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Guid Essay

Education is the Passport to the Future – Free Essay Example

An aunty of mine, who was going overseas to the Philippines to visit her family was in a desperate state when she realised her passport had expired. This meant that she would not be able to travel and would not be able to do what she had planned for sometime. And I wondered why this passport and the absence of it, could be the cause of so much desperation.

Was it because it had ensured admission to a doorway and realised it was just that But whilst a passport gave us admission into visiting a new country , our lives did not change for the better and never would.

But Ladies and gentlemen, I believe that we have within our very own hands a passport to a better future, that will take us to the realms unknown and unconquered and that passport, is education. Education is not memorising that the Nazi’s killed 6 Million Jews. Education is understanding how millions of ordinary Germans were convinced that it was the right thing to do. True Education is learning how to spot the signs of history repeating itself. True education is our passport to the world future. True education can transform entire nations and people across the world.

One of the primary purposes of education is to develop character. However, education at this moment, fails to teach us how to build character or to be human. Ladies and gentlemen, without character a man is nothing but a beast, a mere organism, just existing selfishly without any values and ethical sense. It fails to teach us compassion, sympathy or empathy.

As the educational system continues to grow, the purpose of education gradually begin to vanish and begins to be replaced by monotonous routines and pointless activities. Education is about drawing out the best in our students. But does it really do that? It simply stuffs more facts inside of you, and forces you to throw it up on a test thinking that whatever grade you get, will determine success.

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today, people will not be hired by how many facts that they’ve memorised, they will be hired because of the things that they can do with their knowledge. If they can creatively solve a real world problem or an everyday problem. Because in the near future, we will need more people who can think creatively, innovatively, critically, and with passion and compassion to become peacemakers and healers of this world.

Which makes us realise that there are skills that student need to learn that are currently being ignored. Education needs to strike a proper balance between inner and outer emotional and practical aspects of one’s personality and life.

Students should be taught how to handle the harshness of life, learning how to deal with adversity, from being bullied, to being doubted by others, or even yourself. If Harvard studies suggest that the biggest predictor for success is self-control and emotional health, then why aren’t students taught how to handle depression, stress, anxiety, or rejection?

Education must further mould Students to develop their own unique voice, instead of staying silent Albert Einstein once said, everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by it ability to climb a tree, it will live it whole life believing that it is stupid. Millions of students, can relate to that fish. Afraid, if raising their hand, avoiding the teachers eye, believing that they are worthless.

Education must create an environment for students that will allow them to become comfortable of sharing their opinion, thoughts and feelings as well as boosting their self esteem. Just imagine a student in the back of the classroom, afraid of raising their hand for the fear of being wrong. But inside of them they have a passion, and if nurtured and brought out, will lead them to unleash a gift to grow into a position of leadership. Ladies and gentlemen, we need to address this passion and bring it out to fruition.

Despite the drawbacks in Australia’s educational system, we should still have faith in our students and teachers. Teachers are the heroes that are getting blamed, but they are not the problem, because they work in a system that doesn’t have many option and rights. Our educational system needs to move forward and upgrade to a create a future for students that doesn’t yet exist.

One way to do this, is to implement certain aspects of the Finnish educational system. Finland is doing extraordinary things. Its secret, is that they have shorter school days, homework is non existent and most importantly, they focus more on collaboration instead of competition.

If our government is willing to make a change for a better future, students from across Australia will finally be able to see the beauty of truly learning and will once again develop unique human intelligence to shape a sustainable and peaceful society for all . Because although students are 15% of Australia’s population, they are 100% of our countries future.

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