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Guid Essay

Causes, Important Events, and Significant Figures of the Byzantine Empire: General Overview – Free Essay Example

Explain the impact of other causes, important events, and significant figures on the Byzantine empire in complete sentences.

How did Justinian’s actions contribute to the fall of the Byzantine empire?

The constant wars and rebuilding of Constantinople after the Nika Riot caused significant financial issues for the Byzantine empire. Justinian also had the army thinly spread across the empire, which left the empire open to attacks. Then in his last years as emperor, Justinian’s plague ravaged the Byzantine Empire killing millions, and weakening the defenses and government.

How did invading forces contribute to the fall of the Byzantine empire?

Slavs began to invade part of Byzantine territory called Balkan, so the Byzantine empire arranged for the Avars to attack the Slavs. They were often at war with each other so the byzantine empire thought they’d be too busy fighting the Avars to attack the Balkans but the Slavs ended up escaping war and settling south and leaving the Avars to decide to attack the Byzantine empire themselves. At the time the Byzantine emperor Heraclius was building a better, more loyal army so when the Avars and Sassanids attacked, Heraclius’s army defeated the Avars and drove out the Sassanids. Arabs tried to conquer Constantinople. They attacked the city in 674 and 717 CE, failing both times, and by the 800s, the Arab forces were so weakened by the wars that they no longer posed a threat to the empire. Then in 600s-800s the Bulgars attacked the Byzantine Empire several times, which caused the Byzantine emperor to send an army to attack them in 811 CE. The Bulgars defeated the Byzantines and the emperor, and two years later, tried to attack Constantinople. However, they couldn’t break through the city’s defenses and soon formed peaceful relations with the empire.

What impact did the Macedonian Empire have on the Byzantine empire?

With the Byzantine empire under Basil’s control, they reconquered former Byzantine territory, weakened the control of the powerful, strengthened the Byzantine armies, literature, and arts thrived, missionaries spread Christianity, and trade flourished which provided the empire with large amounts of wealth. Then in 976 CE, under Basil II control, laws were passed that broke up many of the powerful’s territory and the Byzantines gained control of lands in Armenia, Balkans, and Mesopotamia. After Basil ll’s death, new empresses tried to solve the internal conflict but the internal problems caused the empire to become unstable, leading to the Powerful regaining control of some of the military, and the armies loyal to the emperor depleting. Weakening the empire.

How did the Crusades contribute to the fall of the Byzantine empire?

Alexius Angelus, a nephew of the Byzantine emperor, offered to pay for warships for the crusaders and Venetian if they would defeat the Byzantine emperor to make Alexius the ruler. They agreed and in 1203 CE, attacked Constantinople and caused the emperor to flee the city, allowing Alexius declare himself emperor. The crusaders and Venetians waited for their pay but the Byzantines found out about the deal and killed Alexius. Since they were left without their pay, the crusaders decided to destroy and capture Constantinople. Making the Byzantines set up a government in exile. After regaining control over Constantinople in 1259 CE, the exiled emperor Michael VIII tried to restore Constantinople but it never fully recovered and was only slightly restored even 50 years later.

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