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Career Aspirations Essay – Free Essay Example

Ever since I completed my recent four-week internship at BP, I knew for sure that there is no better career path for me other than Engineering.

Electrical Engineering amazes me, especially the way different components work in digital systems. The prospect of vast career opportunities that will become available to me as my further education and career progress is one of the many reasons why I wish to study Electrical Engineering.

Previously, I wanted to go into Aviation. This was in most part due to admiration and inspiration from my Great Grandfather as he was a Pilot in the Army. Whilst I may consider this career path in the future, the hands-on experience and training I gained in my BP internship changed my career aspirations dramatically. It gave me the determination and enthusiasm to pursue Engineering as a career. I hope to see myself in the Oil & Gas industry after studying Electronic & Electrical Engineering. In my spare time, I research career opportunities and like keeping my knowledge up to date on how the industry is moving forward.

I believe my recent school subjects relate closely to the course that I wish to study. Studying Mathematics, Physics, and Computing Science, will all prepare me well for Engineering. I thoroughly enjoy computer programming, especially how it all relates to electronics and our day-to-day life. I sometimes make up my own algorithms to predict something or to work out a certain value. I have participated in a badminton club for my school for two years.

Most of my motivation and inspiration for my chosen career path comes from my Father as he worked in Aberdeen’s Oil & Gas industry for almost seventeen years. We regularly talk about the industry and about what he does, and this intrigues me by hearing about all the different projects that are active in Engineering.

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I have excellent problem-solving, numeracy, and team working skills. I recently received an Attainment Award in Mathematics from my school. The Award was to recognize the high level of effort and hard work that I have put in throughout the year. This was a very proud moment for me. Especially as my entire family came to watch me receive my award. I pride myself on having good team working skills and these have been developed further during my internship at BP which naturally made me more confident as a person.

I have recently been undertaking an opportunity with Sparrows with an Engineering Project which requires a team of people to design a new piece of equipment to be utilized offshore. This current project has reinforced my team working skills and helped me prepare for my future career aspirations.

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