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Ender’s Game and Real-World Science

The film “Ender’s Game” is adapted from Orson Scott Card’s fictional book ‘Ender’s Game” originally published in 1985, exploring a powerful and Complex Military Operation intended to attack Formics, an alien and insectivorous race that attempted to attack earth inhabitants leading to mass destruction of humankind. Despite the untold ravages caused by the technologically advanced Formics, the people on earth remain optimistic that unity will safeguard them from the perceived superior and dangerous alien race. The earth people believe that the Formics are highly brilliant and technologically advanced and to counter them they must employ distinguished geniuses real-time technologies. On this point of view, the extraordinarily brilliant Ender Wiggin who is the third borne in a family of geniuses is selected by the international military forces and tasked with the responsibility of saving the earth from destruction from Formics. The film envisions and presents future powerful military operation involving high-tech training of military leaders, virtually simulated test battles and remotely controlled soldiers employed by Ender to strategically plan and execute complete eradication of Formics to save the earth and his family.

The film combines biological and physical science to explore why the Formics attack humans being on earth and how people from the earth plan use high military technology in planning and strategizing 50 years later with a view to eradicating the dangerous insectivorous race (Card et al 2). Ideally, the Formic are thirsty of the resources on the earth and keep coming. The film seeks to conceptualize the biological processes and lives outside planet earth. Looking at the plan by the international military forces to eradicate Formics and save the earth, the film points a powerful technology possibly using artificial intelligence. Ender wears a special monitor that allows all military senior officials to see things as Ender sees and conceptualizes them. Ender as the brilliant brain chosen to strategize the destruction of Formics must stay in touch with military official and therefore the monitor he wears serves as a link and a medium of sharing ideas during planning (Card et al 6). It is plausible to point that to successful conceive and implement such a complex military operation described in the movie, robotic technology must be employed to enhance human capacity to compete favorably. In the battle school, Ender owns a computer which he believes has never been owned by anybody who came before him. The young boy uses the super computer to play games that not even creators can properly understand. The movie depicts Ender as a techno-savvy who use his understanding of science to visualize the little-known gravitational force a demonstration of intelligence causes his seclusion from peers in the battle school.

From the “Ender’s Game” film, it is evident that the International Military Force is focused on empowering human intelligence with artificial intelligence to train techno-savvy military leaders who will successfully counter the advanced Formics.  Enders prowess in computer games is proven in his access to the most complex mind game which nobody has had before him.  These movies satisfy military leaders and trainers on Ender ability to understand complex technologies, invent and put them into practice, a milestone that supports his abrupt promotion to Salamander Army under the command of Bonzo (Hood, 56.45).  At the Salamander Army, Ender is ignored and perceived to be inept possibly due to his small body size until when he goes to the rescue of Petra, helping the salamander Army to win in a battle he had been excluded. The Film triggers the audience to conceptualize a more complex technology invented by Ender while playing his mind game. The game is designed to present the opponent with extremely difficult choices making it impossible to solve. Ender demonstrates innovative capabilities by combining his intelligence and technological capability to solve seemingly unsolvable problems (Card et al., 3). During the game the brilliant young boy creates an outside box, from where he encounters a Formic and a simulated image of Valentine entering ruins. The simulated imaged keeps changing perhaps to confuse Enders focus. The mind game is arguably controlled by the International Military Forces to test Ender’s ability, which he successfully proves.

The consistence success in mind games leads to Enders successive promotions. To demonstrate Ender’s impeccable problem solving using real-time technologies in military discourse, he is subjected to extremely difficult battles immediately after his promotion to independently head his squad. This is one of crucial tests to ascertain that Ender attains fullest military capabilities since during the battles he is not entitled assistance from other troops despite commanding a squad of inept launches. To stay afloat, Ender thorough trains his launches and devises a brilliant strategy of sacrificing part of team before successfully attacking the opponents. With his excellent performance, Ender attracts hatred from Bonzo leading to a fight that leaves Bonzo dead. In addition, the film posits that to effectively wipe out the Formics advanced military technologies particularly weapons of mass destruction are crucial. Under the watch of all fleet commanders Ender is subjected to the last test battle with emphasis on the use of Molecular Detachment device (Hood, 1.42.05). The film uses the last battle to explore the importance of technology and human intelligence in military operations. During simulation Ender troop is overpowered by the Formics prompt Ender to adopt a previously conceived strategy of sacrificing part of his team to suppress the enemy (Card et al., 3). Finally, Ender orders his fleet to give in to the Formics a move that ensures the Molecularly Detachment Device is far enough to fire at the Formics leading to complete elimination. As the simulation process comes to an end, it is revealed that Ender was technologically controlling a real troop of soldiers and all the Dangerous alien Formics have been wiped out.

Conclusively, the film is interesting both to the audience who have already read the Orson Scott Card’s fictional book and those first meeting “Ender’s Game” in Cinematography form. Although the movie is based on a fictional military science, the conception and execution of the technological innovations makes the whole idea an interesting possibility. The monitor that Ender’s wears to make sure the international Military forces think and see things like he did evokes the use of real-time technologies to facilitate mass sharing of information, a technology that finds a batch of similarities from today’s social media. Ideally, with the use of cellphones, iPad, tablets and personal computers supported with internet connection, it is easy to share information online with millions of social media users. In addition, the use of remotely-controlled soldiers as depicted in the simulated battles and mind game is a near future possibility owing to the rapidly growing artificial intelligence and robotic technology. The numerous technological tests that Ender undertakes are symbolic, representing computer programing sections during manufacturing of war robots.

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The molecular detachment device used to wipe the hometown of Formics is an open reality in modern military realms precisely in the use of chemical weapons of mass destruction. For example, nuclear bombs produce radioactive rays which cause abnormal cell division leading cancer and deformed human bodies. It is worth noting that the United Nations organization banned nuclear weapons due to their possibility to completely wipe humanity from the Earth. Finally, the conception of Formics, the insectivorous and dangerous alien race, perceived to be more advanced than human beings is a probable reality especially with today high-tech astronomical research on life outside planet earth. Some World mysteries are too suggestive of the idea. For instance, the mystery of Bermuda Triangle where vessels disappear and people on board are never traced. From this standpoint, there could be another civilization in the space that is more advanced than human beings on earth.

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