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Guid Essay

Comparative Analysis and SWOT Analysis: Dolphin Nautilus Versus Polaris 9550 Pool Cleaner – Free Essay Example

Pool cleaner

Pool cleaner models are proposed by companies to collect sediments and debris from our swimming pools and reduce the human intervention. Dirty pool can cause health problems so cleaning your pools is necessary. These models provide us with ease and can be used for both small-sized and large-sized pools. There are many types of pool cleaner models which include manually-powered as well as battery-powered automated cleaners.

Maytronics is a USA company that designed great products and ensure safety standards. However, I will be discussing two models proposed by Maytronics Company in USA viz. Dolphin Nautilus and Polaris 9550.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus pool cleaner

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus is latest automatic robot cleaner that deliver industry leading performance. For your dirty pool, you need a robotic pool cleaner that help make your pool shine. This Dolphin model is different from other robot pool cleaners because of its special multi-cleaning functionality. Dolphin nautilus use most efficient route to clean and is one of the easier cleaner to operate, designed by Dolphin products of robotic Cleaner. It cleans no matter what size, shape and type of your pool. The pros of this model is that it cleans floors as well as walls. It also provides smart control.

Another great characteristic of Dolphin Nautilus is its light weight with high quality brushes for efficient cleaning of pool. Single button operation in this pool cleaner is best feature for beginners of pool cleaner. Four different types of filters are there to clean a pool. This model uses specific filter to eliminate small leaves, debris and algae. This model of Dolphin is designed with powerful motors that’s why energy reduced to eighty-seven percent. It works fairly on swimming pools. The weight of this model is only 13 lbs and capacity to clean 16 in. depth.

Polaris 9550 pool cleaner

Polaris 9550 is another outstanding robotic pool cleaner in a market. This great machine take the stress out of keeping your pool water crystal-clear. The top characteristic of Polaris 9550 is that it can control by using motion sensor remote. Seven day programmable cycle is also instructed in this model for the comfort for their users. Cleaning made convenient by using this automatic robotic cleaner. This model is little expensive because of its variety of excellent features.

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Polaris 9550 is a four wheel drive technology and has unique function that it works with all types of pool surfaces. Another special mode is that it cleans the waterlines where heavy amount of debris gathered. Polaris is available in different sizes in market. It maintains your pool purity and spotlessness. Quick access and top cleaning capabilities make this cleaner a great value. Its weight is 21 lbs and can clean 18.9 in. depth. Powerful dual scrubbing brushes that capture large particles is excellent feature in it.

SWOT Analysis

1. Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus pool cleaner


  • Dolphin Nautilus is affordable, fast and smart cleaning machine. This pool cleaner comes with two year warranty. This model has many types of filters to clean a pool.


  • Dolphin does not have remote control to drive the cleaner. This is a weakness of this model and can decrease its efficiency and worth.


  • The trend of automated tool cleaners is increasing today gradually. Thus it is an opportunity for this model to increase its prices and earn more profits by designing excellent pool cleaners.


  • The phenomenal advancements made by Polaris 9550 pool cleaner is a threat to this model. It can enhance the threats of this model and decrease its demand in a market.

2. Polaris 9550 pool cleaner


  • The motion sensing remote of this model is its main strength. It has led to an increased efficiency in cleaning and increases the demand of this pool cleaner. Booster pump is not required for this model.


  • The main weakness this pool cleaner is that it consumes so much time (1.5 to 2.5 hours) , therefore the customer avoid using this model. This is the main weakness of this model which decreases its demand and economic growth.


  • Today, motion sensing remote in a pool cleaner is in continuous demand. This is a great opportunity for this model as it has unique and exceptional motion sensing remote. In this way, the opportunities for the progress of this model are increased which increase its financial growth and worth.


  • The main threat for this model is the advancement and progress made by the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus pool cleaner model. The progress of Dolphin Nautilus CC pool cleaner model has reduced the demand of this model. This is a great threat for Polaris 9550 pool cleaner model.

Comparative Analysis

A brief comparative analysis of both of these models shows that there are considerable differences between both of these models. Dolphin Nautilus has no Sensor remote control system and automatic timer for cleaning cycle whereas Polaris has programmable timer for cleaning purpose. Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Pool Cleaner model is light weight whereas Polaris 9550 pool cleaner model is heavy and uses a four wheel machine. Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus has powerful motors whereas the Polaris 9550 model uses motion sensing remote.

Polaris uses different cleaning cycle modes like floor and water line to accumulate a heavy amount of debris while Dolphin has only few modes of cleaning that can capture small particles of debris. One of the weak point in Dolphin is caddy is not included in it and have to purchased separately while in Polaris cleaner caddy is already built-in.

Filled filter indicator is another interesting characteristic of Polaris 9550 pool cleaner to let you inform when it’s full and needs to be emptied. Large bag for gathering of rubbish is fitted in it. Dolphin Nautilus is not very good on steps while Polaris can go with all types of routes. Another great service for Polaris 9950 is two year warranty, so if there is any issue in the machine it can be repair by the company. This model is available in different colors viz. Blue and white shell colors. Long floating cable of 70 feet is used by Polaris 9550 whereas Dolphin Nautilus use slightly shorter floating cable of 60 foot.


After a comprehensive comparative analysis, I have concluded that Polaris 9550 Pool Cleaner Model is the best model introduced by the Maytronics. This is because it has exceptional features and tools. The leading feature of this model is its motion sensing remote to control its route. Most of the people always want these features in a pool cleaner.

Vortex Vacuum technology in Polaris enables it to more efficiently remove debris and dirt. For unusual shaped, large pools and above ground pools, Polaris 9550 is a great choice.Due to its four-wheel machinery, it doesn’t get struck on floor and go over objects easily and can deal with many kinds of debris in different types of pool.

Thus it is the perfect and advanced model for pool cleaning. Dolphin Nautilus model also has exceptional qualities and features, but Polaris 9550 has improved features than Dolphin Nautilus. Polaris 9550 is like a dream pool cleaner with affordable budget. Therefore, in my opinion, Polaris 9550 is the leading pool cleaner model and should be used widely by the people.

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