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Character Analysis: Creon in ‘Oedipus the King’ – Free Essay Example

In some cases, seeing is believing, but in these two plays’s it was not conveyed. This play’s both mention many insignificant actions of the kings. They show no mercy against the low-living citizens because of their high ranking. The ability to conclude with only your point of view was what these two rulers illustrated. Introverted and self-absorbed, they were very full of themself. Therefore, sight may concern their blindness not physically, but psychologically as Sophocles desired.

During the time of Oedipus the King and Antigone, it was much harder due to how only kings and gods had the power over actions made. They believed more about what they thought over other people’s opinions or ideas. Just like sight, they couldn’t get the thought of listening to what others had to say. A somewhat similar example would be how Palau in the ’90s was ruled by the high-ranking old men (The Rubak) which all other villagers obeyed. Given these points, gives us a more accurate idea of the different eras of today and before. The kings were patronizing and this held them down from their own beliefs. Sight is like a job if u don’t do your work right, then it could get you fired. In other words, if you don’t see the development of what’s to come, it might be catastrophic. The dramatic meaning of the sight becomes more understandable when appealing to the play and the text itself because of how they responded. For example, both plays had a warning in the beginning with an inside tip of what was going down. Nevertheless, it all transfigured when they were denied the chance to listen and filter what they heard. As shown above, it was a gruesome resolution from plays altogether.

Philosophers and other theoreticians were titled men who were involved in many given calculated outcomes that people didn’t seem to believe. Relatively, like the blind prophet, he could see what others couldn’t even though he was literally blind. From this saying, sight relates not only to the metaphoric meaning but the literal one. The characters evolved from the beginning to the end but eventually, it all led to their downfall. Oedipus becoming blind and Creon’s own people turning against him were the result of their bad decisions. In the light of living supremely, they were dethroned from their position. In a webpage from 2015, Maya Pintar stated: ‘Too much arrogance can blind you from reality where life and the world are constantly evolving, and due to that, you can never know exactly what is in the future for you’.

Their conjecture of selfishness and inadequate manner was what created a sad but obvious finale. However, in the end, they came to realize the truth. Other than that, it may also be more about their character or their actions. This type of play recreates an important role in enacting scenes of what was shown in ancient times. The characters all had distinctive behaviors that showed more about what and why they acted in this manner. High officials were often doing what they themselves believed, based only on their own self-reliance or title. Also, Creon and Oedipus were very inconsiderate of their family that in the end caused the deaths of their loved ones. Altogether, that’s where introspection becomes very important and it helps solve the problems of not accepting the truth and not going for what’s best in both worlds. In the long run, we may be able to fulfill others’ thoughts for a better solution. In fact, all these listed above point to how they couldn’t uncover the deep relationship between their families. This includes Creon and Oedipus going against their own kind driving the thought of death and pain in their own kingdom.

In order to achieve a better idea of what to do see further and think before acting. Sight may be discrete during their time. Also, in this drama, they only heard what they wanted to hear. They didn’t feel how others felt but just went with what they suspected. Their superiority held them down on what could’ve been a better outcome. Generally speaking, at the end when Oedipus became literally blind, he eventually came to his senses. He saw what he didn’t see even when he had functional eyes. It’s better to forsake what you want for what you need. Being able to trust and acquire the sight vision of what is right.

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