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Disneyland Is the Most Magical Place on Earth – Free Essay Example

People from all parts of the world travel to Orlando, Florida to witness and experience the magical land of Walt Disney World; a place where dreams come true. Every child dreams of having a life full of adventures and making their imagination turn into reality, and the four Disney theme parks allow those kids to do so. At Disney, people can explore and be a part of exciting shows, parades, restaurants, and rides. You can hear the lions roar, rhinos stomping, giraffes pulling at the trees and chewing the leaves, and the elephants splashing in the water at Animal Kingdom. You can watch the thrilling live-action shows of Indiana Jones and Star Wars at Hollywood Studios. You can smell glazed turkey legs and fresh chocolate crepes, and taste the culinary food at eleven countries at Epcot. You can interact and take pictures with many Disney princesses and other characters at Magic Kingdom. Each theme park feels like a new adventure every time I go and makes me want to go back every year. Walt Disney World is an important place to me because it reminds me of the fun times I had as a child with my family, and helps me forget the life problems I have now as an adult.

Since 2004, I have been to Disney World every year during different times and seasons of the year. My family usually goes to all four theme parks when we visit to get the full experience of Disney and what it has to offer. I remember how excited I would be to go meet and take pictures with the Disney princesses because I believed that they were the real characters from the movies and storybooks. My brother and I would jump up and down with excitement to go on the most thrilling roller coasters at the parks (the ones I was tall enough to be on). Space mountain was and still is my favorite because of the dark track with bright and fast lights that make the ride look like it is going 100 mph. My family would always rush over to the parade line to make sure we had the best spot to watch the terrific show. My dad would put me on his shoulders and I would smile and wave non-stop at every Disney character that went by.

At Disney, there would be special events around the holidays that I loved participating in as a child. The one event that I remember the most is Mickey’s Halloween party at Magic Kingdom Halloween night; the very first time I was at Disney. There were beautiful autumn decorations hung around the attractions and carved pumpkins all around the four parks that made the experience even more enjoyable. Concession stand workers, ride operators, and Disney park characters dressed in costumes and handed out candy to children. I dressed up as my favorite Disney princess, Cinderella, and spun around in my gown the whole night while dancing to Disney’s Halloween playlist. Magic Kingdom Halloween night in October 2004 is one of the memories I will never forget about my childhood and experience at Disney World. These fun moments that I had as a child left a lasting impact on me and make me want to continue going to Disney parks even though I am not a kid anymore.

Every year from 2004 to 2018, I would go to Disney with my mom, dad, and brother. Although my parents would not choose Disney as their top vacation spot, they found much joy seeing the excitement and happiness that my brother and I had as kids. Going to the parks with my family in previous years is something I cherish. Growing up through the years life gets harder and more stressful with school and work. Disney is a place where I can forget about the stress in my life and remember how simple life was as a kid. Within the last year, there was a dramatic shift in my family. My parents decided to split up and get a divorce. During this rough patch in my life, I could use a place like Disney to take me away from the stress that I was under. After a couple of months went by after my parents broke up, my mother and I went to Disney around Christmas and it reminded me of how happy I was as a kid with my family all together. Although life happens and it can be best for people to move on and break up, Disney is a place for me to remember what it was like to have a happy family and fun moments with both my mom and dad together.

Disney World is a magical place for children and creates perfect memories that families hold forever. Parents and grandparents love to see their children live out their imagination and interact with the Disney characters that they see on TV. People go to Disney to make their children happy and are willing to pay a fortune to make sure that is the case. Young adults such as myself are typically not supposed to go to a child themed amusement park. Although Disney World is for all ages, the parks are designed for children and the attractions lean towards a younger audience. A place like Disney is meant for children but it helps teenagers and adults like me to feel young again and to feel as happy as a child would. The Disney theme parks “appeal to all ages, nationalities, and races – in other words, to the ‘kid’ in everyone” (‘10 Reasons Why’). Disney is an important place because it allows anyone to feel like a kid and to forget about the problems that adults deal with.

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Over the years, I had such a great time at Walt Disney World in the sunshine state of Orlando, Florida. I had wonderful memories with my family at all four theme parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom. Disney reminds me of how great my childhood was when my family was happy together and the stress-free days of being a child. Walt Disney World is what it is said to be; the most magical and happiest place on earth.

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