How to Increase Your Creativity?

Why don’t ideas come to my mind? Why am I not as creative as my classmates, colleagues, friends? How can I become more creative? Do you ask yourself these questions from time to time? We all do. And there is an answer.

3 easy ways to increase creativity

First of all, let us define creativity. What do we mean when we say “creative”? Some believe that most gifted people are artists – painters, designers, movie directors, writers or musicians. Others think that scientists are very creative – because their thinking is most effective and fruitful.

It does not matter which of the above statement you consider true if you agree that all of those who we call creative have something in common.  An interesting fact is that most of our big ideas are not just casual common thoughts in our heads. They are a result of our past thinking processes. Keeping that in mind we can change the ways we think to increase creativity. There are very simple methods. Try them today, and soon you notice how your artistic potential expands.

  1. Find peace and pleasure in solitude

Today our gadgets leave us no time with ourselves. Even when we are alone at home, free from work and friends, our smartphones are still there. That is not live communication, but still, you can call or text someone, or receive calls or instant messages.

To improve your creative thinking, decide to spend some time in the privacy of your own mind. Leave all your gadgets aside, no matter how valuable all that incoming information can be. Don’t be afraid to be alone and have some quiet time for your mind. Most people are afraid of informational silence because negative thoughts come crawling in. But inspiration likes to come in the moments of quiet solitude. So learn to appreciate your inner thoughts flow, they can bring a lot of brilliant ideas – you just need to notice them.

For example, quiet loneliness is best for writers. If you are in college and need to pass an essay writing test, work on it in silence to let your mind fruitfully work.

  1. Be adventurous and don’t let doubts stop you

Try new things in life. They bring new information to your brain and promote thoughts and ideas. Traveling, working new jobs, reading, meeting new people, trying new food – find it in whatever happens on your way.

But do not follow this advice blindly. Be adventurous but remain reasonable! Trying new things does not mean trying everything that happens on your way – we don’t want you to get injured, right?

What this means is be open to new things in your life, don’t get stuck in one process or environment. This makes your brain frozen with your thoughts circulating along the same routes. New information is like petrol for creativity.

  1. Find your flow

Flow is the feeling you get when you do something you absolutely love doing. If you are an IT-specialist, you get this feeling when you work on the same code for 15 hours and enjoy every minute of it. Writers experience it when they write a novel. Doctors feel the flow when helping others.

There are things that break the flow. One of them is familiar to any of us – TV. Another talk show or series episode distracts you from your real life and what you do in it. A pseudo life where there is nothing for you to do – just watch and experience those false feelings.

Try to avoid that by participating in life, not watching it on the TV-screen. Stop reading tabloids, gossiping with your friends, constantly watching movies – doing anything that replaces your own life.


Follow these simple rules. Live and enjoy living! And experience the happiness of being creative.