How is a process of studying organized in the USA?

The studying process in the USA seems to be an amazing and never repeating process. Remember, all those Hollywood films, where teenagers in high school are having a fun time? Attending one would be nice. Or, perhaps, the studying process in this country is slightly discrepant in reality?


Education starts from the day of birth

In the USA early childhood development is believed to be crucial in the kid’s upbringing. Parents can give the child to a special center – daycare. This occurs because both of them are working and need a person look after of their baby. In such places, only particular teachers are suitable for that job. Every state has its own standards concerning this matter. For example, the staff is supposed to have an associate degree. There are two types of daycare:

  • The one, where children are only looked after;
  • The one, where special studying programs are provided.

A four-year-old child can attend preschool. It can also be called nursery school. Here kids may participate in a variety of activities, from painting to disputes with teachers on very simple topics. For example, the theme of the discussion can be a behavior of an imaginary boy or a particular character in a given situation. A child has to decide whether the character acted in the right way and he has to prove his point of view. Such activities help children to socialize and gain more knowledge about the world that surrounds them.

Nonetheless, these two institutions are not mandatory. Unlike them, the kindergarten can be an obligatory segment of education in the number of states, while in others, it is not. They are subdivided into two classes, depending on the length of the program:

  • Part-day;
  • Full-day

Traditionally, kindergartens are a segment of the K-12 system. To put it simply, there are twelve grades and a child might transfer to the third or fifth form on the condition that he had attended this institution.

After that comes:

  • Elementary school (a general name for the lower grades);
  • Middle school (4-8th grades of 5-8th grades);
  • High school (9-12th grades)

The curriculum usually consists of two parts: mandatory subjects and a couple of those which you can choose for yourself. English, Math, and Science are studied by all children.

What is better: college or university?

Those who wish to continue their education can enter a college or university. How to differentiate those two institutions? Some consider universities to be more prestigious. In fact, colleges also provide a four-year bachelor program. And both are centered on academic achievements. Consequently you will hardly find a place where you do not need to write your college papers.

In conclusion, the education system in the USA is composed of three parts: early childhood development and school. Additionally, one can enter college or university. The curriculum is based on crucial subjects and elective. The last aims to help the child to express his individuality and creativeness.