imagination and motivation have been significantly inspired by my grandmother. Because of that, I find the detail of ‘braiding hair’ in the poem ‘My Hakka Grandmother’ particularly inspirational as it rekindled my memory. Through my reflection,…

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Who am I? I have never really thought about this question before. This is what I know about who I am. I am a sixteen-year-old boy, a son, a brother, a friend, a college student, a high school student etc. My ethnicity is what shaped me today as a, African American throughout my childhood, I have had many experiences attributed to various forms of my personality. For me my ethnicity, regardless of its categorization, has constituted a profound loss of…

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Coming of Age in Mississippi is a book written by Anne Moody that details her life as a black woman in rural Mississippi during the mid-20th century. It encompasses Moody’s life from her childhood to her mid 20’s, the most impactful and important part being her involvement in the Civil Rights Movement which began while she was a student at Tougaloo College had been known to be predominantly black. The autobiography also addresses her struggles with racism among white people,…

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The analysis of religion in a family of the African American experience is crystal clear in all aspects. For each African American experience, the outcome will be different. Religion is an important factor in the African American experience. It is especially important in the Coming Of Age Of Mississippi. I will be comparing these important concepts of religion with other texts and documents. In coming of age in Mississippi, Anne Moody didn’t really understand the concept of religion as a…

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Have you ever found yourself “filling in” details of a story you were telling, even if the details weren’t exactly true? That is because you cannot trust your memory for many reasons. Your memory is not a camcorder and only picks up the gist of what people are telling you while filling in the gaps on it’s own, “repressed” memories are easily planted in one’s brain that are false, and not all people are taking the correct measures to effectively…

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How does our working memory do encoding and remember depend on 2 factors: depth of processing and emotion factor (Craik and Lockhart, 1972 as cited in Saul McLeod, 2007). Craik & Tulving (1975) mentioned depth of processing refers to: the deeper we process the information, the information will likely to stay in our memory longer. Depth of processing is further described into 2 levels of depth: Deep processing and shallow processing. Emotion factor refers to an arousal of emotional state…

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Research Question 1 A study was made to investigate flashbulb theory. This theory states that these memories or recollections for the conditions in which one initially learned of an exceptionally consequential and emotionally triggering event. A critical aspect of this study was to inspect the supposition that individuals recall sorts of open public events exceeding those common occasions that happened similarly sometime in their past. Students at the University of Duke were notified and where assessed on their memories of…

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Across the world today, there are thousands of memorial sites representing the Holocaust, a term that referred to the systematic genocide of approximately six million Jews by the Nazis during the Second World War (Marcuse, 2010). Due to Anti-Semitism propaganda and Hitler’s regime, Jews were persecuted and murdered for being of a ‘different’ race (Brosnan, 2018). This paper will discuss debates and challenges surrounding the representation/memorialization of the Holocaust. It will discuss the role of monumental sculpture, sites, and artifacts…

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How I Become a Man On Saturday we left Atlanta before dawn, and before his departure for Ghana, my father Anwar drive us by car, me Charbel, my mother Lina, my brother Alex, and my sister Rita; after parking the car, he took us on the hiking trail up to the top of the Stone Mountain from where we watched the sunrise in the eastern sky. It was the first mountain we had ever seen. Standing on the granite ridge,…

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No Fear “Fear is only temporary. Regret lasts forever.” Acrophobia is an extreme or irrational fear of heights. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had this fear of heights. From riding in an elevator to ascending a ladder, if I could feel myself several feet from the ground I’d start to panic. My hands would begin to tremble uncontrollably, my heart would begin to race, and I’d get this overwhelming feeling of anxiety. At the time my…

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How could a person ever uncover a revitalizing hidden pocket of the universe on this mundane earth? I have always sensed that life strikes people in distinct approaches as at any time, the balance of our lives, the conventional image of ourselves and the world around us, could be disrupted suddenly by something revived, forcing us into a fascinating reevaluation, but I always contemplated: when will my time come? Well, eventually my moment of intense realization did hit me; however,…

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