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Director Style in The Hunger Games – Free Essay Example

This essay discusses director, Baz Luhrmann’s director style. In addition, this essay will apply Baz Luhrmann’s unique director style to the 2012 dystopian film, The Hunger Games (which is based off of Suzanne Collins’s novel of the same name), in order to for the film to agree with the criteria of Luhrmann’s Red Curtain Style.

Firstly, the cinematographic and directing style seen in The Hunger Games, as it is, is significantly different from that of Baz Luhrmann. Foremost, Luhrmann would ensure that the establishing scene of the film reveals the ending of the storyline as well as the films essential symbols. These symbols would be cleverly framed (as seen in The Great Gatsby with the green light in the dock).

Therefore, to apply this to The Hunger Games the establishing scene would begin with the forest fire in the 74th Annual Hunger Games Arena that Katniss Everdeen escaped. The foreground reveals a mockingjay bird perched on a tree branch while the forest fire in the background frames the bird. In the distance Katniss whistles the bird’s song and the bird replies. Katniss then begins to sing “Deep in The Meadows” thus introducing the artistic device of song the film, as seen in Moulin Rouge!

An arrow comes flying from off-screen and the camera tracks it up-close at a high speed. Just before the arrow hits the bird the speed suddenly alters to slow-motion and the bird flies up to dodge the arrow. With CGI the forest fire forms a ring around the bird and arrow, thus creating the essential symbol of the mockingjay pin ( that Katniss received combined with that of fire. All the while Katniss is not yet shown on-screen.

Thereafter, the scene will cut to that of the coronation after the 74th Annual Hunger Games’s conclusion. Katniss and Peeta Mellark are being crowned in an arena filled a crowd. Their faces and identities remain unknown. Before the crowning the camera moves rapidly over the loud and cheering crowd only halting abruptly on a close-up focus on important people who look directly into the camera, as seen in Moulin Rouge’s opening sequence when the camera moves through the streets of Paris. As Katniss is crowned This Girl is On Fire (Alicia Keys) plays as background music; a modern song which relates to the symbol of fire in the film. Her face is hidden during her exchange with president snow, revealing only her mockingjay pin.

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In addition, Katniss twirls before the audience and her dress catches fire, as during the Tribute Interviews, just as the chorus begins. The camera moves in circles around Katniss, following her movement to disorient the viewers. The camera constantly cuts between circling Katniss and circling the audience.

Furthermore, Katniss’s delayed introduction will finally take place during the District 12 Reaping. The reaping takes place during the night and the courtyard crowding with people is lit up by multiple trash-bin bonfires. As such, fire, an essential symbol of the film, portrays the idea of poverty and suffering in District 12.

Sucker for Pain begins to play as background music after Effie Trinket says “As usual – ladies first.” The lyrics of the song emphasise the evident sadism in that members of each district are forced into a game of death for entertainment, for which Katniss volunteers. The music silences before the chorus as Katniss detaches from the crowd as her sister, Primrose, nears the stage after being called. The camera focuses on a far shot of Katniss over Primrose’s shoulder with Primrose out of focus. The camera zooms in rapidly to an extreme close up of Katniss’s lips as she says “I volunteer as tribute.” The camera then immediately zooms out to a medium shot displaying Katniss’s determined face and the chorus of the background music resumes. The rest of the song plays until the end of the scene.

Lastly, Peeta will be the narrator of the film as seen in The Great Gatsby (Nick) and Moulin Rouge! (Christian). Peeta would be a considerable choice for a narrator as he is heavily involved in the plot and is usually around the main character, Katniss. He would be able to recount pivotal moments in the film during a live interview with Caesar Flickerman after the 74th Annual Hunger Games with regular flashbacks throughout the film.

In conclusion, the elements of Luhrmann’s Red Curtain Style has been applied to The Hunger Games. The elements of framing through fire and that of revelation through the coronation have been applied in the establishing scene. Post-modernistic music such as This Girl Is On Fire and Sucker For Pain have been added to scenes to emphasize the particular symbolism prevalent in these scenes. In the opening sequence Luhrmann’s characteristic chaotic camera angles and artistic device have been applied.

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